The Gift Short Film Recommendation

I love it when readers send in their own short films for us all to watch together. This time, the short film recommendation comes from Rob Capili and his wife. The short has made its way out to a number of festivals and has won a metric-butt-ton of awards. Check it out, and let Rob know what you think of it in the comments below.

The Gift from 61216 Productions on Vimeo.

Super clever twist there at the end. Seems like an entire swath of sci-fi movies could learn a lesson or two from this particular short. Also, Rob, previously sent in another short film with another great twist of an ending as well that you might be interested in while we are at it. Both are super clever right hook writing swings for the fence.

Thanks for throwing both short films our way Rob!

Do you guys have a short film you’d like us all to THiNC. about? Send it on over, I can’t get enough short films in my life!

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