A Quiet Place 2 Recommendation

The System and Rules for A Quiet Place Explained - because the movie A Quiet Place was so fantastic, we really need to understand how this movie works and the details of every possible millisecond. IMDB
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A Quiet Place 2 Recommendation. It seems like it was just yesterday that we talked through the original A Quiet Place. Had a ton of fun thinking through the monsters, their weaknesses, and the systems of the movie. Well, the other day, for my birthday (cough, which you forgot about, cough cough) I went with my kids to go see A Quiet Place 2. And I just have to say, that the entire universe that is the Quiet Place World…? I can’t get enough. (And apparently, there will be a spin off movie in the Quiet Place universe that will come to theaters in 2023.)

Walkthrough of A Quiet Place 2

Look – you know how this world works, you’ve already seen A Quiet Place #1 – if so, this is going to be a spoiler free recommendation. Well, I guess there is one grey-space item added at the end of the “Rules and Details” list below. Avoid #8 and you’ll be just fine. But you get it… Our planet has been attacked by aliens. Aliens that are blind, but are super sensitive to sound… they hunt sounds, and murder anyone they come across. And in Quiet Place 1 we learned that audio feedback hurts the aliens, and this knowledge helped Krasinski family, I mean, the Abbott’s, get out alive… or most of them anyway. And if you don’t remember the rules from the first addition – here’s a quick reminder:

The Rules and the Details of the Quiet Place World

  1. The monsters are fully armored and unassailable.
  2. The monsters hate noise of any sort.
  3. Any and all noise will get the attention of the monsters and they will attempt to turn the noise off violently.
  4. The monster’s hearing is highly tuned, but their hearing is always dialed into the loudest noise.
  5. If you looked closely at the news clippings, it appears that the monsters were part of an alien global invasion.
  6. The frequency of the hearing aid is the weakness of the monsters, and forces their inner ear to be exposed.
  7. Once exposed, this unarmored ear is really unprotected and vulnerable. Which is why the shotgun was able to kill the monster.
  8. And the second movie showed us that the aliens were vulnerable to water – they cannot swim.
A Quiet Place 2 Recommendation

And A Quiet Place 2 didn’t change anything, it just took it to the next level. And this is definitely a case of, don’t break what isn’t broken. (And if you don’t remember – one of the biggest reasons I adored the original movie was how the original screenplay was created. Which you can read more about in my original post. I’m not going to rehash all that.)

The second movie setup finds the Abbott’s, minus Daddy Lee (Ted Krasinski), of course, in need of help. And we watch as Evelyn (played by Emily Blunt – Live Die Repeat) takes her hurting family across the next ridge to get to the next fire signal. But when they arrive, they are met by a very unhappy Emmett (Cilian Murphy, The Dark Knight) who is extraordinarily reticent to help. And it’s that juxtaposition between Emmett and Evelyn that powers this story forward. But it’s ultimately the kids that carry this movie. Particularly Regan Abbott (played by Millicent Simmonds) who fuels the emotional and restorative power of this edition of the Quiet Place world. My daughter sung her praises to the rafters and back. It’s definitely a movie that you have to experience in the theaters – go get vaccinated – and go see it, in a theater, with a ticket, and on the biggest screen you can find. I even watched it with my kids on D-box? Have you heard of this? Here’s a great review of it. But basically it’s a chair that gimbals a bit in coordination with the movie. Think Disney World ride, Soarin’ for couches and you get an general idea of what we are talking about here. For your first time in a D-box movie, I highly recommend waiting until you go see Top Gun 2. Maverick, or whatever it’s called. At least something louder anyway! hahaha.

I’m not doing my more normal detail walk through for this one… If you really want to know how I felt about it, go read my A Quiet Place original review. It’s pretty much the same thing, the same fun, the same stress, the same quiet. Which is to say, a heck of a lot of fun. I enjoyed it anyway.

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