THiNC. Movie Spotlight 160

THiNC. Movie Spotlight 160. What a ride. 160th spotlight. Huh. Well over 3 solid years worth. Okay. Anyway – my big take aways from this post? Club Zero and Baghead, as we wait for Civil War to hit the theaters. Man, I cannot wait for that to drop. Enough. Future week. Not this week.

2024.03.22 BAGHEAD – (THEATER)

BAGHEAD Looks like a stylistical sibling to that of Talk to Me – maybe?? A European version maybe? Something about 10 minutes with a dead spirit or something and then you are in trouble? I mean… sure. They’ll be nice to you for a little bit. I mean. That makes sense. Speaking of which, have you seen the movie A Dark Song? Woah. That hit like Thor’s Hammer. Check it out if you haven’t already. I had a lovely chat with the creator as well. If you are going to mess with demons, you might as well go all in.

2024.03.22 ONE LIFE – (THEATER)

I mean. It’s Anthony Hopkins. How many more movies is this guy going to dazzle us with before he retires? Based on the book “It’s Not Impossible” about the life of Sir Nicholas Winton… who, apparently rushed into Czechoslovakia in 1938 in order to save hundreds of Jewish children. And yet, the grief of the children he wasn’t able to save is front and center here.

2024.03.22 CLUB ZERO – (THEATER)

Many are describing this film as a full-on mind job. And guys… come on. That means I’m 100 and 50 percent in. (“This guy doesn’t even know how to write 150. Like, is he even literate??” “No, I am 100 and 50 percent not.”)


I mean… this actually looks pretty darn good for a horrible movie. I’m sure it’s getting trashed by critics, but loved by fans. Oh, hah. News flash! 44% Critics. 88% fans. Huh, who knew? Oh, that’s right, I did. But yeah, it’s nice to see the old fogies back at it again. Next up?? Spies Like Us, Trading Places, and Gremlins! hahahah. Seriously though – have you recently watched Goonies? It really holds up nicely. No need for a remake of that one, just watch it again.

Previously on Spotlight Worth Watching Right Now:
THE SIGNAL – Which many are likening to Dark? Meh. But still fun.
DUNE: PART 2 – Maybe the movie of the year. Unbelievable. IMAX it please.
MONOLITH – fantastic Aussie single actor closed box movie. Really fun.
ZONE OF INTEREST – Single best World War II movie? I’m still reeling.
IN SANCTUARY – closed box cat and mouse game. Really enjoyed this one.

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