Film Exploder Episode 2 is Out

Film Exploder Episode 2 is Out.

The other day, I announced that Barry from and I had started a new film podcast. Similar to what I do here on THiNC., we pick a mind job movie and discuss it. I think we’ve recorded four at this point, and I have to say that I have had a lot of fun getting to know Barry as we try and figure out this thing called podcasting. We really aren’t shooting for revenue by doing this, or enormous numbers of downloads, but only to find a niche of individuals that connect with the content and the fun of watching two random movie fans get to know each other better.

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Don’t worry – I got you boo…

We’ve already covered a bunch of really great films… Arrival, Eileen, The Shining, Anatomy of a Fall. These movies are all so fun to discuss.

If you could subscribe to the show, listen, share it, I’d consider it a personal favor! Until next time folks. Thanks for supporting THiNC. and THiNC. worthy movies…