New Spring Cleaning Godzilla Art Prints

Look. It’s impossible to get enough Godzilla and King Kong in your life. Trust me on this one. I know. But today? TODAY! Is your lucky day… because I’ve got a new Godzilla / King Kong art print I discovered for you. I have been spending the last few years scouring government repositories, and historical societies for some of the coolest photos you have ever seen. And today I’ve discovered a new one for you! New Spring Godzilla Cleaning Art Print!!

Most people are not aware that these giants have been roaming the lands for hundreds of years. Occasionally, these two beasts will run into each other and have an enormous brawl, then move off in their own directions again. The poor inhabitants of these locations are then forced to clean up the mess and hope that the two beasts don’t come back anytime soon.

The photo I’ve discovered today is from New York back in 1907. It’s in fantastic panoramic condition, and will be great to put up in your entertainment center, your office wall, a mug, or as an iPhone case! (Heck, I could even hook you up with a bath towels and a shower curtain if you were desperate! hahah.)

If you are intrigued to learn more about all the various archival prints I’ve discovered, you can check out my gallery over here on society6. And please know – that all purchases of these fantastic historical moments will support keeping THiNC. running, 100%.

Not a huge fan of that one up there, the 1907 New York King Kong and Godzilla visit? Well, okay. Well what about a visit to the Flatiron Building as it’s being built?

You can find that print right here. Pretty amazing historical discovery if I do say so myself. I mean, I’ve never heard from the history books that these two monsters intersected with the building of that great building. It was news to me. And the fact that the New York building crews were able to get right back on track without much incident apparently is pretty impressive. I’m sure the building efforts had to have been slowed. At least some!? No? Anyway.

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