THiNC. Movie Spotlight #26

THiNC. Movie Spotlight 26 – Last week we threw a compendium of a hundred movies. This week a pile more new movies, all of them intriguing in one way or another. Want to see your movie posted here in the Spotlight, do us a favor and post it here in the comments – or email me directly. Specific thanks go out to Lisa, CY, me… especially me… and to all the forgotten recommenders out there anywhere that ever told me about a movie and I forgot about it. Because we all know THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard – Horrible story. Derivative screenplay. World’s worst special effects. Abysmal acting. But hilarious throughout. I literally shot a Mike and Ike for distance across the theater at one point during this movie (So much for social distancing) I laughed so hard. But then again, I would have paid $10 to just watch Samuel Jackson and Ryan Reynolds read the dictionary. So I might be biased on this front. Currently in the theater or on Fandango Now.

The Beast Must Die – A six-part limited series (just signed for a second season) tells the story of a mother who’s son has been killed during a hit and run. The show delves into how people that are suffering from grief can make very bad life choices. The show already aired in England, and is unspooling now on AMC+ with two episodes currently available. Personally? Cannot get enough of Jared Harris (Chernobyl, and The Crown).

Caveat – Want something more creepy and slow roll scary? Caveat’s the buzz you need. When Barret offers Isaac a five day job “babysitting” Barret’s adult niece Olga at her “isolated” home, Isaac agrees. But he definitely, without a doubt, should not have. The gig also requires he be chained up as well? But the job comes with quite a lot of money… so I’m sure that chain thing will be fine. There’s got to be more than meets the eye here… well, the title of the movie is Caveat after all. Watch it over on Shudder, or Prime.

Knight of Kings – Philippe LacĂ´te’s Night of the Kings is an Ivory Coast prison drama where the prisoners run the roost. Their dying leader sets the newcomer a test: if he doesn’t want to be killed, he has to hold his fellow prisoners’ attention with a story that lasts an entire night. As his tale drifts from biography to fantasy, the film itself becomes just as strange and mystical. In Rolling Stone, K Austin Collins calls it “a film-length display of the power of the West African griot, in other words, a movie rooted in the tradition of fabulism, chronicle, the unruly mix of personal and regional history, shot through with both fact and magical realism.” You can watch it on Hulu.

Pandorum – I also like dropping in a movie I’ve already discussed but that you might have missed. This week is Pandorum… a mindjob of a movie that is a closed-box space flick that has layer after layer of craziness going for it. I’m sure this film spent an entire buck ninety-five on sets. But the ideas here are fantastic and it’s fun to watch them play out. Watch it on Google Play, or Showtime.

There you have it – THiNC. Movie Spotlight #26. If you’d like to read more of our THiNC. Spotlight recommendations, you can do that right here.

Edited by: CY