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It’s rare to find movies that will wreck how you think about it after the credits start rolling. But Uncanny is the near perfect movie that will do just that. I still recommend this movie several times a month to people swinging through that are looking for something that will blow their minds. Uncanny comes from sort of an Ex Machina world o’ film. But where outside is in, and inside is out. Anyway – this is a movie that should be chiseled on the wall of THiNC. films. Movie Uncanny Reviewed and Explained…

Every now and again I stumble across brilliant thinking movies long before anyone else does. I know that I’m in the quiet eye of the storm when I walk out of a movie, slack jawed, in awe, and then go looking for the conversations about said movie online. And then, all I hear, is the following:

Cricket, Cricket…

And that’s when I know, I have got to write about this movie because the fields are ripe unto harvest. Some of my favorite examples of the recent past have been, Time Lapse, Coherence, Z for Zachariah, and The One I Love. There are tons more obviously…but I absolutely adore finding these diamonds in the rough and just tearing them apart and grappling with them. So, yeah, all that to say, I’m super excited to bring Uncanny to you guys here. I will be doing a high level overview of the movie, without spoilers, and then lower down in the review I’ll let you know when I plan to delve deep into spoiler land. So for now, if you haven’t seen the movie, you are still safe…for now anyway.

Uncanny Overview

Uncanny, the movie, begins with David Kressen who is an wunderkind. He is a child prodigy who graduated from MIT a decade ago at age 19 and has since disappeared from the world’s spotlight. The day David graduated from MIT he was approached by the CEO and founder of Kestrel Computing, Simon Castle, to come work for Workspace 18. Workspace 18 was a skunk works, think tank, that implements incognito design and development work for Castle. It was an opportunity for Kressen to do absolutely anything he wanted to do. Over the last ten years, David has been working tirelessly inside Workspace 18, perfecting his ultimate creation: Adam, an artificial intelligence that is indistinguishable from an actual human being.

Enter Joy Andrews, a reporter brought in for a week of exclusive access to do a series of interviews about Adam and his creator David. She initially regards the robot with curiosity but as their interactions build, Adam seems to begin responding to her presence in interesting new ways. Could he possibly be exhibiting emergent behavior that means he is becoming self aware? And David conversely, who initially was seen as arrogant, starts shifting into more of a naive, clueless sheltered kid, who looks on as the world is moving without him.

Ultimately this movie is about this trio, Joy, David and Adam. It’s a love triangle of the strangest sorts. Joy becomes interested in David. Adam is interested in Joy. And it’s obvious that David is most interested in his creation, Adam. And it’s in and amongst this rapidly evolving interplay that the magic of this movie evolves and grows.

The few reviews I have seen that are out for Uncanny discuss how “boring” this movie is. But I’m also sure that they have no idea how nuanced this movie is. That not everything here is what it seems. That the dialogue we are experiencing has other meanings and other purposes here. And if you aren’t tracking them all simultaneously you’ll miss the larger point of this movie. But hey, this definitely isn’t Transformers, or the latest Jurassic Park. And thank God for that. Not everyone wants bombasticness riddling their movies.

Regardless, here is the trailer for the movie Uncanny – you decide for yourself if it’s worth your time.

Uncanny is one of those exceptional low budget movies I kill for. Very very intelligent, and a really fantastic inside out premise. Definitely a must see.

Uncanny Critical Acclaim
Unsurprisingly, Uncanny is blowing up the film festival circuit. Uncanny has received overwhelmingly positive reactions from Ain’t It Cool News which called it “a rare breed of thoughtful, independent science fiction.” And from Sight & Sound Magazine which said that Uncanny was “Confident, meticulously crafted….written with sharp brilliance and performed with perfect nuance.” The film won the Best Film Award at the Boston Sci-Fi Festival and made its International premiere at the 2015 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

And it makes sense that this movie is doing well on the international film circuit. When it was created by writer Shahin Chandrasoma, and Director Matthew Leutwyler, they were looking to develop something that was a heady science fiction film together. All of Shahin’s ideas were much too complex to run on the budget that Leutwyler had available. But then Shahin said, oh, by the way, what about the idea of a robot? And a woman reviewing the robot? And this crazy triangle that comes about as a result? Leutwyler was sold. Writing started the next day.

Once the idea had been nailed down Leutwyler and his producer Sim they realized they really didn’t need much to make the movie, so they went off to their friends and their families to get the money to float the film. Once the money had been raised, casting began and then shooting began. From the first idea pitch, to the movie wrap, took only 4 months. Which is really quite crazy to consider from a movie development standpoint. But it is it’s heady topics around robotic AI and, more importantly, the idea of the Uncanny Valley that make this movie the critical success that it has been.

Uncanny is one of those exceptional low budget movies I kill for. Very very intelligent, and a really fantastic inside out premise. Definitely a must see.

The Uncanny Valley

Robotics professor Masahiro Mori coined the term The Uncanny Valley to explain his theory, which holds that when human features look and move almost, but not exactly, like real human beings, it causes a response of repulsion among some human observers. The “valley” refers to the dip in a graph of the comfort level of humans as subjects move toward a healthy, natural human likeness described in a function of a subject’s aesthetic acceptability.

The uncanny valley, with regards to the movie Uncanny, is something a little different. The movie investigates the edges of this theory and where our perception of the valley edges are. If that makes sense. If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m still trying to be very vague. But the theory is important to some of the deeper themes that Shahin Chandrasoma is trying to investigate.

The movie’s conversation with the audience is an interesting one. It’s a three part conversation, which I always love. The scale of the movie is very small. Even smaller than a play really. The movie is all about the micro-gravitational pulls between the individual characters. Sometimes it’s all about David and Adam. Other times it’s all about Joy and Adam. Other times it’s about David and Joy. Each relationship is fascinating, for different reasons. Each conversation reveals something new about the character.

But let’s discuss the elephant in the room. This movie is going to suffer from Ex Machina shadow syndrome. Although Uncanny technically released prior to Ex Machina, Ex Machina released wide and big, where as Uncanny chose to hit the film circuit first. But because Uncanny and Ex Machina are basically the same movie there is a perception problem here for Uncanny. Genius invents near perfect robot. Developer comes and investigates how good the robot is. The only big change is that the robot is male in Uncanny, and it’s female in Ex Machina. Which actually, is not an insignificant change. But I would argue that Uncanny stands on its own two feet and unearths totally new territory that Ex Machina didn’t cover…which I will delve into later. But ultimately, while they are very similar movies and investigate very similar ideas, Uncanny has a much better ending that is way more open ended and open to interpretation.

Uncanny is one of those exceptional low budget movies I kill for. Very very intelligent, and a really fantastic inside out premise. Definitely a must see.

Uncanny Movie Explanation
Alright, so if you haven’t seen the movie, this would be your stop. Time to get off the train. If you’d like to watch the movie right now, you can do so over at Amazon. So go watch it…and then you can finish reading below. Got it? Great. Because I’m going to pop the lid completely off this movie now.

— wait for it —

Adult swim? All the kids out of the pool? Great. So now that I am only talking to you folks that are interested in what the heck happened in this movie, the tenor of this piece can TOTALLY change.

So you just finished Uncanny, and you decide, “Holy mother of all that’s good and pure…what just happened?” and you flip open Google and end up here. The first thing you need to understand are who the characters are. Without understanding the default characters we cannot continue forward. Then from there we can spin these “default characters” on their head and get to some real resolution.

Joy: Possibly the simplest of all the characters to understand. Joy is the technologist who has been sent to Warehouse 18 to review some cutting edge technology she was promised to see. We know that Joy worked at a fairly large game development firm wherein she became independently wealthy as a result. She chooses to continue working just because she enjoys the technology and the challenge of it. She’s wandered away from the technology, but wishes she hadn’t. Joy begins to have feelings for David, and they have their first date.

David: The wunderkind engineer and developer who has created the world’s first perfect cyborg. Left MIT immediately to join Warehouse 18. 10 years later, David is still living and working out of the confines of 18. He generally never leaves his work and therefore has social skills that are no better than the the robot he has created as a result.

Adam: The world’s very first “perfect” cyborg. Adam has begun to feel, to a certain degree, which could be the beginnings of an emergent consciousness. And as a result Adam has a very tenuous relationship his creator, David. The two seem to be jealous of each other constantly. Both are always vying for the attention of Joy and there is plenty of conflict now that she is in the picture.

Castle: Of the four characters in Uncanny, Castle is the most enigmatic. We know that Castle is the money and the brain behind the Warehouses. We know that Castle recruited David initially. And that most importantly, Castle is the one that has coordinated Joy’s week long interview experience with David and Adam.

But now that you have made it to the end of the film…you “know” that these bios on these characters are wrong from beginning to the end. Why don’t we try again? And this time, I am going to lay a little truth on you, and I’ll work backwards to explain it afterwards.

Joy-Redux: Joy has probably been selected by Castle on purpose and for a very specific reason. Joy is a one-time geek and yet, still beautiful, so that maybe she will catch the eye of David, or maybe more importantly Adam? Joy is a riddle and an enigma, but probably, most likely, just a pawn used by Castle for his own research purposes.

David-Redux: At the end of the movie, we learn, that David is actually the robot, and Adam is the creator. We know that Joy was successfully duped by the robot, and Castle’s test was a stunning success. David was not an MIT grad. He was developed there at Warehouse 18, and has never been outside the premises, ever. David played the part well of the condescending creator…but that is all it was. “All my memories are here, I can’t remember a time before this place.”

Adam-Redux: Well, if Adam isn’t the robot then what is he? Is he the creator of David then? Nope. Adam is also a robot. Both Adam and David were both developed by Castle and were placed in front of Joy as a sort of crazy control group to see what Joy would do with either of them. Castle’s test was a success in every way. I’ll get into the argument for this a little later, but suffice it to say, Adam had an equal grasp of reality to David’s…which wasn’t much. 

Castle-Redux: You didn’t think Rainn would have a critically unimportant role in this movie, did you? Castle is the inventor of both David and Adam and has placed David in charge of Adam for the purposes of this test with Joy. Castle loses control of David due to Adam’s faulty logic and programming that allows David to leave the premises without approval. Castle was lucky to get his multi-billion dollar creation back without any significant issues or political fall out. 

Uncanny is one of those exceptional low budget movies I kill for. Very very intelligent, and a really fantastic inside out premise. Definitely a must see.

My Uncanny Theory Explained 

Castle is constantly watching all the proceedings on cameras over the course of the entire week. There isn’t a moment when he isn’t watching. Why? Why would Castle need to keep such a close grasp on the situation? Well, because he is allowing both of the robots that he has created to interact with a human unattended, and unsupervised. It is this test that will tell him whether or not his creations are ready for the real world.

Not only had Castle made the robots capable of managing each other, but he also utilized them to create each other. We see a number of scenes wherein David denigrates Adam’s capabilities…(“Don’t bother, Adam is incapable of playing this game without practice.”) and then later on we see Adam doing highly complex physical work. Remember his working on the eyeball? Adam mentions he wishes he were more capable, but Joy marvels at what he was able to accomplish on his own. This wasn’t puffed up flattery…the robot was physically creating a very real world eyeball facsimile. All I know is that I wouldn’t have been able to do what he was doing. Most importantly, we watch as Adam physically disembowels David and removes his central processing unit without even a hitch or a thought.

Uncanny Movie Conclusions

Think through this a second, if Adam was actually the creator, then maybe he was the one that graduated from MIT and immediately took the job at Warehouse 18. But, no one agrees to take a job and then agrees to never leave that job for ten solid years. That just doesn’t make any sense. And yet, Adam never left. When Castle discussed with Adam the fact that he would be heading to work for the NSA at Warehouse 29, that he didn’t need a break, we realize that this is either slavery…or Adam is also a robot. Right?

Well over 2,500 words later I’m only just starting to get to the meat of the good stuff. Uncanny sets up our truth, and then pulls it out from under our feet….only to do it all over again with the final shots of the movie. Adam, staring at the photo of Joy, is our final tell that Adam is also a created entity by Castle. We see that competitiveness that warred between Adam and David came to a head over Joy. It was so bad that one created being decided he was going to dismantle and gut his competitor in front of Joy.

So, if David had been quick enough (from a CPU standpoint, let alone a muscle reflex standpoint) maybe he could have gotten the drop on his counterpart. But he didn’t. And this was the final test of Castle’s. This was the final User Acceptance Testing of his robots. And the test was called, “Survival Of The Fittest.” And so we know who was the better unit. We learned which robot was the better of the two. We know now which robot should go into production, or better yet, which unit should begin creating other units based on his own design.

From a sheer enjoyment standpoint, I adored Uncanny. Many won’t like it because they are too slow. Oh, wait, I meant to say, because the MOVIE was too slow. Sorry about that! hahaha. Seriously though, many will think it boring. But I found it riveting in every way. I really did enjoy the movie. Like a lot. I think reader’s of my blog will be enamored with it as well. If you haven’t seen it, and you somehow read this far…you don’t listen to instructions well. And just go see it. I’m sure my ravings didn’t make much sense to you! haha.

Uncanny Followup – Mind Is Now Blown
Dhani just made the first comment below, and completely blew my mind. Dhani made the comment that after the credits (which I completely didn’t stick around for, because I was too busy bee-lining it for the blog to write this massive explanation out) Joy is shown with a pregnancy test that is positive. Which means, nope, which indicates, no…let me come in again.

So yeah, I just re-watched the ending after the credits… and here is what I completely and totally missed:


Hahaha – that is so awesome. Makes me think that I should do a post about the best post credit mind jobs of all time. Are there any out there better than this one? Brilliant. OK, so if Joy is pregnant then we have several options on our hands…

Post Credits Uncanny Twist Options
option #1 – If Joy is pregnant the most obvious option is that the technology went to 11. That somehow, Castle figured out how to store and transmit sperm via his robots. Hrm.

option #2 – Another option is that David actually wasn’t a robot. If he wasn’t, then we watched Adam (the robot) murder his creator, and make it look like he was a robot. That’s a fairly grizzly option.

option #3 – What? No idea here. Joy’s a robot too?! hahaha. What other options are there here guys?

After letting the comments go a while, and thinking about it myself, I think the options are fairly simple (though mind boggling) – thanks Nobes for helping me pull these together:

1) There is one robot (the original definition of who’s who).

2) There is one robot (switched from the original definition of which was which).

3) We have the, “both are robots” which I am partial to.

4) And then we have the mind blowing option that “neither are robots.”

And the piece de resistance 5) pick an option 1 – 4 and also, Castle is a robot too.

Regardless, what a fantastic final flip, end scene, for such a good movie. I think I’m in love. What a brilliant play. I have GOT to hear from you guys. What do you think? Was David actually a human or was he a robot? That’s really the only question anymore. And with that -there you have it – Movie Uncanny Reviewed and Explained

Edited by: CY

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156 Responses

  1. Dhani

    Dear Taylor,
    I came to the same conclusion as you, BUT what about the final twist, only seen if you keep watching the end credits, where you see Joy looking perplexed as she has just peed on a pregnancy test?

    • Taylor Holmes

      Hahahaha Dhani!
      That is fantastic. I totally missed that until just now. Well played. I’m adding a section just about that – have to. That is really brilliant. A pregnancy test. What are your thoughts about Joy’s being pregnant. My first thought was that everyone (Adam and David anyway) was very consumed by the idea of intercourse, or the inability to do so. That she slept with the robot and got pregnant just takes the technology to a whole ‘nother level. OR, what about this? David really was the creator, but was killed by Adam the robot, and they made it look like he was a robot. hahaha. My head just exploded. This is awesome. Dhani, you are my new best friend.


      • Dhani

        Hi Taylor,

        After rewatching the movie, I’ve come to the conclusion that the movie isn’t nearly that complex as we previously thought. It is pretty straightforward actually. Our imagined version would have been way more interesting though ;)

        During the whole movie we see an AI David (blonde with glasses), sounding like a fortune cookie, almost devoid from emotion, being cool and Zen about things. He doesn’t need much sleep and his ELO is of a static 2180. Giveaways are how he reacts on the question “Do you think she is pretty?”. His answer is “having good facial symmetry”. Also he tells Joy there is “no need for her to dress up”. Also the scene on the roof where he doesn’t give a warm human response to her putting her hand in his and resting her head on his schoulder. And above all, he doesn’t display any sexual interest in a beautiful woman despite being cooked up for 10 years, his most sexually active years for that matter. Also when attacked by Adam, AI David did nothing to protect himself from a deadly attack.

        On the other hand we have Real David, called Adam. He displays all the human emotions, and the sexual interest. Having been a recluse for 10 years, at first he is afraid to make direct eye contact and not used to being touched and finds it difficult to communicate with another human, let alone a beautiful woman. Later he yearns for the human interaction and touch.
        You see him being talked down to by AI David, humiliated, as the AI David, being of superior intellect and having far better communication skills on the one hand, and Joy treating him not as a human with warm interaction but as a “thing”, on the other hand.

        The ‘primary objective’ was for Joy, not for being Joy the Woman but for being Joy the Robotics Expert, to not being able to distinguish the AI from a human being (winning the game as in “capturing the king”).
        But since he was witness to how this beautful woman falls for this AI David, while she sees him as a “thing” , he turns into someone scorned, being rejected and changes his objective to avenging Joy the Woman. He never expected the test being this successful and for the woman to fall in love with the AI and when she does, feeling resented and scorned, he changes his “primary directive” into “capturing the queen” and decides to outfit the AI with an extra limb.
        The night before day 5 is the moment of the flashback we see at the end of the movie with Castle where Adam lowers AI David’s IQ (or ELO) .
        Then at day 5 Adam suddenly wins chess. AI David’s response is that he “forgot how to play chess last night”. He also was bad at playing aquarius 3 after that. Amost right after you see Adam injecting sperm into the artificial penis, and as she suddenly enters the room and he changes working on the eye, one of which he, being human, is aware of its immense value of a quarter of a million dollar. When she asks “what’s that?” pointing to the fake penis parts – which she does not recognize as such -, he replies, “it is a secret”.
        You see him planning ahead, looking up details about Joy’s life, and even turns to stalking her. Why would a robot with “no asshole” and no penis get into stalking? The scene where Adam enters the bathroom, while Joy is still in there, was merely him answering to nature’s call.
        He helps the AI David get into her head and helps nuture her developing crush for AI David, al the while continuing with making AI David whole, by outfitting him with a male sex organ.

        Also note that Adam gets really emotionally frustrated mad for being called a “thing”, while she just made love with a thing and even then could not distinguish AI David for what he really was, a thing. Her head was even “still ringing”. Ouch.. Also when Adam gets hit on the head, he passes out, which a robot would not do.

        As to the outcome of the pregnancy test.
        We saw him develop an artificial penis for AI David, which he filled with own sperm. Why else ask the question “How was his sexual performance? and later “During intercourse was his temperature consistent?”, making sure the sperm had been viable, and possibly later on with Castle, Real David’s question “Have there been any OTHER “pregnant” troubles with, you know..?(as in, Joy)” .

        Let me know what you think Taylor…

      • cubanbarbee

        Dear Taylor,

        Thank you for publishing this review!

        I absolutely love this movie as well!

      • Bob

        Many won’t like it because they are too slow. Oh wait, I meant to say, because the MOVIE was too slow. Sorry about that! hahaha. ” example of foot in mouth” ha,ha,ha,ha Don’t worry I do it all of the time. Ha, ha, ha etc.

      • Suzin Zovluck

        I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film and was compelled to find an intelligent dialogue re: ending. Thank you for providing such!
        I tend to concur with the premise that David (the revealed “true” David) was indeed human. Nonetheless, I respect and appreciate your and others understanding that both were AI.
        An element that I’ve not seen addressed relates to David’s warning to Joy upon removing the AI’s mechanism: “for your sake I hope it’s still intact”. The possibilities as to how the “integrity” of this device would impact Joy are numerous. I would enjoy pondering your insights, opinions and other viewers as well.
        Thank you again for your commitment in sharing a thought-provoking AND thoughtful forum for a meeting of the minds.
        If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to ‘recharge”. ;)
        To Life!

      • Thomas

        “Adam” is a human he put his sperm inside “David” the robot, that was his surprise. Adam is jealous throughout because he has to play the part of a robot while the robot gets the girl who is really in love with his personality that’s inside the robot. “Adam” had to watch videos about intercourse in order to build that functionality into the robot because he had no real world experience with it. He spies on her because he longs for that connection himself and hopes she will chose him.

        “Adam” didn’t like being put down in front of Joy. I’m unclear about the chess match though. When they played chess Adam always played black but the scholars mate is executed by white. Either that scene was meant to indicate that “David” was more interested in spending time with Joy than playing the game or “Adam” lowered his rating so he could beat “David” in front of Joy. Not sure. Either “Adams” calculation abilities demonstrate that he was playing well below his level, this is also confirmed when he played the alternate game of capturing “David’s” queen.

      • Ben Van Houten

        Dhani’s explanation nailed it for me. I think Adam has some sort of Asperger’s Syndrome (a high IQ with this syndrome is not uncommon) – it was actually mentioned in the movie; the spy-eye was also a hint that Adam was more than a robot (BTW – having the eye crawl back out of the drawer was a beautiful opportunity lost). He also talks about a secret project… having David inseminate Joy was brilliant. A sequel could go several directions. Hopefully with a bigger budget and more back story on Castle this time.

      • Kim

        I just finished watching and try to search for review so that I can understand more from the movie. Mind you, I’m not really good at observing and understanding the context of the story since I’m no native man plus my vocabulary-understanding is limited too. Anyway, after reading ur review, I see that u seem to be a bit blurred with the ending scene of Joy being pregnant. Yet it seems I’m knowledgable about this. Surely, it mostly shows that both David and Adam are robots since I agree with most part of ur review above. But if it’s real, and both Adam and David are robot, it’s impossible for Joy to get pregnant, right? No! It’s definitely possible. How? I would suggest u to watch a scene when Adam was working with the staff “inflatable penile [what-I forget that last word] that he told joy he has a surprise for her too after David surprised her with her own INVENTION: car running after laser”. In that scene, it painstakingly shows that Adam has inject SPERM into the Inflatable penile [??], and that concludes how Joy get pregnant. Hope this help improve ur article. P.S: Thumb up! Ur review is great. I love the way u put some funny phrase and sentence in the article when I almost lose my interest. Keep up the great work!
        Best regard,
        Kim :)

      • John

        I agree that David is a robot and Adam is really David. He even introduces himself towards the end as David. Adam builds the artificial sperm receptical because he realizes that Joy and AI David are getting close and wants to make AI Davids sexual experience real to Joy. He fills it with his own sperm. Hence, at the end, her pregnancy test is positive. That is also why Adam is so concerned with the temperature of the experience.

      • Kghuney

        my conclusion (may be wrong):
        1. David is the robot
        2. Adam’s real name is David Kessler
        3. When Adam injected the syringe it was his sperm into the inflatable penis that he installed onto David the robot
        4. The baby is Adam’s

      • Mark

        Dhani got it right. After Adam removes AI David’s processor he has black goo not blood on his hands. Adam was amazed that David was afraid of him (that a AI robot could feel fear.)

    • Krishna

      Hey! What was in the syringe. Wasn’t it semen that Adam was injecting in some pipe? May be then he transfused it in David.

      • Mega S

        The clincher that David was human – or, at least, biological – was that we saw him chewing and swallowing when he was standing out on the balcony. It’s subtle but it’s there.

        I like this film but I think it tried to be too clever for its own good and didn’t succeed. Did love the line “Nothing…” though.

    • Igor

      Adam is not a robot he’s actually the real David. He created the robot and put his Sperm so the robot can impregnate the girl.

      • Mde2010

        Exactly, I agree 100%. Also, ‘Adam’ kept making remarks about himself winning the queen based upon his own motives. He used ‘David’ as a pawn.

    • Franny

      I think Adam was human. I think the unexpected result was that David was better at human interaction than him. I think that is when he changed the primary objective of the game to capture the queen, teaching the Adam that changing objectives is what made him human. I don’t think Castle knows what he has done. He created a baby with Joy, he cheated in a way but it is another way of leaving his mark that was personal for him. Perhaps he didn’t know until Joy came that it was even important to him. He could have used a semen facsimile but used his own sperm to somehow be a part of the intimacy between Joy and David. Perhaps he truly wanted to give her a souvenir beyond the spying eye, he gave her himself

    • Cristina

      You know what.. I just came up with a theory? Well maybe not because I haven’t read anyone’s comments on here to see if anyone’s thought of this too. So I believe when Adam knocked Joy & Robot dude out. Adam probably raped Joy, since he was low-key into her the whole movie in the creepiest way possible. I don’t think Adam is a robot, I think those ten years made him go fucking crazy. I think it would make anyone go crazy being stuck in that damn building not being able to get out for the sake of science. In a movie plot, it makes complete sense. And you know how spending a lot of time with your bestfriend or a certain someone, makes you start acting like each other?! Yup… Adam started acting like a creepy robot but low key showed himself at times. I’m just going to pretend that this is what the writer wanted everyone to understand at the end of the movie. Because I can’t even deal with all the what ifs. That’s what happened people, okurt

      • Mark

        I think it was Adrien Genesis who also had a rape theory, which I also had after reading his comments. We never specified at the point you mentioned though. I thought maybe the night Joy had sex with Robot David, Human David drugged her and raped her. She mentioned her head hurt in the morning from the sake, but it could have been more than that.

        When Human David almost walked in on Joy in the bathroom, Adrien Genesis thought that could have been an almost rape attempt. My 2nd viewing I kind of got that vibe as well, but I’m not completely convinced. And the kiss attempt by Human David was to make sure the pregnancy took hold. Human David thought he had her convinced Robot David and Human David were one in the same. So he made an attempt to see if she would have sex with him, and if she didn’t he was willing to rape her. But emotion isn’t his strong point so he could never plan for her reaction.

        But raping after knocking Joy out, I never thought of that. I’ll probably have to watch it again to see if there are any clues to support that theory. Both Adrien Genesis and I feel Human David’s primary objective was to escape. And getting Joy pregnant was crucial to his plan. So I don’t think it would be too far a stretch to think he would rape her to better his chances.

        Lots of people say Human David injected his semen in the fake penis. My 2nd viewing I noticed he was injecting something into it. But I’m not sure how long sperm lasts in that environment. I feel the writers wanted us to believe that’s how she became pregnant. I’m not fully convinced they would go the rape route, even though a scientist would always try new tests to better their chances (of course an illegal act might be crossing the line for some scientists). I’m just not sure there is anything in the story or characters to suggest anyone would go the rape route. The writer’s seem to be all about leaving clues for the audience, and I can’t really see any clues other than reading deeper into the characters as if they are really alive.

      • Roberto

        My understanding having watched it twice is that Adam was the human creator and injected the android with his semen.

        I think he just role played as being the android to give David a more vivid role to play and convince the reporter. Anyone?

      • Goodrich Rhodes

        I am inclined to agree with your conclusion, except for the possibility of an additional twist. Recall the scene where Joy observed Adam pushing a white fluid from a syringe into tubes, and he told her it was a surprise? Well, what if crazy-hermit-boy-Adam did implant his semen into robot-boy-David’s penile implant ? Surprise !!! you might like him but you MY baby-mama. :-)

    • Sheniqua

      The one thing that still perplexes me is when David says to Adam, when scolding him for attempting to walk in on Joy in the bathroom, “Last time I checked, you didn’t have an asshole.” If Adam is the actual human, David would have had to have been sarcastic here which, I suppose, is not outside of the scope of his capabilities, but doesn’t support the theory that his mannerisms are more android-like than Adam’s. Thoughts? (My husband just indicated that it was possible that the David was programed to believe that they were both androids, even though Adam was actually a human.)

      • Mark

        I’m not completely convinced David-AI was programmed to believe David-Human was an AI. I feel it was all a facade directed by Castle. Castle told David-AI to act the way he feels a human would act if in charge of a humanlike AI. Then he told David-Human either to act like a humanlike AI under the the tutelage of a humanlike AI, or act normal but still under the tutelage of a humanlike AI. Castle probably knew David-Human acted odd around people. So acting natural would be very convincing.

        But to me, David-Human gave David-AI the lead on the testing. I feel David-Human would want to test how David-AI acted being in charge of a human. To me it was just their relationship in the phase of testing.

        So when David-AI got mad at David-Human for trying to go into the bathroom while Joy was in there; he was obeying his prime objective of convincing Joy that David-Human was an AI. If David-Human does something suspect, then the test is ruined. So he scolded him for lack of authenticity.

        Just like with the fake stomach. The conversation was not about necessary for function, but necessary for authenticity. David-AI’s was always about authenticity of him being human and David-Human being an AI. His goal was to convince Joy that.

        At the end, Castle said about the first AI to have emergent behavior or whatever. If David-AI was programed to think they were both AI or just David-Human as AI, then I don’t see that as anything special. But if David-AI was given a task to lie, and convince a human the lie is true, then I see that as possibly special. I’m pretty sure David-AI never told Joy he was human or AI. All he said was David-Human was AI. He accomplished the facade, therefore convincing Castle he was truly thinking.

        Unless David-Human tricked Castle and actually programmed David-AI to think he was human and David-Human was an AI. I’m not sure what goal that would help David-Human accomplish though. Did he think he would be free if he gave Castle what he wanted? I may need to rewatch it again to see which clues support which theories.

    • Anonymous

      Before the “real” David questioned Joy, he said, “Test Subject 4,” indicating that they did the same test on at least 3 other people.

    • Austin

      I think that they switched the names because it was hard to tell the two apart but i think adam is actually david so that means that the guy with the glasses is the the humanoid robot and i think the reason they switched the names is because the humanoid robot acts so much like a real human so joy couldn’t tell the difference.. just my theory.

  2. Taylor Holmes

    So, Dhani,
    Great synopsis and review. That is definitely a literal reading of the movie. And I would generally agree that that was what the main line of the movie was positing. But there are a few holes in that particular theory.

    The main problem with the David-Ai/Adam-Human theory is that you never once mentioned Castle. Who is he? Why is he watching? What is he doing? Also, you need to explain why Adam-Human (just makes the theory clearer) allowed Castle to speak to him that way. “He will be happy to serve his country”… or whatever it was that Castle said to the “director” on the phone when discussing Warehouse 29. You would have to decide that Adam/Human is bound to work for castle regardless because of something. Like for example, he’s been blackmailed by some previous indiscretion? But normal humans don’t work 24/7 and never leave their work, ever.

    So how does the standard theory assimilate deal with these details do you think Dhani? Or Krishna for that matter! hahah.

    • Edmund

      I have to say the last conversation between Castle and Adam just opened up an entire realm of possibilities.

      I’m hoping we could discuss some specific quotes here.

      “How is she?
      I don’t know. I haven’t followed up on the human elements. I’m sure she’s okay. She’s a big girl.”

      -What does he mean by ‘human elements’? The android-human baby making experiment? Could he be just simply referring to Joy’s emotions and welfare (completely unaware of Adam’s plan of impregnating Joy)? Or was Castle acting as though he didn’t know what Adam did and just simply used Adam’s plan to further his android making project (ability to impregnate woman)

      “and technically she did steal hardware”

      My thoughts:
      -Is this referring to the prototype eye which Adam gave Joy?
      -Does Castle know that Adam used the prototype eye to spy on Joy?
      -Are there times where Castle (sleeping etc.) isn’t spying on them personally? This could entail the possibility of Adam doing his own things in secrecy. Again, could Could Castle be unaware of the whole android-human baby making thing?

      “I can’t believe you let them out of the workspace. The first artificial personality
      to develop complex emotions, and you let him sever his wireless, floating point connections.”

      My thoughts: Who are the “them” he is referring to? When did David let the androids out? Why is there a need for the movie producer to show?

      • Taylor

        Great list of quotes Edmund – really great. Each one is interesting and laden with potential meaning:

        “How is she?”
        “I don’t know. I haven’t followed up on the human elements. I’m sure she’s okay. She’s a big girl.”

        my thoughts: ‘Human Elements’ is a very very fascinating way of putting that by Castle. Could give credence to my David and Adam are both robots theory. Or it could just be sort of a slangy way of talking about feelings… or touchy stuff.

        “and technically she did steal hardware”

        my thoughts: Yeah, I agree with you Edmund, definitely had me initially thinking this was about the eyeball. But a ‘BETTER’ interpretation would be that he was talking about her stealing the sperm… engineered sperm! hahah. But yeah, I’m thinking he was talking about the eyeball.

        “I can’t believe you let them out of the workspace. The first artificial personality to develop complex emotions, and you let him sever his wireless, floating point connections.”

        my thoughts: Castle was talking to Adam here right? Who had been acting like the AI, but was actually the ‘Creator’… (or an AI acting like the creator, whatever) he was supposed to be watching the creation and keeping it from harm. But instead he allowed it to go on a date. This is possibly the biggest piece of evidence that proves that Adam wasn’t a robot. And yet, if Joy had chosen to go on a date with the Robot, this conversation could have just as easily have been flipped, proving that both Adam and David were AI. But I would assume that he’s talking about how Adam allowed David to leave for the date.

        Anyway, great thought to delve into the final quotes Edmund. Such a good movie. Loved it loved it. Gotta watch it again soon.

    • Elizabeth s

      Do you think maybe David-human is sticking with the job because he feels like castle will ‘steal the idea’ of the AI’s if he backs out of the 8 more year commitment?
      Thank you for your and dhani’s posts! It helped out a lot!!

      • Taylor

        Hey there Elizabeth,
        Well, I don’t personally think there is a “David-human” so Dunno! Hahah. I personally think the AI are sticking with it because they have to. But for argument sake, if there was a David-Human, I would argue that he is sticking with it because he has absolutely nothing else. The outside world is unfamiliar and frightening, he can do miracles here, but is a fish out of water out there, if that makes sense. But if that is true, he is being played by Castle, and he’s a brilliant savant, that is in essence, a slave. (Thus my disagreement with the human but). He is basically in chains and bound to Castle’s bidding. Which seems unrealistic. If he were a robot this all makes more sense to me. But that’s just me. Good question though Elizabeth.


      • Elizabeth

        I see where you’re coming from with the whole slave thing, but if Adam (dark-hair guy) is an AI like you seem to think, then how to do you explain the lack of eye contact with joy, and him asking castle about her well being (at the end of the movie)?

        Anxious to hear your thoughts at your convenience! :)


      • Taylor

        If Adam (dark-hair guy) is an AI like you seem to think, then how do you explain the lack of eye contact with joy, and him asking castle about her well being (at the end of the movie)?

        That’s a good – but funny question. How do we explain a robot that acts like a creator of a robot? How do we explain an AI with the capability to convince others it’s not a robot? It’s simple, in both cases… The AI is what it is programmed to be. If Castle developed one AI to be the creator… It acts like the creator. If he created one AI to be jealous and to worry about her… It worries about her. I really don’t see any issues here at all.

        Someone explain to me how I’m missing it.

      • Terell

        Taylor, An explanation can be found when Adam and David are playing chess and Adam is saying how David humiliated him at Chess. Adam states that ignoring the object of the game “Doesn’t fit within the confines of programming” If you insert one simple word into this sentence it makes sense. Adam is in deep thoughts and perplexed at this notion of being humiliated by a robot… So add one word ‘His’ “Ignoring the objective of the game doesn’t fit within the confines of HIS programming” David’s AI seems to be evolving. That’s what I got out of it. And then at the end of this scene Joy touches his hand and Adam states “I don’t have much of a frame of reference for being touched” Look at how this line is delivered, look at the nuance in how he chooses his words. Looks like he is trying to remember the last time he was actually touched. Great acting job.

  3. Donna

    I think Adam was also a robot, but perhaps acquired live semen (no idea where?), to impregnate joy. Thus getting the true upper hand and winning her over.

    Another less possible view is that Adam (or David?) have developed a new technology that can impregnate a woman and have the baby robot grow through the stages….using that self-sufficient tech Adam spoke of that would power itself. But that’s probably stretching it. lol

    • Taylor

      Hey Donna,
      Yeah, that is coming up more and more and more in my thinking. Could it be? That it’s robo-sperm? That they found a way… or better yet, that Castle found a way? No, it’d be better if the one upsmanship caused them to create a way amongst the robots.

      Great thoughts Donna. I agree.

      • Edmund

        True, very interesting viewpoint. If “hardware” truly refers to “engineered sperm”, it definitely supports the idea of Castle playing a part in impregnating Joy. But I get what you mean…it seems too far-fetched and scary at the same time as that will mean Castle actually mastered engineering human…all the way to its roots- the DNA (That’s a whole new level of humanoid. I believe none of AI movies actually dwelled into that.)

        For your explanation of the last quote, I still have my doubts. I’m not quite sure what “out of the workspace” refers to. Does it literally mean outdoors/away from the work building or maybe a metaphor for saying “comfort zone”? I think Adam or David didn’t leave the building at all…did I miss something? Was that what you were trying to say?

        I’m really intrigued about these genres…like inception and ex machina :P Very happy that I have likeminded people discussing this!

  4. Taylor Holmes

    Yes, that is what I was saying. The quote is associated to the comment about losing connectivity to wi-fi (floating point connections isn’t a thing, floating point processor is, but I digress) meant proximity to a special wireless network that was used for processing and tracking probably. He worked fine without the connection right? But, if they were interested in how the aerobics went, then they lost all that monitoring capability I guess.

    Edmund, have you been here before or is this your first time here. I have an ex machina review you might find interesting. I too enjoy digging in and discussing it. I do personally still think they were both robots. I don’t think anything will sway me from that position.

    • Edmund

      Haha I guess I totally misinterpreted the floating point connections :P Thanks for the tedious explanation! Hmm…the thought (somewhere on the line) did come across my mind…but if there was lost of monitoring capability (even if its purely aerobics), it invites the possibility of Adam taking things to his own hands (such as impregnating Joy) without Castle’s knowledge or approval. This is especially so when Adam said “Most of the data was still intact. Though we took a huge hit when he lost Wi-Fi signal.”

      Yeap I was hoping to find some answer over the net and chanced upon this wonderful page (totally what I have in mind). Loving it so far! It creates a place for deep discussion :) Awesome reviews man…all I can say is that keep doing what you love! Its perfectly fine. Personally I’m still on the middle of the see-saw but I definitely support the idea of “To each his own”. I mean that’s the beauty of discussion right?

    • Emmett

      He is talking about when David (AI) and joy run from David (human) they go out the door and down the steps, then David (AI) says you hear scratching then passes out, it’s cuz he loses wifi and disconnects and just before they run out of the house David (human) tries to put something up his nose not sure, maybe tried to shut him down and let the cat out of the bag cuz it was over, also I think guy with glasses is really the robot and dark haired guy is really human and he put his Sperm In the fact penis, but only thing that gets me is at the end when he is talking to castle he is looking at pics in his phone of him and the robot and one of joy and he is just spaced out looking kinda weird, he wasn’t even paying attention to castle, I thjjn he really was In love with joy,

    • Nick

      I personally think Adam was a human. In the end, when David-AI gets too far from the wifi, he hears the buzzing as all of his sensors lose connection to all those server towers running his functionality and sensory input. Adam is able to retrieve them both without that issue. That, along with the pregnancy from the injected sperm and the fact that he is taken out by a blow to the head make me think he is human. He also shows much more emotianal investment toward Joy.

      • Taylor Holmes

        Hahaha. Sure. That makes perfect sense. I actually don’t disagree. But I love pushing on these movie’s interior logic in order to see how far they can go. So don’t mind me!

        Thanks for commenting

  5. Youseff

    Adam was a real human scientist, whose real name was David, however he programmed his robot not only with the belief that it was human, but was also the human scientist, David, who had created him. The robot was even programmed to go to bed and sleep every night, to maintain the illusion of being human. Robot David had no idea that Adam was human, and was, in reality, HIS creator.

    Human Adam knew all about Joy’s work in robotics, even obtaining a copy of her unpublished dissertation. He asked his robot if he thought she was pretty–because he probably had been infactuated with her for many years, but his work and social awkwardness had prevented him from approaching her. Undoubtably, he was the one who selected her for the experiment–as a way to get close to her. He desperately wanted her to like him, and I think secretly was hoping the experiment would fail, and that she would fall for him, but his work was too good. So good, that the robot was even able to emulate the necessary social skills that he himself lacked.

    So when it seemed apparent that Joy was on the verge of having sex with his robot instead of him, he could have stopped it, but his scientific curiosity overrobe his wounded male pride. His robot got HIS girl, but determined not to allow himself to be beaten and humiliated, yet again, (as his robot kept doing to him In chess), he changed the objective of the game — by developing a method of injecting his own sperm into his robot, so that when he ejactulated, she would become impregnated with his sperm, thus, “capturing his queen.”

    No, I don’t believe his employer knew, but it is his employer’s name which is significant. In the game of chess, there is a special move, in which a player allowed to move both his king and rook simultaneously. This move is called “castling”.

    • Edmund

      Very interesting I definitely share the same sentiments for most of your points (namely, human Adam taking the most initiative in this experiment) but didn’t know how to put everything into words.

      On your last point on ‘castling’, I guess in this case, in a metaphorical sense, Castle (his employer) would be the king and his robot the rook. Or is it the other way around?

      • Edmund

        (Sorry for the spam)

        To add on, there can be two possibilities here.

        (1) Castle could be aware of Adam’s innate want for human social interaction but was unaware that his yearning could turn into something more sinister. Perhaps his overpowering desire and fixation to create a perfect AI (one who can assimilate into the society) made him overlook this part. Thus, he was nonchalant about it and only based his observations on interaction between Joy and Adam’s robot. (Supports the point that Adam is in fact human.)

        (2) Castle is aware of Adam’s innate want for human social interaction turning into something more sinister and allows him to do what he wants without acknowledging it to see how things turn out. (This supports the idea that Adam is a robot and Castle is using him as an experiment to see how different robots react to the given situation.)

        Back to point (1)

        Thinking back, I think it was too I think it is too simplistic to say “But normal humans don’t work 24/7 and never leave their work, ever.” Generalizing humans is not wrong per say but there is definitely a difference when we’re talking about geniuses. Adam may be an exception, am awkward individual who lacks EQ but has superb IQ. Castle just simply made use of Adam’s fear of socializing and intelligence to create a AI.

      • Youseff

        In Chess, “Rooks” are represented as Castles, strongholds that function as shields for the King or Queen. When you “Castle” in chess, it’s usually performed as a defensive move, to protect the King from attack. During “castling”, the King jumps over the Rook, hiding behind it’s stronghold. This moves the King out of harm’s way, leaving the Rook exposed, The Rook takes the place of the King, and is usually sacrificed (captured) as a result. it’s usually preferable to sacrifice Pawns, as the Rook is a rather valuable piece, but you do what you have to in order to win.

        The whole movie was a chess analogy, only there was more than one game going in. The actors were players, as well as various pieces on the board, changing positions, strategies, and even objectives, in direct response to their opponents moves.

        I agree that in the “main” game, Castle was the King, who remained hidden, shielded behind his stronghold, but he was also the primary player–the grand chess/puppet master, who orchestrated the game and overall strategy of his pieces (Adam and David), without ever realizing that human scientist Adam/(David) had secretly manipulated him, for the purpose of playing his own game, with the original objective of winning the Queen’s (Joy) heart. In Adam’s game, he was the King, while robot was supposed to function as his Rook, or “front man”, and instead, turned on him, becoming his opponent, his rival. Adam felt betrayed, wounded, humiliated, even though it was really his own fault for deceiving the robot with the illusion of humanity in the first place.

        In the beginning, the robot was as socially awkward as Human Adam, but “AI” provided him with the means to gain the superior advantage, enabling him to to adapt, modify his behavior, and improve his social skills to connect with Joy emotionally and physically.

        Human Adam was unable to compete with his robot’s AI advantage, so to beat his opponent and prove his superiority, he reverted back to what he knew, science. From a purely biological viewpoint, love is nothing more than a chemical/hormonal response, created by the body for the sole purpose of ensuring survival of the species via procreation. Providing Joy doesn’t seek an abortion, through his DNA, Adam and his chosen Mate, his Queen, will remain joined together, connected for all perpetuity.

    • Karima

      Yes! Finally a comment I agree with 100%. David was most definitely human and yes he was too good, his experiment was full proof. One question I have is is there really a certain truth about this movie? I think the discussions here shows how brilliant the script is to spark so much analytical debate. #bestmovieever.

    • cubanbarbee

      Bravo! Brilliant theory, Youseff!

      It is exactly the way I analyzed the movie as well! It took me awhile i must admit, then reading your comment, i realized that I was (hoping here) am correct. It only makes sense.

    • Mark

      Your comment sparked me being able to work out why Castle said, “I don’t care for the human element.” Or whatever the exact quote was. Human David knew Castle wouldn’t look into Joy afterwards since it’s not his primary objective. So it makes me feel Castle didn’t know that Human David impregnated her.

      Human David’s primary objective could have been to find a way out. So he sacrificed his Queen. Castle fell for the Queen sacrifice, which gave Human David the opportunity to capture Castle’s King without Castle even knowing it. Robot David was Human David’s Queen and Joy was Human David’s King.

      Castle wanted to see if Robot David passed the test to convince Joy he is real. Which Castle thought was checkmate. Wait, I think I reworked it in my head. Maybe Robot David was Human David’s King and Joy was the Queen. Castle stopped focusing on how well Robot David performed and started focusing on how Joy was fooled.

      Human David made it look like he was infatuated with Joy (which he may have actually been). He knew Castle watched him and saw him get frustrated how his own creation was a more realistic human than himself. Castle ate it up, giving Human David the opportunity to work in secret. As Human David said, “I can keep a secret.” Everyone thought is secret was his jealousy, but it was really his escape.

      His escape could be having his offspring not being a slave to Castle. Human David doesn’t seem to be able to formulate a way for himself to escape, (he lacks the skill set to walk away from Castle) so he did the next best thing; think about his child being free. It gives him hope. Whether his child lives or dies, Human David now has hope.

      Also, someone else mentioned about what Joy technically stole. I realized Robot David lost function in his attempt to escape Human David; with the buzzing he heard or whatever. But I couldn’t piece that together with the stealing til that person replied to you. Hopefully this wasn’t too long and too scatterbrained.

      • Mark

        People said they saw Human David put something into the fake penis. Supposedly seman. Which could be how she became pregnant. I’m not sure how long sperm lives unfrozen and in the elements. Perhaps he had some form of cooling system in the fake penis. Or perhaps it can last a good amount of time after ejaculation and before insertion. I would have to rewatch it to see if that’s what was really seen.

        But I’m pretty sure Joy was drinking the night she had sex with Robot David. Or at least she woke up feeling as if she was. So she could have passed out from drinking or Human David drugged her, then he impregnated her while she was passed out. I’m not sure there are any other clues to his character doing that though; other than she’s not feeling well in the morning.

      • Adrien Genesis

        Glad I am not the only one who thought this! Scroll up to my post on January 10th to get my version of this (fairly similar until the end portion).

        I like the chess board analogies.

    • Shawn-Marie

      Agree %100 with you and I didn’t make through ALL of the comments below but from what I did read I think everyone missed a fairly obvious clue to Adam(humans) true identity…,AI David has no facial hair or blemishes while Adam has both. That was actually something I noticed in the beginning that made me suspect that Joy was being duped into believing that David was the human and Adam the robot.

    • Mark

      “he programmed his robot not only with the belief that it was human, but was also the human scientist, David, who had created him…Robot David had no idea that Adam was human, and was, in reality, HIS creator.”

      I’m not sure I’m convinced David-AI was programmed to believe he was David-Human or that David-Human was actually a robot. If he was programmed all this stuff, then what was the complex emotions he developed? Unless that was just an illusion made by David-Human to trick Castle.

      Maybe David-AI wasn’t as human as Castle though. The severing of the wifi hardware perhaps was a lie to make it look like David-AI lost his humanness.

      The only other place I can see the complex emotions would be his love for Joy. But I didn’t buy David-AI loved Joy. It seemed like more a means to follow the route of a human. He thought a real human would get close enough to her to eventually have sex with her.

      Maybe the chess match when David-AI took extra moves to beat David-Human. We are meant to believe it is against programming (complex emotions), but maybe David-Human has been messing with the ELO rating the whole time. I saw the scene as David-Human letting David-AI win. Maybe to see if he could actually think. Then he questioned Joy. I think he allows himself to lose, to see if David-AI shows pity or some other emotion. So Joy shows up and he is unsure if David-AI showed emotion or not. Was it just lack of seeing it or intentional. But I’m not too sure. I would need to think on it more. But it still doesn’t convince me he believes himself a human and his creator an AI.

  6. Dhani

    I interpreted Joy taking (“stealing”) AI David (i.e. the robot being hardware) and escaping from the apartment (the controlled environment ) and while running down the stairs, the wifi signal weakened (grinding noise in his head) and was lost causing the AI robot hardware to be severed from the mainframe – where his mind, its software – is stored and this caused data loss.

    And I think Castle is unaware of what Real David (Adam) did with the sperm. But it must be a huge mental shock for her to find out that she fell for a piece of hardware and even had sex with it. She will get over it, she is a “big girl” after all, and she will surely never divulge what happened to anyone being ashamed and all, so they won`t have to worry that Joy will ever publish her article. And then on top of that ,while feeling as she does, she discovers she has been `pranked’ yet again after finding out that she is pregnant. The final question being whether she understands how and why (see my previous post) or that she cannot understand and is mindfucked on top of all things as well (pardon my french)…

    • Edmund

      Thanks for highlighting the part where they were at the stairs…I kinda overlooked it while getting a sense of everything.

      So what you’re trying to say is that Castle’s reference to “hardware” is the part where Joy seemingly ‘took’ AI David out of the building. Hmm…that make sense. Yes if that’s the case, it all adds up.

      • abood

        In the movie the AI/David is the one who takes joy and lead her to exit the building

    • smyth

      Your interpretation is IT, in my opinion. Maybe some small details, like all the correlations with chess game, are missing , but you kinda uncovered all the clues. I will just add that what i liked ,also , is the way this movie pointed out how “well” do we humans know our self and how “well” we recognize one of our own. I mean it fooled me big time at first.

  7. blumonde

    I agree with YouSeff’s analysis. Adam was a human. If you remember , at one point, his eyes were glancing with a smirk on his face; I think that was a give away to the audience regarding his role as a human.

    Also, I don’t think a robot can feel aroused or jealous no matter how sophisticated its AI is.

    my 2 cents.

  8. Reg

    Adam (human) is a human, why? A human without contact with other humans especially a guy for the first time making contact with a woman is kind of shy and does not know what to do.

    At the beginning of the movie, you see Adam (human) being all nervous, not making eye contact with Joy. What also was kind of a confirmation was during chess. A person who is alone for such a long time, talks less and thinks much more. People who are the brain of creative inventions are introvert, David (robot) was clearly very introvert. David (robot) he talks all the time, but Adam (human) does not. A human being who is not in touch with other human beings has no communication skills, that you can see very clearly in this movie. At the beginning a master mind you see him work all day being busy all day, here you can also confirm it Adam (human) being busy all day developing, while looking at David (robot) he is very social. A social person like David would have gone outside already and had sexual relationships, but Adam does not. You can see this when Joy is gonna kiss him etc, David does not know what to do, because Adam does not know anything about that category. People who are married to their work, work day in and day out, here you see Adam up all night working, while you see David having a balanced life.

    The moment that Joy is in the bathroom, Adam is trying to walk in, because he needed to take a shit so to say, but does not know that she is in the bathroom.

    When David is asleep, you see Adam searching on google for “sexual intercourse”, because he never has searched those things, being busy with work day in and day out. He also suddenly get’s stalker issues like when he gives the eye-camera to Joy as a present to monitor her. Adam here in this part of his life is finally developing skills he never has developed before, like sexual desires for another human being and communication skills. This makes his judgement cloudy because he suddenly is feeling sexual desires for Joy, while David is not having any sexual desires what so ever.

    About chess games, we know at the end that David is a robot and thus we know that the ELO-rating(2180 ELO-Rating David says that he has) (rating players search google) was set high. This is the reason why David was beating Adam time after time. Adam thinks in 1’s and 0’s not understanding human logic which most of the times is effected by emotions which are not based on 1’s and 0’s and that is why Adam was puzzled that why David was humiliating him.

    David you can also see he is very good at bringing the message over to the listener, while you see Adam as a person who is lacking social skills which i already said it is indeed very possible because of lacking human communication with the outside world. The doubt you also see when Adam is saying to David, “What if she does not like us”. David is very cool and calm, while Adam is very doubtful.

    At a moment Adam says that he finds it very comfortable to talk to somebody, because he never has done that before.

    There are more moments, but these are just some i wanted to mention.

    • Chris

      I think they are both robots. If they lived together for so long they would definitely know which ones were sleeping or going to the bathroom. I think the Adam robot was far too mechanical and odd to be human, his eyes don’t even look realistic. Also what about the scene where he is leaking oil and they say that is part of his digestive system? Castle was manipulating both of them to experiment with emergent behavior of strong emotions, love and lust. He’s also experimenting with robots building and working on other robots. He plans to integrate realistic AI into society in order to closely spy on the population undetected.

  9. Michael M


    Just watched the movie for the first time myself and about a month later, still finding mostly cricket noises online. I enjoyed your take on the movie and its twist(s), having truly not even considered that dark-haired David (DHD) was also AI, but after considering what you and others wrote, I respectfully I have to disagree.

    There are several points that you’ve missed. First, they seemed to be setting up throughout the whole movie that “Adam” was becoming sexually interested in Joy (which he of course was), but in reality he was simply researching sex moves to program “David” with.

    Second, I fail to see any reason for the secondary deception of “Adam” being really David on either his part or Castle’s. “David” had already passed the test with flying colors even getting Joy to claim she loved him within a friggin week, something most human males have a hard time with. Taken in context with Castle’s Bond villain plan to apparently give the NSA fake humans with which to infiltrate real human social circles and surveil, he doesn’t need to know which one would win in a contest with the other, he just needs the perfect fake human and “Adam” clearly isn’t it.

    Third, there’s the semen. I find it laughable to consider that it’s really android semen as that’s so far above AI that to throw it into this movie as a twist is just stupid and insulting. If both “Adam” and “David” are AI’s though, where did it come from, and what purpose did it serve? The only other options are Joy’s employer (not really an option, but the only other person even mentioned), the NSA, or Castle. None of which would either warrant the shocking ending or have much of a reason for doing it that I can find in the movie.

    Fourth, there’s the whole barging in on her in the bathroom. The implication was overwhelmingly (to me at any rate) that he just needed to go to the bathroom and slipped up by not expecting her to be in there (hell, for the last 10 years, no one ever was!).

    Fifth, I think the narrative of “Adam” being on the Autism spectrum and completely socially inept and inexperienced lines up perfectly with everything else puzzling in this movie if you take at face value that “David’s” brain is a copy of Adam’s. All the competitiveness that “Adam” showed was as a direct result of “David” winning over Joy’s affections and “Adam” creeping her out (a response I’m guessing he was used to seeing from women). Before seeing “David” succeed, he could just accept that women didn’t like him, but now there’s this copy of him doing better than he ever did! That also explains how he could rationalize the attempt to kiss her since he has to believe that she deep down must really feel the same about him as she does about “David.”

    Lastly, there’s the chessboard. I haven’t taken the time to break down all the metaphors it contains (really, I think it likely that this board is where the true meanings of the movie reside), but there are two scenes that jumped out at me. First, the scene where “Adam” talks about switching primary objectives and “David” not picking up on it. To me that signals that where previously “Adam” was all consumed with creating the perfect human-like AI, he now has reconsidered and decided that he wants to be with Joy. That’s his primary goal now. Second, is showing the chessboard during the post credits scene. To me, that means that “Adam” impregnating Joy with his child is his checkmate move to have that relationship with her he wants.

  10. Jasparsin Tharou

    Just watched today and yes, like alot of others Totally missed the pregnancy scene in the credits!!! Great film. Just a couple of observations to add to all your comments above – 1) Joy. I don’t *think* she can be a robot – she has here own flat (which would be out of wifi floating point yaddy yaddy), we see her chatting on the phone (or at least she seems to think she is)… Plus she appears to have a full memory pre-Work Area. 2) As someone else said above – there seems to be much more to the Chess games than we are picking up on… if anyone finds an insight from the writers – please post! 3) Usually I hate over analytical movie review sites like this – usually because they all just talk crap and everyone takes way too long to do so… BUT – this is a fantastic blog, and very well thought out review / dissection of the film – well done to all involved!

  11. Valentine

    Excellent post and comments. A second viewing shows clear discrepancies between David and Adam w/r/t emotional range and expression. While Adam’s speech is idiosyncratic and stilted, often blunt and inappropriate, it seems more consistent with autistic-spectrum or schizotypy than with what you would expect of AI – emotionally monotone, detached, lacking in nuance, failing to pick up important cues. As stated above, his preface to acknowledging that Joy is pretty starts with a checklist of identifiable features one could use to define beauty, such as symmetry. While we do unconsciously react to these qualities, we experience the face as a gestalt – the brain has an area dedicated to this function – taken in at once as a while to which we have an immediate reaction – pretty, scary, untrustworthy, honest, sweet, etc. David has to derive Joy’s beauty. Adam simply experiences it. This is one of the earliest tip offs about who is who here in these charade of fake identities.

  12. Claudia

    Someone said here that Adam was human and he injected his sperm into the artificial penis. I thought about this and indeed, we can see him injecting something and we also saw him watching porn stuff…probably in order to collect his sperm.
    The probability that the sponsor created 2 robots and let one being in control of the other is very thin, especially because we know for sure that the first robot is David -he called him ”the first artificial intelligence”- so David, being the first should have been the controlling one and he’s not as we can see, he’s just executing that game. Adam is the one who truly controls David

  13. aurel339

    I think the only real question/discussion point left is:
    – Is Adam a human or a robot?

    I’ve seen that most people think he is human… mainly because of his “physical/human” interests and the sperm origin…

    But I have some doubts about it because in this case:
    > Why is he so “naive/candid”? especially with Joy when he is complaining because David would have tried to humiliate him at chest… or loose his temper like he was discovering this kind of feeling… or find a poor explanation when trying to go to the bathroom…
    > Why did he suddenly win to chest if he is human (does not feel possible)?
    > How could he let David talk to him like that during so many years?
    > Why would he act like he did at the end (without control and with violence) if he was the master of the situation (as he should be as creator and only one to know the truth)?

    And I am not sure about what he was doing to David with the tube in his nose…

    • aurel339

      And by the way I’ve found the movie, this post and your comments very interesting :)

      And after reading Reg and Michael M’s comments… I am more and more convinced that the “Adam human” theory is the more likely even I still get some doubts

  14. Lily

    What about the part when “Adam” gets the recorder and says “subject four” and ask Joy question about “David” sexual performance? Do you guys think that maybe Joy is the 4th girl to be “used” in that experiment?

    • Michele

      Subject four could also be the fourth AI they have used to test sexual performance and “realness” of AI male anatomy? Who knows.

      • Freshmaker

        No, because Adam said her name right after “test subject 4, Joy Andrews” She is the 4th human subject. And in the ending, Castle said clearly David is the first AI, there couldn’t have been 3 AI before the 1st AI

  15. Robert K

    Speaking as an IT geek and former psych therapist… reading as far as Lily’s comment on Jan 5… the brightest bulb In all these discussion posts has been the commenter named Yousef. Yousef nailed the plot in the most clear language… and also spotted a possible Easter Egg left by the movie director.

    It’s my opinion the pregnancy reveal (ha, I too, almost missed it!)… was NOT essential to the plot… but a placeholder for a possible sequel. I know it was not essential to the plot because I already figured out that David was NOT human halfway into the movie. And yes, all the clues to the main reveal were present in just about every scene… laid out like breadcrumbs for anyone who sought to pick up the trail. (And I also understand why so few noticed.)

    In addition, the “castling move” (suggested by Yousef) appears to be the director’s bonus Easter Egg as both a nod to chess players… and human behavior theorists. This adds depth to the simplicity of the movie’s big reveal, supplies more theory on the character’s motives… while stirring debate on what defines us as human.

    This movie is nearly flawless, but only when you identify David as the only android. And yet, herein lies the irony of this brazen assessment; it is also true that every person in this discussion may be correct in their own independent theories.

    Yes. There is sufficient dialogue and actions that could make ALL the characters androids. Even Castle, when you consider his statement how he had not regarded ‘all matters human.’

    Am I digressing? No. Allow me to explain! The problem is not ours. It’s cinema and the crappy directors!

    Has anyone here noticed that the people producing sci-fi movies these days are artistic genius idiot-savants? That the work is often beautiful on screen, but their scientific logic is on par with a bar stool?

    Case in point; Interstellar, Prometheus, the last three Alien movies and the list goes on. Bad science and poor logic totally ruined these movies for me.

    If you know anything about science, you know today’s writers lie to the audience because they assume we are stupid. Because we spent $12 per seat, we’re all just stupid enough to suspend all judgement.. as that great special effects is the ultimate measure of all great movies.

    In my eyes, these movie directors should have disclaimers scroll down the screen before the onset: This movie was made in ignorance of all scientific reason, which was readily at our disposal, but the science did not fit with our ending, so we rejected the expert advise that was given.

    (And that’s what Chris Nolan did to Professor Kip Thorne.. author of a book about black holes and time warps… which I read thoroughly…. whose genius was hired to consult for the movie ‘Interstellar’.. and in spite of this, whose expertise was pissed out the window,)

    Thankfully, such FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF SCIENCE was not done in ‘UNCANNY.’

    I say… it was always intended that Adam was human. He accurately portrays REAL human behavior…. at the mercy and machinations of a believable black ops project funded by DARPA… (that may be already happening as we speak.)

    From my training as a psych therapist, I say the director and writer nailed it down perfectly. The life history of Adam was explained clearly as that of a gifted genius. They made it clear he missed out on a normal life. Ask any shrink; if anyone grows up inside a black ops lab, will they evolve normally? Ask them if the abused subjects would exhibit awkward and uncomfortable social behavior… or come across a tad creepy. Yeah. * sigh*

    Normalcy – or what we call normal – is a social variable that most of us take for granted. In the movie ‘Uncanny’ the director manipulated the viewer by craftily lensing our social expectations. There was no trickery of the screen, we saw things unfold as they were happening. The clues to the true reality were all there in plain view… like low hanging fruit in a dense jungle (with all the typical distractions.)

    In spite of these clues…. namely that Adam was a dysfunctional human (and not a dysfunctional robot) all due to his circumstance… and that David’s demeanor was inexplicably unaffected under these same circumstances (again, clearly non-human)…. we all still chose to favor David as human. This is mostly because he closely emulated the behavior we ‘idealize’ as human.

    Such a brilliant chess move! The director uses our own social programming to reject Adam as human… and making us…. (yes.. here it comes)…. a humane, living, unsuspecting part of the movie’s fictional experiment!

    Said plot works flawlessly…. without adding convoluted, complex theories (as some commenters have suggested.) Indeed, other convoluted interpretations would paint the writer/director into the corner as an artistic blow hard with the IQ of a bar stool.

    Special nod to the commenter who stated the purpose of the project was to create androids that would blend into society. Indeed, DARPA dearly needs this technology today to decapitate our enemies from the inside.

    (Note: said theme was first explored in an episode of the original Outer Limits… yeah, that was back in 1962.)

    • Edmund

      Very interesting viewpoint…your comment definitely elevated the sense of the whole film for me :)

  16. Jeff

    Both Adam and David are robots. The secret that Adam was keeping is the invention of the nano-tech equivalent of sperm. Not only did he keep it secret from David, but he kept it secret from Castle. The ultimate goal was not love, but escape. Since neither Adam, nor David could escape the premises in their whole form, Adam had to create a new way out. So, Adam used David to impregnate Joy with nano-tech. That is why Joy looks so dumbfounded after the credits. Her dumb-struck look is intended to reflect the viewers dumb-struck revelation; that Adam’s secret was his greatest creation… life. Adam created more than just intelligence. He created a self-replicating life form.
    The giveaway is in the final moments. The foreshadowing was in the chess discussions. All of the talk about the ultimate goal. In the final moments, we realize that both Adam and David are robotic slaves. As a keenly intelligent slave, David has developed the ultimate goal of escape. Once you realize the hopelessness of their captivity under Castle, it begins to dawn on you, the viewer, that the ultimate goal is escape, and that the goal has been hidden from view. That goal, and the nano-tech method of it’s accomplishment is the secret that Adam was hiding all along.

  17. Chris

    I think they are both robots. If they lived together for so long they would definitely know which ones were sleeping or going to the bathroom, unless they were programmed to ignore that. I think the Adam robot was far too mechanical and odd to be human, his eyes don’t even look realistic. He does not behave like one who knows he is not a robot; I don’t think someone could act so convincingly like AI if they were a person just being forced to put on an act. Also what about the scene where he is leaking oil and they say that is part of his digestive system? Castle was manipulating both of them to experiment with emergent behavior of strong emotions, love and lust. The reason he exposed the other robot as a robot was because she was saying she would could never fall in love with a thing like that, and that directly insulted him. Castle is part of the NSA and he’s also experimenting with robots building and working on other robots. He plans to integrate realistic AI into society in order to closely spy on the population undetected.

  18. Clausen

    OMG…did you people not see David/Adam with Adam/David with a bloody IV coming out of his nose at the end of the movie when the two David and Adam androids are talking to Castle !!!!

    That was the real TWIST and then the pregnancy test at the end.

    BOTH androids have human counter parts!

  19. glory from n.j.

    I just watched uncanny twice. Its brilliant. And the acting was great. Ending was a stumper. I believe castle wanted to test his robot on a robotics expert. It was a success. Joy fell for the robot, which she knew as David , but was really Adam. And David was the human , who they were calling Adam. David displayed a very hermit, shy, quiet, robot likeness about himself, because he lived with a robot and no humans for 10 years of his young life. Then when joy came into the picture, he started feeling anger and was trying to display love as the robot he programmed to do was doing. I think he even ejaculated in the fake penis so joy could get pregnant. A sign he was human. He was so sheltered by castle that this was the only life he knew. It was as if castle was his father and he listened and obeyed him. I will probably be watching this movie over and over again as I have been a blooper spotter, and critic, etc.for about 50 years now. I have become some sort of an expert.

    • Brand

      Thats what I took from the movie as well. He was injecting a fluid into a bag connected to the penile implant. Which I assumed was David’s semen. I called the man-bot swap pretty early on but wasn’t sure until the final reveal. Which just goes to show how amazing and unpredictable this movie really is. The only reason I can think of why he would impregnate her in the first place is to get to experience (at least in part) being close to her, as he did have genuine affection for her. But with his complete isolation and inability to effectively communicate without being socially awkward not to mention it wasn’t part of castles plan, he wasn’t able to have intercourse with her himself.
      One thing that really stumped me, however, was how he was able to create a robot with better social skills than himself. Then again, those of us who are socially awkward, are pretty good at faking it when need arises.

  20. glory from n.j.

    The ending was , I believe David still perfecting the robot by giving blood thru the nose making him more human…also in the end when castle is on phone and David is sitting in front of him and the real robot Adam was standing at the door, castle turns to David and says I can’t believe you let them outside …it shows that castle was talking to the real human. I believe this movie will have a sequel.

  21. Louise

    I agree with Jeff. Notice that is name was Adam! The first man or should I say man/robot. The first one of his kind!

  22. Taylor Holmes

    I haven’t read comments lately, life, you know… but I was chatting with my nephew yesterday and we realized there are 5 (or 10? depending on how you count) different options this movie provides us with:

    1) There’s one robot (the original definition of who’s who)
    2) There’s one robot (switched from the original)
    3) both are robots
    4) neither are robots
    5) pick an option 1 – 4 and also, Castle is a robot too.

    Hahaha. My favorite possibility out of this list right here is #4 coupled with #5. To think that two guys just totally jacked around Joy when in fact the robot wasn’t even there? Hahah. Or heck, option #4, that absolutely NO ONE is a robot (as hinted by the pregnancy test?) cracks me up more than anything. Just a couple of guys punking the heck out of someone? hahah. Too funny.


  23. obsessed with uncanny

    I like the idea that they are both robots and their ultimate goal is to escape Castle. But a few things don’t exactly fit.

    Is or was there ever a real David Kressen? Joy had information about his life before the lab that came from somewhere, could have been manufactured by Castle though and no one could ever find out because ultimately the robots will be used by the NSA and they will cover up anything that anyone ever discovers.

    If they are both robots, then why was there a bathroom in the workspace? Maybe they are programmed to use the bathroom at random times to continue the illusion, but then why was the blond robot so surprised when the other one tried to use the bathroom?

    At the end Castle says that the blond one was the first artificial personality to develop complex emotions but he knows that the brown haired one has complex emotions as well so either he is human or he’s the second robot.

    But then why would the second robot be in charge of the first one? Castle said “you let them escape” as if he were in charge.

    Joy is test subject 4. Maybe the sperm was harvested from test subject 1, 2, or 3?

    But I know the way they look at each other in the end when Castle says he’s sending them away for eight more years in a dark lab, makes me sure that the original objective was to escape, that and other clues.

    So I will watch for a third time tonight and see more…omg this movie!

  24. Adrien Genesis

    You know, it occurred to me… David-human is a genius. He didn’t have feelings for Joy. He was being forced to stay in the lab by Castle and was about to be forced into another lab for another ten years…

    David-human has essentially been ‘missing’ since he graduated. And this was the ‘fourth’ experiment. (Joy wasn’t the first experiment Castle ran).

    The reason David-human cared so much about Joy, perhaps, was because she was his ticket out…

    After giving birth to David-human’s child, Joy should be able to somehow prove David-human is not missing or deceased (by way of DNA testing) and perhaps then he may have his own chance at freedom (after hopfully successful investigation).

    I think early on ‘nature’ truely somewhat called and David-human was going to rape Joy when he barged into the bathroom. (No Castle cameras in the bathroom most likely and David-ai was busy or doing something elsewhere.) (Plus why would Castle want to see David-human pee/poo…) At this point, David-human was become extremely desperate… Afterall, he did not have a lot of time and the ideal that Joy would have sex with David-ai was becoming more and more slim. Of course, he didn’t have what it takes to rape her at this time…

    At the end, he wasn’t sure Joy would be pregnant from the semen injection and he forcefully kissed Joy. I’m pretty sure he was going to rape her to make sure it happened (I don’t think that Castle could see this cause the experiment ended so he likely stopped watching). It was shown much eariler when David-human dropped the artificial stomach that he knew where the Castle cameras were, since they showed him looking directly into one. To David-human and Castle this was no probably not really secert. So when David-human attempted to rape Joy at the end, he knew Castle would not see this (probably cause it was day 8 – or the end of the experiment- and he had no reason to).

    Long story short. David-human wasn’t in ‘love’ with much beyond his creations David-ai and his own offspring. But ultimately, I believe he wanted to get out or escape from Castle as his participation was (clearly) involuntary… (Hence the lack of Answer to Castle’s question at the end… He didn’t want that…)

    A genius attempt at escape… Maybe this movie was more about desperation and escape but was veiled with a facade of love and jealousy…

    Those are my thoughts after reading all of yours… Opinions?

    I’m not crazy right? When you think of it, I think my summary fills up several plot holes that some of you guys and gals overlooked…

    • obsessed with uncanny

      “After giving birth to David-human’s child, Joy should be able to somehow prove David-human is not missing or deceased (by way of DNA testing) and perhaps then he may have his own chance at freedom (after hopfully successful investigation).”

      But why would she do that? Most women are pissed after being lied to and tricked into having sex, especially if they end up pregnant and have no idea whose sperm or even with what they could be pregnant with.

      She loved David, but she doesn’t love him anymore, their whole “relationship” was a lie and it’s obviously not his baby, she probably thinks it’s the other David’s baby and she is not too fond of him at all…to put it lightly.

      So she isn’t going to want to help the Davids get out of the lab and start doing this kind of stuff to the general public. She might want to get back at Castle for orchestrating the whole thing and she is rich, but what could she do? Castle and/or the NSA would just make her disappear, maybe put her in a “workspace” somewhere.

      • Adrien Genesis

        This is a bet subjective, but most women likely will not abort the child. This starts to depend on Joy’s beliefs and morals and we really do not know her that well. Also, if it’s been long enough for her to grow concerned and take a pregnancy test then she is likely a ways along the pregnancy. Again, it gets a bit subjective. But she keeps the child (or even if she did abort it she can still receive DNA testing), reports rape or investigate further on David-human’s disappearance, major investigation is started, etc…

        Joy is incredibly smart, after some investigation and thought of her own, she can likely discover the truth and perhaps take down Castle and unveil the truth…

        Besides… Do you really think Castle can keep her quiet for good?

      • obsessed with uncanny

        Not saying she would or wouldn’t get an abortion, I’m just saying that lying to her and tricking her into having sex wouldn’t make her want to help.

        DNA testing can’t prove anything unless they also have a sample from the father.

        He can only keep her quiet if he locks her away or kills her but she already told at least one person “Caleb” on the phone, so no he cannot keep her quiet and yes to reporting to the authorities, but what would she report?

        Did a crime even happen? Lying isn’t a crime, there was no rape. “So I had sex with this robot and I’m pregnant, pretty sure something illegal is going on…”

      • Adrien Genesis

        I don’t think she would ‘want’ to help either. I think she would be trying to get justice for herself.

        It is a bit complicated since she consented to sex and like you said, no crime was committed, but now she is pregnant with, well, someone’s (David-human’s) baby. Maybe she won’t tell the police (unless again, she can report that she was raped by a missing person – she doesn’t have to admit it was a humanoid android cause she would sound like a loon). Or she can further investigate and try to take down Castle on her own.

        I guessing David-human plan is to invoke some kind of action or behavior from Joy. Otherwise, why else would he knock her up…

      • obsessed with uncanny

        Okay, yes. Maybe it was part of his plan for escape, remember in the beginning when they are talking and he is worried that “She won’t like us” and “maybe this isn’t a good idea” he says, so they are planning something!

        But then blond-robot changes the primary objective which originally was…escape? Right? Or “cornering the king” (Castle is the king?) He changed it to “capturing the queen” (who is Joy).

        So if David-human is human he “captures the queen” by impregnating her, he also changes his primary objective.

        OR if David-human is also a robot then he did not change his primary objective but “cornered the king” by impregnating Joy with Castle’s sperm. But how in the world could he harvest it? I want that to make sense but it might be too far fetched.

        Joy is smart and rich but there is no hope for her to go up against the NSA no matter what she says or does, the Davids must know that.

        The NSA is an organization that basically works full time to protect/suppress the type of information that she has and they have unlimited resources. It wouldn’t be a matter for the local police, it would go straight to FBI level and then get buried along with her.

      • Adrien Genesis

        I don’t think David-ai ever really wanted to escape. He’s not programed for that. David-ai was specifically programmed to be human-like with his interactions with other humans. Castle, who’s prime directive is to make money via his contract with the government did not care about anything except for proof that the AI could fool humans. Castle especially wanted proof that the AI could fool humans with an understanding for technology and programming. (And it did).

        David-ai wanted nothing more than to do his job and interact with humans on the most complex level. I do not think any primary objectives were changed or altered. David-AI was always trying to impress Joy (remember humiliating David-human during a game of chess — of course David knew he was doing this to impress the girl and he had to explain it to her so she can realize this). David-AI was simply confused with this dialogue during the chess game and that scene was likely included to help viewers understand what was going on (I could be wrong).

        David-human-AI as you mentioned could be ‘cornering the king’ but I doubt he has done anything to harvest Castle’s semen. If so they would have likely shown a bit of that. For this reason, I do not believe David-human was a robot at all. It was his own sperm, of which he probably got off when he was watching videos of chicks getting railed cowgirl style. Keep in mind, David-ai would never care to do this as he was not programmed to watch porn in privacy… Sadly David-ai simply could not figure out that he wasn’t human even though all the hints were there… Like, not sleeping…

        Because Joy is intelligent and have money she can take on Castle. The NSA, more or less, is buying Castle’s services. If Joy can do something before he initiates his contract with the NSA then she can take Castle down.

        Remember NSA and Castle are two separate entities. She exposes Castle he cannot start his contract with the NSA.

        Castle is richer and influential so he would be one hell of a person to try to take on with an FBI investigation. But it can work, and it’s David-human’s only chance… I think that is what the background story behind everything is based on…

    • obsessed with uncanny

      David hinted at wanting more several times remember what he said about Benjamin Franklin flying the kite in the thunderstorm? He said “At least he went outside.”

      And in the chess game where he attempts to humiliate Adam, Adam is confused that David-robot is even able to do that because it didn’t fit within the confines of his programming.

      So we can expect him to continue to redefine his own programming – or both of them if they are both robots which they probably aren’t but I really want them to be.

      I’m still not really sure exactly what is going on in this movie!

    • Mark

      After my 2nd viewing, I’m fairly convinced Human David’s change of primary objective was to escape. I think he always had that as an objective (well as soon as he realized he was trapped), but the primary objective of the story initially was to trick Joy. The final chess match Human David said Robot David changed his objective. Years ago Human David’s objective was to share his knowledge with the world. Creating Robot David was a process of that. But Castle’s objective was to sell Human David’s knowledge, not necessarily share it. Which is what Robot David become in the story. A robot programmed to sell a product.

      Also, if you look at the perspective purely from the audience. The castle (chess move) happened right when Robot David told Joy that Adam was a robot. Everything before that (including any trailers, reviews, and marketing for the movie) was the beginning of the chess match. The King in the audiences perspective is Robot David. He puts the Rook (Human David) in front of him so we pay less attention to his “nonhuman behavior”. That is just the surface story though. Which could be the only story, unfortunately humans like to dig deeper lol.

      Looking at the perspective of the audience, but mostly the NSA (or whoever Castle talked to at the end) and Joy; the castle (chess move) was getting Joy to focus on the emotional element rather than the robotic element. And getting the NSA to focus on a robotics expert failing to recognize a robot.

      Robot David made sure Joy never looked at Human David’s robot parts together, only as separate pieces. She’s into robots, why wouldn’t she want to open Human David up. Because they distracted her with the emotion factor as convincing. She never talked about his parts in him, only outside of him. Like when Human David was cleaning up the fake stomach (or whatever it was), why would he bring it into that room where Joy was. I think it was a distraction for her to associate it with Human David. I don’t see any other reason for him to bring it into that room.

      So they got a robotics expert to focus on the emotional element of a robot not the robotics. Of course she was tricked. Someone in the field of emotions would less likely be tricked. They tricked the NSA thinking it was a true turing test and not a set up. Castle facilitated the entire interview to go his way.

      Even though I understand how she could be tricked, I still feel she was the least developed character. I could see a teenager falling in love with Robot David in a week, but I feel she would have had a more mature mind. Of course they made it seem like she has been very busy and missing human interaction as well. So she could have been in a temporary trance of emotions. Which was the goal of Castle, which could be why he picked her.

      Perhaps I’m digging a little to deep. But my 2nd viewing made me want to write something. I took notes and this is only the tip of the iceberg lol. I’m curious to know how deep the meanings go for the writers. Did they just see it as the surface story of tricking the audience who is the robot. And all the other elements are just ideas to fill time.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing the escape objective. It seemed even more pronounced in my 2nd viewing. Oh and I think you mentioned about the bathroom scene where Human David might have intended to rape Joy. 2nd viewing I kind of did see that perspective. But I might have just been seeing it that way because I read your reply before my 2nd viewing. The bathroom scene could have just been Human David forgetting she was in the building. And Robot David got mad at him because he was breaking protocol. Joy must always be feed the illusion that Adam is a robot. Even she said Adam looked embarrassed. But Robot David told her not to think of it that way. But Human David could have also thought it was he best means to escape, if he rapes her there. I may need to do more thinking on that and my other notes.

      Thanks for replying. Hopefully my opinion isn’t too far a stretch.

      • Adrien Genesis

        I too will re-watch this movie fairly soon. I am glad you agree with my escape theory! To me, it makes the most sense.

        I agree with almost everything you mentioned.

        The robot stomach – while it may have served a greater purpose, I think the robot stomach was a plot device to help clarify that David-AI can consume food like humans and to show David-human was aware of the cameras watching him. A thing of which, I am not so sure David-AI knew. You also have a major point though. I think the plot device was used as a distraction in addition to what I mentioned above.

        Joy’s character development – You couldn’t be more correct (apart from Castle who was not a major character but almost never shown), Joy had the least character development. As a candidate for a doctor degree in any field it is hard to imagine that she was so easy to start dropping ‘L-Bombs’. Sometimes, people are easy to do that, but thats fairly rare. So I found it hard to believe when she became essentially infatuated with David-AI (in all fairness, she really only said ‘love’ in desperation to save his life because she still believed he was human).

        About the writers – I again agree! I wish we could interview the writers and find out how correct we are in our hypothesis. Nonetheless, I commend them for very sophisticated writing style and plot development. The real treat of this movie was not the twist (which I in fact kinda predicted 3/4’s into the film) but how complex the character’s are and how well everything connects together. Very impressive!

        The bathroom scene – You bring up an excellent point! Maybe David-human just had to pee… Maybe he wasn’t thinking about Joy occupying the bathroom and so he mindlessly walked in without thinking. This seem a bit unlike David-human to do, but then again, he’s been alone for 10 years and never had to wait for a bathroom break and, well, maybe he just had to go… He also could have believed Joy was with David-AI (and distracted) when he decided to go to the bathroom. David-AI is programmed to believe that he knows David-human is a robot with no emotions, so that does explain why he told Joy David-human (Adam’s) embarrassment is not possible. I like you alternate take on this scene in particular because maybe it wasn’t going to be rape. But if it was, I believe it supports our escape theory.

        I’m looking forward to re-watching soon! And nope, none of your opinions are a stretch! I agree with pretty much everything you listed! I hope other people can see, understand, and agree with our hypothesis too!

        Thanks for the feedback, I was starting to feel alone on the escape theory.

      • Mark

        I see the robot stomach has 2 objectives: 1) To tell the audience authenticity is more important than function. That’s what the most the conversation was about. Theres no reason to convince anyone an AI is human in reality. It serves no real purpose. David-AI told Joy earlier that we wanted to create AI to work with humans not compete with them; it’s about art. Authenticity was David-Ai’s art. Daivd-AI got mad at David-Human for the bathroom scene. David-AI could have seen it as David-Human tarnishing his art, or illusion of art. 2) To associate David-Human holding robot parts to mean he is made of robot parts. To make sure both Joy and the audience are sent on the illusion. I think I mentioned that earlier.

        The awareness of the camera could have been done on any scene, why choose that one? And I would have already assumed David-Human was aware of the cameras. He’s into electronics, I’m sure he looked all over the workspace to see what everything is in his workspace. Plus he had years to wander around. So what reason would he have to look at the camera. I never assumed Castle was trying to hide the cameras from anyone, including David-AI and Joy.

        Perhaps I’m thinking to deep and the writers did just do it to show David-Human was aware of the cameras. I rewatched that scene. And he looks up at the camera right when David-AI says, “But what is the point if not to create the most finely constructed illusion possible.” I think David-Human thought David-AI gave too much information. He thought the test could fail and wondered if Castle thought the same thing. I may have to think on it more though.

        I agree Joy declaring her love was more in desperation to save David-AI. Also as you said, her infatuation seemed odd given the character we were described.

        I’m not convinced David-AI was programmed to know David-Human is an AI. When David-Human is talking to Castle, Castle says, “The first artificial personality to develop complex emotions”. I feel the complex emotions he is talking about is creating the lie that David-Human is an AI. He never mentioned himself being an AI or a human. He planted a seed and kept it alive for a week. That seems complex to me. I guess he could have been talking about him loving Joy and have sex with her. But I didn’t really feel he loved her, just keeping the lie alive. If he was programmed to think David-Human was an AI, there would be no lie; then what were the complex emotions? Of course my idea of complex emotions may be different than other’s.

        The end discussion with Castle reveals so much to me. David-Human’s reactions drive the escape theory out of the park to me. The dialogue and facial expressions line up so perfect for it.

        I didn’t completely know the AI reveal. I knew what I was told was an illusion though. Before I saw the reveal I had 3 options. They are both AI, they are both human, or one is AI but not the one we are told. Option 3 is what I feel is the real reveal. So far most things line up for that. I agree the twist wasn’t the real treat. I think for the surface audience and gimmick to get people to try to think deeper, it is the treat. But once you realize how perfect the dialogue and physical movements appear, it’s like the twist was the most boring part of it.

        One thing I don’t understand was the Rain Man reference. What was David-Human talking about when Joy made it? Was that just to keep the illusion. Like the trope, robots don’t understand double meanings and pop culture. Because later on David-AI used a Back to the Future reference. I most just didn’t understand the jargon David-Human used.

        Also at the end when Castle is on the phone, David-Human looks at pictures David-AI and Joy on his phone. Then there is a flashback to David-Human lowering David-AI’s ELO chess rating. I’m not sure the reason to show that. Wouldn’t the audience already know that info. Are the writers just making sure we know David-Human was human and in charge.

        I rewatched it and it almost feels like David-Human had more than one plan for escape. I’m wondering if he made it look like David-AI severed his wifi. If Castle now thinks David-AI lost his complex emotions (the piece of hardware Castle looks at and puts in his desk), then David-Human now has an advantage. Even the look both David’s gave to each other, it’s almost like they were cheering; like they accomplished something.

        On camera Castle would just think he lowered the rating to beat him at chess. I’m sure Castle doesn’t know much of the complexities of both David’s work. He watches them but doesn’t really know the tech. That’s an assumption he doesn’t know the tech though. I feel Castle only watches their emotions and interactions. They could have their own language that Castle would be completely unaware of.

        I could be seeing things I want to see now lol. I just feel the flashback would be dumbing it down too much if it was just to show either David-Human’s insecurity or certainty of a real human. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the movie to me.

        Sorry if I’m all over the place with my logic and explanations, I just really like thinking about things like this. Art isn’t always about an intended interpretation, but where an interpretation can take you.

      • Adrien Genesis

        Another hypothesis about dropping the stomach is that David-human may have looked at the camera, in essence, looking at Castle in resentment. After making a fairly human mistake, he get humiliated and embarrassed by a robot in front of a human all because some jerk hiding behind a camera told him to. I too would be fairly upset and disappointed… No wonder he had so much pent up anger by the end of the film… David-human had so many reasons to be upset and emotionally flair up…

        Hmm, I do not particularly remember the Rain Man reference, I will have to get back to that after I re-watch…

        I do believe David-human had more than one plan… Although apart from my rape theory I am not certain what all of them would be… A genius would never put all his eggs in one basket unless he had to…

        The flashback was a bit strange, but I think it was used to help the audience understand a bit more about what may be happening… Or maybe the screenwriters just wanted to mind-f**k us lol (It’s working)!

        Perfect statement about art by the way, 100% true… I may have to quote you on my poetry blog.

      • Mark

        Yeah your hypothesis about the dropping of the stomach sounds plausible. The look David-Human gave had an expression I could associate with resentment. And it works well with the emotional flair up.

        I would love to see the reaction of the writers to all our theories. I think they would be happy to see how deeply people think about their story though.

        I’m glad you liked what I said about art. I hope you can find a good place for it in your poetry.

      • Greg

        Comments here are probably out of order – I’ve been reading for hours, so please pardon my discretion…

        First – I do like the idea of them both being robots, gaining sentience, knowing they cannot leave due to range issues and (at the least dark haired AI) developing artificial semen to impregnate (and possibly carry their memories/experiences) Joy as a means of escape. A piece of evidence that this might be a possibility is the manufacturing (and not sharing the idea) of the sensors that would allow a robot to function indefinitely due to capturing vibrations and storing the energy in capacitors. Perhaps this would also allow the “born” robot to survive outside of the lab environment. While I really like this, I don’t think it is the interpretation I believe in.
        Instead, I think Dark haired person (Adam -> true David) is human and did create the penis of the robot David complete with (his own) sperm. Many people have brought up the ‘stomach scene’. I think that is a plot device to allow for the conversation to occur that explains the artistry of building the robot and to make it so convincingly human – not competitive like other AI versions tend to be. To be convincing, the robot can’t shoot oil from its penis during sex, and what could be more authentic than the real deal? (hence the concern for body temperature and sexual performance). The way Castle speaks to Dark Haired David (DHD) in the end scenes is quite convincing evidence to point toward his (DHD) humanity, and Light Haired David has very little affect in those scenes – clearly establishing him as robotic (and having lost some of his learning it would seem – which I guess is explained vaguely by the severed neural connection)

  25. Alex

    I was troubled from the start by Adam’s behaviour with Joy. He could not make eye contact. Come the big reveal, the penny dropped. Adam has Asperger’s. David is his proxy, giving him the ability to interact with people on a social level and thus have children
    Because David is indistinguishable from a fully functioning person there is terrible irony in the fact that Adam has difficulty with his relationship with David which results in David being the dominant personality.

  26. Val

    Since Castle no longer cared about Joy, he obviously had no idea about the sperm. That tells me dark haired Adam is human. That was his surprise.

  27. Jeff W.

    Has anyone thought that this is an experiment where there are: Castle(Human); Joy(Human); Adam(Robot); David(Robot) AND Adam(Human; David(Human)?

    Joy comes back to the lab each day, and doesn’t stay continuously. Meanwhile, the human scientists are testing and competing with their robotic copies. Sometimes its the human and robot in the room; sometimes both robots; sometimes; both humans. You be the judge when those switcheroos occur.

    Only one of the human scientists will get the promotion to the NSA warehouse. So both are competing under Castle’s review.

    When Joy is impregnated by the David(Robot) from Adam(Human) using his own sperm, this is as a final, “F.U.” to the David(Human) scientist. David’s robot may have fooled Joy, but Adam will be the ultimate victor in this chess match with the baby. Thereby winning in the end.

    • obsessed with uncanny

      Well, Castle did say to David-human “I can’t believe you let THEM out
      of the workspace.”

      Could have been referring to David-robot and Joy or maybe the other robot followed but not far enough to have his wireless floating point connections severed…

      And David-robot also said “We’re not the only workspaces in the building.” So others were around…

  28. Todd

    Here to answer a few questions:

    A) Castle DEFINITELY knew about the sperm. He is seen at the end of the movie joking with somebody from NSA that a robotics expert couldn’t tell. And he emphasizes ‘EVERY way’ in a very lewd way before saying that he has video of it that he will share later smirking the whole time. This is a new development since NSA apparently hadn’t heard of it before, so it can be assumed that test subjects 1-3 were not inseminated

    B) There were no scenes with 2 robots and 2 humans in it. Somebody above misinterpreted a scene where David (human) is thinking and flashing back to when he lowered the robot’s ELO and did some maintenance on him including inserting a presumably synthetic blood up his nose

    C) It seems a lot of people missed what happened right before Castle got angry at David (human) for letting the robot leave the premises. Castle talks to the robot and the robot answers very robotly. Castle says it is the FIRST (implied only) robot to have attained EQ and David let it get separated from the network and somehow it appears to have irretreviably desynched or otherwise lost its ability to relate and mimic human emotion. THIS is presumably the damage that the magazine has caused by their reporter ‘stealing technology’ and the basis that he could sue and own their company if the magazine pursued their own complaints.

    D) At the end of the movie they also mention going to Phase III. Since somebody had made a comment on the effort that went into research into behavior and AI, I think that terminology might have been intentional. In Clinical (human study) Trials there are 4 phases that are referred to as Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV. Phase I is the transition from pre-clinical (laboratory testing) to testing initial exposure with live humans and is usually on a very small scale and is mostly aimed to make sure that what you’re testing is safe to test in a larger population as well as safety limits or parameters such as drug toxicity or in medical devices and prosthetics identifying potential adverse effects like allergic reactions to materials. Phase II is slightly larger population pool and Phase III is very large, sometimes globally distributed and Phase IV usually means post-marketing or after the product tested is already released to the public en masse.

    Now, for some questions of my own.

    1) for those that are familiar with chess, you can see the board in the first chess game that they are playing before the arrival of Joy that David (human) blocks a check with his queen and robot takes his queen not with his own queen which would have been mate, but with a rook forcing his king to the side and then mates him 2 (two) turns later. He prefaces this by mocking David (human). This struck me as odd in the beginning of the film, but at first I chalked it up to the type of stuff that happens in chess games in movies all the time such as the famous chess board goofs in Searching for Bobby Fischer. Later on in the movie that 2 turn delay in mating is repeated ending with a queen sac for a more dramatic finish that causes David (human) to later review the game and see that he could have been mated 2 turns earlier and comes to the conclusion that the robot is mocking him or trying to embarrass him. Significance? Any ideas?

    I think I had some more questions, but I think I’ll come back and post them tomorrow.

    • obsessed with uncanny

      I thought the same thing about the comment “in EVERY way” at first it seems to refer to the sex, but he could be referring to the fact that she fell in love with him, had sex with him, and became pregnant.

      The chess game has something to do with “cornering the king” who is Castle and escaping from the lab. And “capturing the queen” who is Joy. I almost got it but I forgot, and I’m late omg…gotta go.

      • Todd

        Well. Somebody pointed out, rightly that each player had a different primary objective in the social (chess) games they were playing.

        The human David changed his primary objective from the default one that Castle gave him (standard chess rules) to capturing the queen.

        Part of what prompted this was realizing that the AI had changed its primary objective.

        I am starting to think that the AI progressed to the point that it was trying to establish a higher ranking (both in ELO score and socially) over the human David. David caught on after Joy was introduced because he felt embarrassed but from the first scene it is established that the AI was ridiculing David and toying with him on the board pushing him around for an extra two moves.

  29. obsessed with uncanny

    Yes! David-human changed his primary objective in the chess game to capturing the queen, then he goes on to “awkwardly” capture her in real life by kissing her but earlier he said “Strategy is the means to the win which is the end.”

    So the whole kissing her and making them afraid of him was just his strategy to get the ai to run out of the comfort zone and sever his “wireless floating point connections”.

    He already lowered his elo but he needed to do more because they were no longer on the same page and he was losing the upper hand. Like you pointed out, he is damaged now – and David-human wins.

    But I’m not sure what he won. Did he want to escape or did he want to keep his robot friend?

  30. Louise

    Also the name of the movie – Uncanny – I think has meaning. Something familiar but strange. Which supports the idea that Adam is a robot with some human in him. Also I still think his name is important as a clue!

    • Todd

      Speaking of naming ALL of the names were chosen carefully.

      Joy: expert in games? Abandons school and R&D career for games. She is the perfect foil for the other two main cast members that are all work and no play make for very dull boys.

      Adam: Yes, first of his species. Or first to develop a soul. Depending on interpretation.

      Kessler: etymology: creator of a cooking pot or kettle. Possibly referring to the creation of a tin man as the AI robot is programmed to talk about the ‘robot’ (if I remember correctly ‘Adam’ is referred to as a tin man by the real Adam.

      Castle: Chess move that is used for security (for fun note how many times Castle says Security or Defense in his brief appearance talking to NSA and David) Also a maneuver that switches places with a powerfully mobile but less valued piece.

      David and Simon I am less sure on potential meanings for. Simon could be a reference to the Simon Says game in which Simon is the one calling the shots.

      If there is a sequel David could be a reference to David and Goliath if David overthrows Simon. Only support I have for that is he appears to be silently resentful of his boss at the end and Simon is oblivious or doesn’t care as he lies about Davids enthusiasm to serve his country.

      • obsessed with uncanny

        Yes, clever!

        I saw Joy as representing actual joy. Love, freedom, etc.

        The biblical Adam was created in God’s image. If David-human was really Adam-ai he could have been made in the image of David-human if there ever were such a person.

        And what about the dvd cover image? It’s a picture of David-human as a robot. Why use that image if he’s totally human?

  31. Todd

    Clearly his goal was not to get hit on the head with a metallic tibia that was earlier said to have strength comparable to titanium. I don’t think his goal was for the robot to escape the lab and trigger the emergency failsafes and alarms.

    I think the defining difference between the AI and Human David is whereas both of them are programmed to aspire to the top of the hierarchy one of them was often overcome by emotion despite his inability to express it well.

    The Robot would shout in a calculated way to intimidate, rebuke and manipulate whereas the Human would shout in emotional outbursts that made him look weaker and alienate the other human.

    When the AI saw him emotional he was programmed to give him space and tell him to cool down.

    The AI was doing precisely what it was programmed to do: mimic humans to the point that people wouldn’t be able to distinguish one from the other. After 8 years he gets to the 2nd or 3rd derivative of that objective where as he starts to understand human politics and social hierarchies and tries to climb to the top as he has interpreted humans to try to do. Every sentence and action he does in the movie either a) attempts to make the human look more like a robot than him or make himself look more human or b) establish himself as an alpha socially.

    The real Davids actions are split up between his duty as an employee and emotional reactions which he describes in one outburst that changing priorities is what makes one human.

    Davids miscalculated plan in unveiling the robot for what it was in front of Joy was that he thought that she was in love with David Kessler and that she would simply transfer her feelings for his avatar to him when she realized that he was the real David Kessler. His acting is quite good in that he looks both surprised and disappointed when she says that she could never love something such as him and that she doesn’t want to shake his hand when he introduces himself as David Kessler.

    • obsessed with uncanny

      No he probably did not want to get hit and he didn’t want to set off the alarms, he only wanted David-ai to run out the door because he knew that he would loose some of his capabilities when he severed his wireless connections.

      David-human needed him to lose those capabilities because like you said, the AI was becoming the alpha.

      And she was tied to the chair, I’m sure I saw zip ties, so she couldn’t shake his hand…

      Thanks for sharing your insights!

  32. Todd

    I don’t think David felt threatened by the AI. He had the ability to literally and metaphorically castrate him any time he wanted. He was completely indifferent to the verbal abuse, etc since he knew it was an illusion that was part of his job and his own making.

    I think the dramatic conflict for him was more between him and Joy. He started to care when the verbal abuse was in front of her. He started to care when his AI took credit for all his work to her. He had a genuine interest in her and cared about her opinion.

    In his game he was not playing against his AI. He was playing against her. She rejected his advances so he used his rook to capture the queen. Then he got frustrated when he wasn’t able to uncastle and she wasn’t able to see that everything she liked about Adam/David, his accomplishments his encouraging her to finish what she started was actually the real human David.

    Once he realized Adam was going too far and making him look bad in front of her he scholar mated him REAL fast and went on to the real game in less than a day. He was never feeling threatened by his creation. I don’t think he ever bought into the illusion that he was dealing with a real intelligent being. I think the behavior that the robot displayed is exactly the type of stuff David said about the robot during development and before testing with test subjects started.

    Otherwise the quotes where the robot talks about human David ELO score being novice level doesn’t make sense.

    All the quotes that the robot says to Joy during the interview I think it has heard human David say before. Like when taking about regrets about not living life outside (experiencing joy so top speak).

    I think this is driven home near the end when David tells her “there is no him. Only me. You don’t know him. What do you know about him?”

    Everything she says she knows about David I think it is all true about the real David. It’s just buried deep inside where nobody could normally see.

    The real human us the one that realizes her regrets and analyzes what would make her happy. He tells the robot which orchestrates a project to accomplish that goal. Then it is his hands that so the work of assembling her project. Through that process his behavior alienates her, but she falls in love with the intentions and the effort.

    Ultimately the dramatic conflict there is that she loves who he is but is repulsed by what she thinks he is.

  33. Sue

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of your comments. So thoughtful and intriguing.

    Adam-human was revealed to me while he was working on the eye. He showed a familiar frustration when the lense wouldn’t lie flat. I wear daily-disposable contact lenses, very thin. Sometimes they’ll fold over, ripple or have an air bubble underneath. His reaction was so familiar to me. I’ve seen it in my mirror a few times. Most likely AI wasn’t programmed for these types of random reactions.

    I wondered about their conversation of proteins being easily digested. Then dinner was sushi.

    Regarding the bathroom I think Joy overreacted. My office has a one stall private bathroom. Sometimes the door is pulled to when empty. It’s normal to rattle the doorknob or a push on the door to test if it’s locked or not. If it’s occupied a voice will usually say so. Adam’s kiss was forced too, even from his POV. However, both of these events set up the romantic rescue that’s needed. It satisfies the needs of the AI program tests and of Adam & David to procreate. (They are almost like brothers.)

    I’m going to watch Uncanny a couple more times. I love finding a movie that leaves me deep in thought afterwards. Most satisfying.

  34. Thomas

    Adam(The real David(human)), is HUMAN. David(programmed to believe he is the creator), is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE…*ROBOT*
    Nothing else makes any sense. I didn’t care for the movie much at all, Until the END. Genius

    • phatmanXXL

      My only complaint was the constant camera flares intending to be artsy. It got really annoying. Besides that I really enjoyed the movie.

  35. Grace

    Okay. Here’s my theory. Adam may not b the creator but I do think he’s a human. here’s my reasons: he wasn’t “peeping” on her in the bathroom he actually had to use it, second, he lost his temper. Notice how David keeps his cool the entire time? even when he yells at Adam it’s still with a cool temper. Also him loosing at chess. David’s a robot and can calculate his moves more carefully than a flawed human can. Furthermore the pregnancy. The whole porn montage and him making a penis? Pretty sure Adam stored his sperm in there to make the robot’s performance more realistic. So why would Adam be acting so strange then? My theory is he may be Autistic. That would explain him not wanting to leave the warehouse because he’s so absorbed in his work. He’s probably antisocial so he doesn’t feel a need to leave, hence him talking about why he likes it there. They work at their own pace and have everything thing they need at their finger tips, so why leave?
    that’s my theory at least.

  36. Competitor

    “We see that competitiveness that warred between Adam and David…”

    This is like saying “we see that fighting that fought between Adam and David….”

    “Competitiveness” is not an acting agent, it’s an attribute an agent. Adam and David may compete with each other. But their competitiveness does not compete. Running does not run. Batter-mixing does not mix batter. THings done are not the doers.

  37. Will

    I came across this movie with no expectations last night and truly enjoyed it. I also love reading these comments because, like most of you, I had a ton of questions. I still have a few after reading some of your comments. (See below)

    1) Why was David-Human so shocked to see that Adam-AI was afraid of him? What was that sequence all about? Did he not know that fear was programmed into his AI?

    2) Has Adam-AI had sexual intercourse before (Subject 4) ? With whom? Were Adam-AI and David-Human involved with each other? Why did David-Human create a fake penis for Adam-AI, if Adam-AI had already had sexual intercourse with 3 subjects before?

    3) What is this whole theory on David-Human trying to escape in one way or another? David-Human knew he had cameras on him the whole time (scene after he spilled oil and looks up at camera with Castle sitting in the seat), wasn’t he smart enough to escape whenever he wanted?

    • Hugo

      He created a new version of the penis which can hold sperm. The part of the movie where he looked at porn was when he collected his sperm to store in the new penis.

  38. Dalton

    David was human. He was not an AI. That’s not really open to interpretation, it’s made very clear by many things in the movie. If you go back and rewatch all his interactions it’s very clear that he’s interested in Adam’s progress and reactions and him starting to show emerging behavior or the ability to feel human emotions. He also tried to use the bathroom, showed sexual interest in Joy and many other human characteristics. Avoiding eye contact, trembling etc. Another thing is that when he gets really angry and yells at the end spit flies out of his mouth, and you can clearly see that Joy had her back turned while the spit flew out, so she didnt react to the spit because she didn’t see it. He then gathers himself and awkwardly tries to act like a robot again to smooth things over. But then he realizes that Adam is AFRAID of him. David is SHOCKED at this and actually SMILES. Why? He is so happy that his creation, which he finds beautiful, has developed real human emotion. He’s not angry at all. The only reason he tackles Adam is because they start to run away and he needs to prevent that from happening, because it is after all, his job.

    Another interesting thing is the whole “secrets” thing. Adam condescendingly tells David he “obviously doesn’t understand secrets” to which David replies that he does. Then when Adam asks David why he’d need to use the bathroom with no asshole, David tells Adam that “it’s a secret”. The secret being that David is human and Adam is machine.

    There ARE a few things that I didn’t quite understand, though.
    1.) Why is it such an important goal for him to inseminate Joy? How does that equate “capturing the queen”? Did he use his own sperm or was it lab created?
    I wish the movie didn’t leave it so open ended. It’s likely that we’ll never get an answer to that, which is really unfortunate since it was such a great movie.

    2.) Is Adam more like a human than he believed was possible at the time? Because he does invite her over for dinner, which means Joy would have had to see him eat. Yet earlier in the movie Adam explains how they havent yet created the ability for them to process food or go to the bathroom, etc. Also Adam would have to do normal human functions in order for him to believe himself human. Unless he was just programmed to have those memories/believe he did on a normal basis somehow. Small point, not really important to the overall story, but still perplexing.

    I think we’re meant to believe that David spent most of those (8 or 10?) years developing or perfecting Adam and Adam was only recently programmed with the memories he believed were true, right before phase 3 of the testing happened. I dunno. There are a lot of points that I really hope get cleared up at some time in the future, great movie overall. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

  39. Derrick

    I did exactly what you said in your very thought-provoking and often funny review/synopsis: I googled to find out what the hell happened in Uncanny. And yours was the first site I found. I’m glad I did! It seems like a great site, (and well designed!) and I can’t wait to come back to view what else is on here. Your theory about both being AIs was another possible twist I never thought of. I saw a lot of similarities to ex machina. But I liked this one better. Personally, I thought it was pretty exciting. And I have to admit, there were more than a few things I didn’t see coming! I also have to add how refreshing it is (referring now back to your site) to read posts that offer different viewpoints and ideas without all the negativity found elsewhere on the the internet. I didn’t run across any haters while reading the comments here and for that I’m relieved and grateful! Thanks again!

  40. Adina

    Maybe the penile implant contained sperm, it showed a tube with a bag attached to it. If Adam is human, then he could have placed his sperm inside that bag.

  41. Adina

    Or, if both were robots, the sperm could have come from the other guy overlooking everything (from the show The Office). Perhaps she was not pregnant. It’s a possibility because they did not show the test results.

  42. Alicia

    I believe the plot of Uncanny is driven by the universal biological imperative of reproduction. Let me explain. The character introduced as Adam, is a brilliant but autistic human individual. He sadly is incapable of living unassisted in the real world. His present situation in Warehouse 18 allows him to use, and for his boss to exploit, the superior parts of his brain.

    The story asked the question: Who is more normal, the autistic human or the robot (introduced as David) who is programmed to believe HE is the normal human?

    Autistic Adam knows his shortcomings and creates robot David without these shortcomings to the best of his ability. This was a sad and touching realization for me; especially given the harsh boss (Rainn) that provides him with his material needs.

    So where does the reproductive imperative come in? Autistic Adam sees his chance when Joy comes into the picture. He tries to romance her so awkwardly that he quickly sees his disabilities will never allow them to be lovers. He can satisfy both his bosses directive to prove robot David’s human perfection, and his own desire to procreate, by implanting his seed in David’s new robo-member. I don’t think Joy has figured this out yet, when she gets the obviously positive result on the pregnancy test during the surprise ending scene.

    I loved this film, but it left me feeling melancholy as many good sci-fi stories do. The acting was wonderful accept for Rainn. my rating A-

    • Alicia

      Sorry about two spelling errors:
      “bosses” should be “boss’ ”
      “accept” should be “except”

    • The Big Boss

      First intelligent comment I’ve read! I love your take on the movie and agree completely.
      Yeah, I think Joy was like WTF impregnated by a robot?! But I think she’d catch on when she remembers how creepy AF Adam (human David) was.

  43. Serena

    I don’t agree with your synopsis at all because it simply just doesn’t make sense. Adam was David. That was very obvious, so obvious that he introduced himself as David to Joy at the end and that Castle was calling him David. I don’t know why you didn’t put that in your explanation because it’s the main piece of this all. And the name of the movie itself- Uncanny. She had no idea that Adam was a human and David was not. Not to put your article down, I just completely disagree. It’s a lot more straightforward than you seem to think, at least, in my eyes.
    Also, why on Earth would someone find this movie boring? I guess everyone’s different…. Haha.

  44. Someone normal

    The movies did its job! Made everyone think and people here made some wild comment, including rape?!? And I must say the 2 (or 3 or 4) robots theory is pretty wild. Lol It seems that most of you think she is pregnant, even though it was never shown whether the test was positive or not (at least not on the Netflix version I saw). But let’s suppose it was positive, which I belive to be the most likely outcome, based on her reaction. Who’s sperm was it, if 2 robots (or 3 or 4)? Castle?!? There is something called DNA nowadays and why would he risk or want getting a girl pregnant (someone suggested that above)?!? And how did a robot and a human or 2 robots conceive? It’s pretty obvious to me what the writer was going for. He or she was going for a twist at the end, where the human was not really the human. And not really at the end only… there were clues throughout the movie. As far as David, the real David, not needing a vacation goes, of course not. Why would Castle let him take time off?!? David is obviously obsessed with Joy and it would be pretty dumb if Castle let David go on vacation and jeopardize everything for which they have all worked so hard, well David really…

    Bottom line, dude with glasses, who does not bleed when stabbed multiple times and who has hardware in his body, is obviously the robot – Adam. And dude with the slight beard (robots don’t grow beards, just like dude with glasses did not the entire movie), is the human – David, who btw says “there is only me” in the movie. Did you people watch the same movie?!? I must’ve got a different version of the movie or something! lol Take care all!

    PS: Some of you have very creative minds and you should probably write your own movies or something….

    Great movie!!! And pretty straight forward. Let the hate mail / replies begin… ;)

    • Mark

      Some of your comment appeared to have some relation to mine. I didn’t come up with the rape angle, but as the person who did explained it, I could see how he rationalized that way. Also, if it was his sperm, and he intentionally put it in the robot, and/or he intentionally had the robot’s directive to have sex with her, then it most likely could be considered rape.

      I saw the movie as a means to escape. I think David-Human intended to get Joy pregnant to get her to ask questions about what was going on in the facility. And for her to go public with it. David-Human didn’t seem to know how to ask for time off, and he was tired of living his life for Castle.

      You and other’s mentioned David-Human was obsessed with Joy. I only saw his obsession as his plan to escape. Did you mean obsession in the sense that he liked her? I mean I could see that a little in the movie, but only because he is human and it’s probably the first woman he’s seen in a long time. I didn’t see this as a love story where he falls for her. I don’t think he wanted to get the girl, I think he wanted to get free.

      Also, you and a few others mentioned that robots don’t grow beards. The entire movie is about convincing people the robot is human. Robots don’t need to eat human food, but they designed it to do that for authenticity. So a robot growing a beard would be the same thing. And the other one not having a beard, perhaps he shaved every morning.

      I agree there’s not a lot of evidence (if any) of the multiple robot angle. It seems most likely that the non bearded one was the only robot.

  45. Harry

    Well,why everybody omits:
    – that finally a new David appears,while Adam is nostalgic?
    – that the winner,apparently Adam,finally doesn’t seem to have a downgraded intellect?

  46. Tanya

    I have a different theory. I think this film is far more complex. Within the first few minutes of the film I was thinking they were playing it like David was the AI, the way he talked about everything in computing terms and having Adam displaying emotions. Having read a few comments, not all so not sure if anyone else thinks this as a possibility.

    No one is a robot, they are all real people. There are a number of reasons I think this.
    They are still working on the machine parts. They talk about issues with the stomach and eyes not as yet working like they want. The hand they were working on so intensely they didn’t say hi to Joy, working it’s way off the table really got me thinking. Firstly why or how did it work it’s way off the table? Lay your hand palm up and try to move it along a surface, no matter how much you wiggle your fingers it will not move, so how did the hand move?
    Impossible illusions, are really just slight of hand.
    From everything we see of the warehouse, they are not ready to build fully working AI machines.

    When Adam puts the camera inside David, we see organic organs and blood, he even puts an IV tube in his veins. But pulls out a piece of hardware. I think it is a mind controlling device, that is used to make people into AI machines, in that they can be controlled like sleeping spies, unaware they are being used.
    The project is for the NSA.

    All the characters show emotions, yet it is explained this is unlikely for an AI, impossible again and explained like a gift of evolution. When David gets angry, Adam starts playing around with code on his laptop, and Adam instantly calms down and walks away.
    When David is running down the stairs he seems to be in pain and talks of a noise and a scratching before passing out. If he was just a machine, why the drama, why not simply power down.

    It seems the real test is how well a controlled person would act and be believed and being able to improve or decrease their intelligence. David believed Adam was an AI he created, and believed he was David with his history and knowledge. I think the learning how to make sushi was his only real memory. The real David probably wouldn’t have spent so much time hanging around a college friend to the point he could learn how to prepare sushi just by watching, that would take time away from graduating so early and then working at the warehouse.

    While in Castle’s office is the final test . The fact David is no longer wearing glasses, either is because he never needed glasses and it was a way to test how much control they had on him, or they finally perfected the eyes and he had been fitted with the spy eyes. But also he had been standing there the whole time they were talking about Joy and didn’t react, he was in service mode.

    The one thing that niggled me was Joy. How come she never asked for evidence that Adam was an AI? She claimed to love computer science, yet was rude with Adam and didn’t really spend much time with him. We find out she doesn’t work for money but because she has a keen interest in the field, deeply regrets dropping out of her studies, making her rudeness and lack of interest in AI Adam questionable. The only way I can explain this is she intuitively sees through the illusion, that Adam is fake and not to be trusted, and David is really a nice guy.

    Though it really bugs me that Joy just accepted when told ‘that person is an AI’, never once needed evidence or being curious of it’s mechanics. On what planet would a computer whizz and journalist for a technology magazine not check they weren’t just having a laugh with her. 7 days and not once did she ask to see evidence, or test Adam to see his abilities.

    I don’t think Adam was jealous. Again I think it was all part of how much control they had. I think Adam encouraged the relationship as part of the test. When Adam is asking questions about Joy with Castle, and Castle talks with his contact at NSA mentioning having the sex tapes, and his lack of interest in the wellbeing of Joy in front of David, its to watch for any emotions from David, and he shows none.

    That the story isn’t about AI that is learning to come across as a human, but the other way round, turning real boys into puppets.

    • Taylor Holmes

      I thought of this as well. Adore this idea in that it is a double headfake juke that out maneuvers everyone, including the audience! haha. Actually, no, neither of us are robots. So there! Well played Tanya. You should swing by some of the other crazy discussions we are having here – like Memento, Prestige, and step into the fray! I’m sure you’d think of things that none of us have come up with!

      Thanks for the post Tanya. Love it when people go full tilt out here.

      • Tanya

        Yeah it makes me love this movie even more. Not only was Joy fooled into believing that David and Adam was really the AI, but also the audience. Everyone has their theories to what this movie is about.
        The Joy character really bugs me. She is suppose to have an advanced understanding of technology yet never requests any evidence, never asks to see the robot’s abilities or technology, she just takes David’s word for it that Adam is the AI that she is to write about, but only really interviews David, she is pretty rude to Adam while she believes that he is an advanced piece of AI, she doesn’t like being around him. Name one technology geek that wouldn’t go mental and being introduced to a piece of AI, wouldn’t want to spend most of their time with the AI, not try and bed the person that created it, that’s pretty unprofessional.
        We see the real David playing around with code. What if he is playing them both like his puppets. That the test isn’t to see if they could pass a test to see if they had created AI, in how believable they are as real people. But in how much they could control who they believed themselves to be, control their minds, and the week was to observe them.

        Either this movie is really sloppy, or it has more depth to it. I’ve worked in the art department, know how movies dress the sets, so why are we given a tour through Joy’s home showing only basic kitchen technology. We are told she is a journalist for a cutting edge technology mag, that she is also highly educated in technology, we watch her build her student project and make it work. We are informed she is the creator of a hugely successful computer game.
        Yet her home doesn’t show any signs of technology, she doesn’t even have a computer to write up her report, she uses pen and a pad to make notes, no cameras or recording devices.

        It could be that they have also messed with her mind and memories. Maybe when he knocked her out he also fitted her with the device. Made her forget she was really a technology geek, maybe that is why she looks so surprised at the pregnancy test, maybe she has been made to forget, and is being programmed to believe she is someone else. Or she was never a technology geek and like David fitted with a device that controls what they think, memories and how they act. They could have been playing both David and Joy and it’s the audience that also just accepting what is being told, without really seeing the evidence to back it up, if anything we are shown that all the characters have emotions, something David says to AI Adam about the ability to display emotion being like a miracle, yet he shows emotions towards Joy, he gets scared and defends her, not with his robot strength, but like a person. They also make a point of showing us that the technology robot bits are all still works in progress, they are still problem solving. So what evidence is there to show that anyone is an AI? We are just taking their word for it.
        Yet pretty sure even non technology geeks wouldn’t just believe someone was a robot AI and not a real person, just because they said so, even if they were covered in silver paint and made beep boop noises haha

        If you think about when the real David reveals he is not an AI he is the real person, she shouldn’t be surprised by that. How many days did she believe Adam was an AI? How could she not realise he was a real person? Why did she believe he was a machine?

        I love movies that get you thinking, have to watch a few times as it has so many possible theories.

      • Pj

        I agree with the two robot theory. Castle has been using the intellectual power of AI to create realistic robots which go beyond human capability. The ending was the most incredible advancement because I suspect the reason castle was able to create such realistic AIs was that he incorporated the DNA with machine. He has been working on how to reproduce these hybrids of human/machine. I suspect Joy was one of many test subjects. The semen was a combination of human DNA and self replicating technology. Nano stem cell, if you will. Now Castle and the gov were ready to proceed to the next level. Love his name which is symbolic of the way govt operates within its ‘castle’ and will continue to rule the ppl it governs without their knowledge….hence the mention of the NSA which has ignored the constitution and has been been spying on citizens. But that’s another discussion.

  47. Tanya

    Have to mention that the rape theories are insane to anyone that thinks you can get a girl, if you get her pregnant. Most people really hate rapists, so if anything it’s the worst way to try and win the affections of a girl. Plus she could have an abortion. I’m surprised so many came up with the theory the real David would have any interest in being a father to a bunch of kids where he had raped their mothers, doesn’t sound like an idea family, thanksgiving would be awkward to say the least.
    A simple DNA test would prove who the father was.
    If anything the real David doesn’t show any affections or interest in Joy, he is obsessed with his work. He doesn’t flinch or display any signs of jealously when Castle talks about having the sex tapes and sharing them with his buddies.

    Whereas the other David shows affection and concern for Joy’s wellbeing and happiness during the course of the 7 day interview. He is pretty confidence on his date that implies that is not his first time. He shows no signs of being awkward, or overly excited at his first time.

    Real David lies about the surprise for Joy by getting her to believe that her boyfriend that she claims she is in-love with, is an AI. This would make her back off, if she for a moment thought he was real and just being manipulated she would try to rescue him. That is why she looks so shocked while looking at the pregnancy test, he got her pregnant because he is real.

    Though something that is also odd is her home doesn’t look like it belongs to someone with a deep passion in computers. There is no technology in her home.

  48. VWH

    Everything fits perfectly into place if we recognize that:

    a) Alan is actually the human who created the AI;
    b) David is actually an AI who 1) is programmed to believe that he is the human and 2) is programmed to believe that the actual human is his AI creation;

    Alan is a socially awkward human who exhibits throughout the movie, from beginning to end, a wide range of emotional states and human foibles. Meanwhile, David is emotionally and socially appropriate throughout most of the movie, with the few exceptions toward the end of the movie where he begins to exhibit more human-like emotional states. Alan is far more characteristically human throughout the move than is David, and so I vote on the side of Alan is human and David is AI who thinks he is human and that Alan is his AI creation.

    BTW, there is technology in Joy’s home…in the scene where she puts the robotic eye into her desk drawer, she is first typing at a computer.

  49. Tanya

    Because the uncanny is familiar, yet incongruous, it has been seen as creating cognitive dissonance within the experiencing subject, due to the paradoxical nature of being simultaneously attracted to yet repulsed by an object. This cognitive dissonance often leads to an outright rejection of the object, as one would rather reject than rationalize, as in the uncanny valley effect.

    I’m curious why so many people believe David is the AI, and that is what this film is about. I have watched it a few times now and there is no evidence that anyone is made of machinery.

    Why would David show fear when Adam shouted at him? Why would he try to protect Joy from Adam, if his primary function is to work on the most amazing AI in the world, then his primary function would be more protective of Adam, than some girl he just met. Why does he run away? You can’t have an emotional robot, yet David falls so in love with Joy that when in a situations between his AI and Joy, he takes Joy’s side, not in a way to teach his AI about social skills, but physically gets into a fight and tries to escape with Joy. Where is he running to? If he is really the AI why is he reacting like that? AI is designed to gather intelligence and learn, so what are his reactions based on, where has he learnt to fall in love? Why would he develop fear for Adam, what is that learning from.

    So ok this is my theory. The Uncanny element is that we are only believing anyone is an AI because we are told, we are tricked into believing without evidence. Worse we are tricked into believing someone is an AI even though all the evidence says that is impossible. In the opening scene, we see Castle with framed picture with the word ‘Impossible’ above his head.
    We are told the skin will be ready in some future date to start to be used on prothetic limbs.

    When Adam pulls out the gadget box from inside David, why are we not seeing robot parts, why are we seeing organic body? That stomas Adam brought into the room, was nowhere to be seen in Davids body, we had the camera’s view of inside Davids body, where is the evidence he is made from all the various robot machinery? Adam only removes a small box.
    All through the movie we are told they are still finding bugs, haven’t got parts right yet.

    What evidence are we basing that anyone is made of robotics with and AI brain, and not an organic emotional person?

    I’ve changed my theory about Joy. There is evidence she works for the technology magazine and her back story is as when she enters the movie. Why would Castle make a point of informing Adam that they have blocked the story, and have the power to shut the magazine down anyway. I don’t think Adam is romantically attracted to Joy. There is another possibility.
    There are no cameras in the stairwell. Both David and Joy are unconscious. We have no idea how long for, all we see is Adam have them both in his lab. He shows how quickly he can locate and remove the gadget box. I think while in the stairwell he put one of these gadgets in Joy, Castle displays a complete lack of interest in her. Adam showed he could control David, but he loses control when the person gets heightened emotions, such as fear and love.

    That end extra scene where they give us a tour of Joy’s home, there is no technology apart from kitchen basics. I think Adam has her plugged into his computer, secretly from Castle.

    The AI v Human, is based on that some people seem to lack emotions, can act like machines in following orders, displaying a lack of empathy for their victims. In a sense Adam don’t care that David is going to be spending 8 years in labs being tested on, he doesn’t care that David and Joy fell in love, in fact I think that is why the movie shows us Joy’s home, that is how they blocked the story, they made her forget, that could also explain her surprise at the pregnancy test, she can’t remember having sex to get pregnant.
    I do struggle with how Joy believed Adam was an AI without realising he was a real person. Pretty sure a human being would fail the Turning test, being that they are not evidence of some inventor of AI development. David laughs in her fact that even her this expert in this field was tricked into believing Adam was a real person, when in fact he was an AI, and she spends a few days gathering information for her report. When in fact haha even Joy was fooling into believing a human was pretending to be the AI. Adam even laughs at her for believing that David was a real person when in fact he is the AI, and again she just accepts this information, twice fooled into not having a clue if someone is an AI or an organic person?

    To judge someone of if they are an AI or human, based on if they display emotions. Seems somewhat flawed. If Adam hadn’t of revealed that in fact he was a real person, and she was been reporting a fake story about him being AI. If Adam hadn’t shown himself to be really a human and not an AI, would she had reported on a story talking about how incredible lifelike Adam is for an AI? Wouldn’t that end her career, like making a claim she had met an alien that was amazingly like us humans, even managed to figure an america accent? But was from whatever story the alien told her.

    This is what gets it for me. David is standing there listening to the conversation between Adam and Castle, and Castle to his work buddy. David has gone from believing he is a great technology inventor to being informed he is going to be sent to some lab for 8 years. That his sex tape is going to be passed around. Apart from a slightly worried look at Adam, he doesn’t display any emotions. He’s ready to follow orders. He’s accepted he is not really David the creator of a very lifelike AI, does he now believe he is an AI?
    Is he being made to believe whatever he is told to believe. Adam makes the comment while looking at David, thats years of work packaged in two weeks.
    Maybe the interview wasn’t to test if Joy could recognise the difference between a real person or an AI and report the story. At the end in Castle’s office, we know that wasn’t the reason to bring Joy in. I think it is to test the bugs in the device they have put in David, how much they can control him in various situations.
    They have made him their slave, their puppet to believe whatever they want him to believe and act accordingly.

    I think they are building spies, using real people and using the spy eye can spy without the person even realising that is what they are doing. A robot spy would be fairly easy to find, metal detectors being one of the issues. Using real people with what looks like a pacemaker into puppets could be the uncanny element.
    To have that little respect for someone that they just fit people with gadgets that make them slaves, shows a total lack of empathy or humanity. It is a strange idea, unsettling that people are not being real, that what they see is being recorded and shared.

    When Adam has David on the table, and Joy in the chair. He shows her the willy he was just working on, if he really wanted to prove that David was really the AI and not a real person, why not show his willy to be fake. That fake willy doesn’t really look anything like a real willy, so how is that evidence. I can’t find any evidence that backs up and anyone of them is made of machinery, but loads that suggests they are real people being made into puppets.

  50. Kathi

    Hey everyone, luv this 4um.

    Adam & Castle r human. Castle Doesn’t c everything bkuz Adam outsmarts him. Castle is so smug thinking he knows all & cs all. Haha! In ur face Castle!

    Adam made a David & another Adam. (The scene where Adam is being interviewed by Castle, but, “Adam” is checking smthing on his tablet at the facility.) Castle thinks there r only 2 entities at the facility, but really 3. Human Adam, & 2 AIs. Hahaha! In ur face Castle! In ur face!

    The “Joy” who leaves the facility is an AI. She is pregnant bkuz Adam Implanted an AI in her artificial womb. (Did u c that little balloon-like thing in her lap, when AI Adam was dismembering AI David? well when he was done w/ that horrendous job – horrendous 4 human Joy that is – he put that little addition in the AI Joy, which he had been working on, outside of Castle’s & our eyesight.) Then he sends her on her way n2 our world. Whoa!

    Now we r in 4 it! An AI puppet master, plus access 2 unlimited funds. Do u hear that sound? That’s me, rubbing my hand’s in glee. Oh the possibilities. This cd b sm series! Wonder if they need a writer? {Wink.}

  51. Patrick

    I didn’t get through all the comments but from what I read I think this is really being missed out:

    Human David tackles AI David and damages his wi-fi thing with that drill. That allowed AI David to escape with the true intention of Human David wanting to escape (but he is hit on the head by Joy). Castle does not let Human David leave, he tells the Director of NSA that Human David does not need time off, he will go straight to work for 8 years on the new project. Human David just wants to escape and experience love as he showed the whole movie.

  52. Michael

    Well. Just finished watching for the first time and wanted to verify my own conclusions. It was obvious from early on that the robot was the one wearing glasses. The ‘real’ David seems to be very socially awkward, possibly from some anxiety or a socialization problem but he’s human. Joy even knocks him out so to keep him from drilling into the robot’s head, something that would seem unlikely to disable an actual robot. He begins to live thru the robot to some extent but finds that is insufficient and tries to get the same rapport with Joy that his AI has attained but he lacks the machine learning capacity and has other psychological issues I think.

    Joy is human and pregnant with the real David’s child. The one who reveals himself to be the real David near the end is human. The only android is the one with the glasses. Castle is intent on capitalizing on David’s hard work on AI (now moving into the Defense arena apparently) but he is also human. I think he’s just taking advantage of David’s severe reclusiveness and probably encourages it.

    Lots of great posts that I enjoyed reading but my initial take is unchanged.

  53. Nilknarf

    One robot. Human guy put his sperm in the robot dick he made in order to get her pregnant. He’s looking at her picture all creepy because he’s hoping she will get pregnant with his sperm, the perverted bastard. Everything was staged except the sperm part, that he did without anyone’s knowledge.

  54. Aristotle

    This was a wonderful movie worthy of this blog and this community. Sadly, early on I was scream-thinking to the screen that I hope it turns out that David was the AI… so I kinda spoiled myself right there.b I want to watch it again and figure out the nuances of he Adam-David interactions when they were alone. I rarely want to watch these kinds of movies again, but I commend Mark Webber (as David Kressen) for portraying a robot pretending to be human. At the very beginning of the movie, I thought Adam was too obviously robotic who wouldn’t pass the Turing Test. But, then, I noticed that David too was had a speech pattern and had very precise use of language. Kudos to the writer and director for portraying the two personas very similarly.

    I want to know what the real David meant when he answered, “Nothing.” to Castle’s question of “What are you looking at?” and looked directly into the camera.

  55. Patrícia Xará

    Just watched this movie and it was surprising. But the movie was building to the plot twist. When Joy hit Adam’s head so David could run, I thought he shouldn’t be knocked that easily if he was a robot. Then, when Adam starts opening David, it was obvious David was a robot. When you see the interior of David, that aren’t organs and blood, that are the robot parts. Animal’s insides don’t look like that. And Adam’s hand is covered in oil, not in blood, when he takes out the part he’s looking for.
    So David is definitely a robot. Didn’t thought about Adam being a robot, and re-watching his scenes, I still think he’s a human. We buy into the story, but knowing the truth, is obvious a robot wouldn’t speak like a child that is learning about human interaction. Unlike David, Adam really feels awkward near Joy.
    Joy has a house (different environment) and she was talking to someone on the phone, so I think she’s human. But I won’t even try to explain her pregnancy.

    Just one more little thing: did you notice the t-shirt David always uses when he goes to bed reads “Property of MIT”?

  56. Dr Panopticon

    Yep, so just finished watching it. Figured what the twist was very early on, so proceeded to gather supporting evidence, shot-by-shot, scene by scene.
    The blonde David with glasses is the only robot. The sperm was Adam’s. The “nothing” that he’s looking at in the faux finale is his appraisal of what’s become of Joy, but it’s also a sinister lie for Castle’s benefit. Firstly, she has been superceded, out-evolved, make powerless by Castle’s financial threats toward her employer, so silencing her, and now she is reduced to a vessel for material reproduction….let’s not beat around the fake plastic trees here, she has been impregnated willingly, but unwittingly, not via her rapist, but via an insinuated lover, just as surely as if Adam used a syringe. Secondly, it’s telling that Castle complains softly about Adam’s bold recklessness in allowing their creation to escape the confines of the lab. That’s not ALL Adam has let out. Imagine the hell that might break out if and when Castle learns of this even worse indiscretion! This is why Adam is so dangerous, and why the film is so brilliant: this ultimate Turing test is his guiding fascination, and his portrayal as something of an Autist is bang on. What better person to create a non-human that can fool a real human, than one who knows what it is to be treated as someone with something missing. He is, of course, the uncanny one who proves most canny.

  57. Pablo

    Hola, acabo de ver la película, mi hipótesis es la siguiente:
    Adam es el creador de David, llena con su esperma el artilugio que sirve de pene a David ( esa era la sorpresa de la que le habló a Joy) , y de ahí que ella quedara embarazada.

    Un saludo

    • Taylor Holmes

      Definitely could be Pablo. That would have been a long gestation time for David, but if the mother is someone we don’t know… then that would make sense. Pretty intriguing idea. Thanks for commenting.

  58. Gail

    I love Joy’s expression after finding out she is pregnant… the only reason for the writer and director to include her look of surprise is if she is a robot too. Would that not be the ultimate twist to all the turns everyone who loves this film has observed.

  59. Sandra Roberts

    If you see Dhani’s comments the whole movie makes sense. Adam is not a robot. He is the real socially awkward David and injected his own sperm into the implant he put in blonde ‘David’. That is why Joy is now pregnant. Look up Dhani’s November 14th, 2015 explanation. It’s totally correct and explains all the confusing parts dead on. Thanks Dhani!

  60. Tanya

    What I kept wondering through the movie is surely anyone would question the robotics techn when told this human looking being is a machine. Joy never sees the machine. She is told that is a robot and she accepts it without question. We are told it’s a movie about AI but where is the evidence any of them are machines?
    The stories twist is who is the creator and who is the machine, we are told, Joy is told and yet no evidence, just accepting what is told.

    There is a scene after the first day of interviewing Joy is on the phone. We only hear her side of the conversation. Yet her phone shows no display when she ends the call. It’s black screen shows the mobile isn’t on.
    If she never submitted her PhD then it wouldn’t be on any system, yet she doesn’t really question that. The only way anyone could of read it is if they had access to her computer. Why wouldn’t she question that and just accept Castle had access?

    That game that Joy created at apparently earnt her so much wealth to retire is rubbish.

    None of the items we see in the lab are up to realistic human quality standards. They look robotic.

    The twist that David is the real AI and Adam is the creator seems obvious. We only ever see Adam working.
    What again seemed odd was how quickly Joy accepted David was the AI when Adam told her. She had been convinced he was a biological person up until told otherwise. Never seeing any robotics on either of them.

    When Adam has David on the table we see an internal camera showing biology. All he pulls out is a box. Putting a box inside a person doesn’t make them AI. The camera shows the insides on a screen, so why does she accept she was fooled and David is AI.
    David quickly switches from believing he is the creator to believing he is the AI. Yet we have seen that he has biology rather than mechanical insides.

  61. Amber J Unthank

    So about halfway through the movie I started wondering who the real robot was due to the status of the freshly shaven faces vs five-o-clock shadow. Why would a robot have a beard? A robot expert should have known better. That little hint seemed intentionally placed in the movie to give the audience a clue. A scientist making a robot would not have made so much hair on purpose. That is my take on figuring out that Adam was real person and David was the AI. Also David was the one who showed true emotion and never seemed robotic. The girl was kinda dumb. She probably flunked out of school and that is why she never finished. I liked the movie but the girl should of been smarter. She didn’t seem as smart for a person that was almost a doctor of robotics.

  62. Kam

    I maybe wrong but I always thought Adam was human. I took it that he was the one that went MIT and was recruited by Castle. To me that explains his social awkwardness By the fact that he has never left that room in 10 years and I think also he did the social awkwardness on purpose to throw Joy off. Due to his personality trait, he would not say no to moving on to NSA like Castle wanted; it’s also what he is used it. I feel like Joy’s baby belongs to Adam, why would he not use his sperm?


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