THiNC. Discord Chat Is Now Open

Hey there everyone – first, I love you. I love your intelligent ideas, and your inspirational movie ideas. I love the way you’ve been there for me for over the past ten years, and now I’m going to show you just how much I appreciate you.

Well, for the last year or five – I’ve totally lost track of how long to be honest – I have been allowing donors on Patreon to donate in order to get access to the THiNC. chat discord server. Well, now, I am opening a channel up on the chat server for everyone. All access, no Patreon necessary.

On the chat, we talk about interesting movies coming up – or movies we’ve just watched and enjoyed. We also talk about movies we didn’t like. And I even write new posts out there (though that will be in a Patreon channel). But feel free to just join it and make yourself at home.

Now, in order to get access to it, you’ll need to have this link: – depending on if you are on your phone, or a laptop, you’ll need the discord app – I think? But just click the link and it’ll walk you through the setup necessary to get access to the chat.

I promise I won’t bite. Too much. If you have questions – or can’t seem to make it work – just email me at taylor at taylorholmes dot com. Happy chatting – and you are welcome!

Edited by: CY