King Kong and Godzilla Visit Flat Iron Building

I have just discovered a new photograph of the King Kong and Godzilla Visit Flat Iron Building. It’s funny how completely ignorant the planet is on the historical chaos the world has gone through. We sort of seem to think that the past is the past, and the struggles of the 1900’s are relegated to the basement historical files. I am a little embarrassed though because there is so much that we should all take away, and learn from disasters of the past, and that will help us learn, and prevent them in the future.

And today I am bringing you an archival print that I have uncovered after years of searching, and hunting for evidence of previous encounters with these horrifying “natural” disasters. I’ve learned that Godzilla and King Kong rumbled in downtown New York at the construction site for the half built Flat Iron Building at 175 5th Ave in downtown New York. It is said that they were confronted by a brigade of Fire Wagons that sprayed water at them both – and having finished their destruction for the day, they disappeared out into the sea.

King Kong and Godzilla Visit Flat Iron Building – If you’d like to own this print of this newly discovered historical moment, you can snag a print of this encounter over at Society6. And hey, if the Flat Iron Building isn’t your thing – no sweat. I’ve got you.

And you thought Godzilla and King Kong were just a figment of our collective imaginations. No. They’ve been lurking the earth for hundreds and hundreds of years. And as exampled by the photographs above, they’ve roamed from Poughkeepsie, to Atlantic City, to New Orleans, to Washington D.C., to San Francisco and on and on their battles have raged. And if you’d like to peruse the gallery of these under appreciated historical encounters, you can find them right here.

Edited by: CY