2023 Oscars Competition…

Hey there everyone – we are doing a 2023 Oscars Competition. I will be providing prizes. Maybe a free month of Patreon?? Hahah, no one wants that. What about Starbucks? I do lose money running this stupid site after all! But you are worth a Venti Frap! Get started on the 2023 THiNC. Oscars Competition – by clicking right here! Voting will be cut off 24 hours before the Oscars start. No exceptions. I mean, other than bribes… which I take liberally. At which point, I will be accepting votes after the Oscars are long over. Fair enough?

I think there is something like 23 categories – from best actor, actress, director, original song, etc. It’s a pretty thorough list of the categories available on the night. So, you are going to have your shizzle together in order to answer all 23. But heck, guess! Probably will be a more educated play than having even watched all the films.

Warning… if you vote for Top Gun for anything other than special effects, I will block you from this site. Just saying. I’ll, literally, head over to the server and add your name to the black list… (Guys, I’m kidding – that’s not a thing. Your IP Address, maybe? But that changes all the time… everyone calm down.) One movie I really wanted to grok was definitely Triangle of Sadness. But, wow, when people were literally throwing up on set… for real… not fake… I was done. I could not get past that. Sure, I understood what was happening there. Laughed at the commentary they were making. But, nope. I was out.

Notable Oscar Misses

I did find it notable that The Menu wasn’t anywhere to be seen on this year’s list. Like… how? The Menu was the quintessential OSCAR selection. Maybe it was too out there? Maybe it pilloried the class of people that elevated this kind of experience? I don’t have any idea. But it should have at least snagged a nom for screenplay. But who am I?

I chuckled a bit that Tom Cruise didn’t snag a Best Actor nom – it was a pretty light year in the Actor slot. No? But Tom Cruise does not act. He isn’t an actor. He flexes his jaw muscles, and in that one muscle flex we are to understand the range of emotion and pathos therein. Right? Bah. So three cheers for that massive skip from the Oscar community.

I personally think that the United Nations should be contacted about the savagery that was the Bardo snub for best international movie. Hell, for it’s snubbing on the Best Film category! Bardo was such an expansive film. With so many great ideas… so many important concepts running through it. Oh, and I might be a little biased in that my BFF was in it. So, yeah, there’s that.

Oh! And I didn’t realize that not a single woman was nominated in the director slot! Holy crap. I was just flipping through the nominations and that literally poleaxed me. Last year Jane Campion won with Power of the Dog. And the year before that it was ChloĆ© Zhao for Nomadland. I guess the Academy thought they had their female bases covered from the past few wins? I had thought that Sarah Polley for Women Talking would have made the list.

My Dark Horse? Andrea Riseborough in the lead role, To Leslie. Can you imagine if she pulled of a win against Cate Blanchett, and Ana de Armas?? Nah. Not going to happen. But, she was STRONG in that role. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to check it out.


It’ll be the simplest scoring imaginable. 1 point for every category. Boom. Done.

In the case of a tie, I will apply two points for the best film category. And if I need another tie breaker, I’ll do the same thing for best actor and best actress categories. Best Director… you get the idea. In order to fill out the form you will need to give me your email address – which I will literally do NOTHING with, UNLESS you win. I’m not harvesting your information. Not selling it. I mean, heck, I’d love to email you and chat about your selections and why you picked what you did… each of you individually. But I won’t. Promise. Heck, if you want to talk to me about your selections you are more than welcome to email me about them! You can find me at taylor at taylor holmes dot com.

If you want to know how I’ll be voting? I’m pushing all my chips in on The Banshees of Inisherin. Yeah, Everything Everywhere All At Once was a clever film. But I just thought that EEAAO didn’t carry the punch that Banshees did. At least for me anyway. So, there’s a tip that will guarantee you to lose if you follow it.

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