Top 10 Movies Featuring Homework and Exams that Will Give You Motivation to Study

Film can serve as an awesome motivator for individuals attempting to climb a mountain of work in front of them. Specifically, college aged students who might find their new found freedom confusingly distracting! So today, let’s focus on a number of films that can help with their ability to stay focused on their objectives and strive for the highest possible standards in their academic pursuits. I don’t know about you, but I loved studying and doing homework with movies on in the background. If you are one of those people, maybe you’ll find some inspiration from these 10 movies below:

The Ron Clark Story (2006)

Ron Clark, still early in his career, leaves his comfortable position teaching in a rural North Carolina hometown, where his creative methods raise students’ test scores. Instead, he chose to teach at a difficult New York inner-city school. He immediately realizes he must overcome his troublesome kids in a battle of wills. And he must overcome a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure to inspire his students.

Exam (2009)

Eight candidates for a highly sought corporate position are crammed into an exam room and given a final assessment that consists of only one seemingly straightforward question. However, it does not take long for uncertainty and conflicts to arise. THiNC. spent some time unpacking this movie when it first was released. Regardless, maybe you too find yourself overwhelmed, maybe the best path is to ask someone to “do my homework“! At least that is what this movie taught me anyway!

The Art of getting By (2011)

George doesn’t understand the point of life, school, or homework since he believes that you are born alone, die alone, and everything else is an illusion. Then he meets Sally, and he has a motive to attend school. The principal and art instructor introduce him to Dustin, an alumni and accomplished artist who can lead George through life. However, additional distractions emerge, and George may not even be capable of finishing high school.

Cheats (2002)

While other youngsters spend countless hours studying simply to gain a grade, Handsome Davis sees it as nothing more than a technique of mind control. That’s why Handsome and his three best buddies have joined together and developed methods to cheat on their examinations. Everything was OK until they entered their senior year of high school and the stakes were raised. If they are detected cheating again, the principal will make a note of it in their permanent records, potentially ruining their chances of being accepted into college.

Legally Blonde (2001)

The handsome boyfriend of the trendy sorority queen Elle Woods breaks up with her. She has made the decision to pass exams and enroll in law school with him. During her time there, Elle comes to the realization that there is more to her than what meets the eye aesthetically. If you want to watch this movie and get similar insights but don’t have time for that, go to and check the best websites helping students with their school assignments.

Leon (1994)

The daughter of a bankrupt drug dealer, who is just twelve years old, finds shelter at the home of a professional assassin after her entire family is murdered. He teaches her the basics of his work at her demand, so she might get revenge on the corrupt DEA agent who devastated her life.

Teen Wolf Too (1987)

Todd gets a scholarship and gets into Hamilton University. Soon enough, the lupine gene that runs in the family is finally expressed, and just like that, the once-weak student transforms into a star and the school’s champion. Yet, there is a cost associated with being a young werewolf. Is Todd prepared to take responsibility for his acts and make ethical use of his superhuman power?

A Small Act (2010)

When a stranger from Sweden decides to pay for a young Kenyan’s education, it has a profound impact on the young man’s life. After some time had passed, he established his own scholarship program with the intention of repaying the generosity that had been shown to him in the past.

By a Hair (2019)

Even though Elodie’s beauty school exam is coming up in a few days and she is struggling to find a model for the waxing component of the exam, she chooses to spend her leisure time assisting her father at the food store that he owns.

Super 30 (2019)

Anand Kumar, a mathematical prodigy who hails from a humble family in Bihar is on a quest to demonstrate that even the poorest people can give rise to some of the most brilliant brains in the world. He launches a training program with the intention of assisting thirty individuals in their pursuit of admission to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and transforming them into extremely successful professionals.

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