Film Exploder Podcast Still Going Strong

Film Exploder Podcast Black Bear Episode. Hey there, THiNC.ers. I am glad to announce that the podcast that I started with Barry is still going strong. But the episode that I’m most proud of so far is Black Bear. Why do I say that, dear intrepid reader? Oh, please, do let me tell you…

I mean, when was the last time you sat down and said… huh, I want to create something new from scratch, tabula rasa? Well, for me, this site was created what… 15 years ago? So it’s been a little while to do something this new, this different, this crazy. Sure, it was a dumb idea to drop a podcast into an over-saturated podcast ecosystem. But we aren’t doing it to become the next Serial. We are doing it just to spend our time enjoying the films we love so much… but when I pitched the film Black Bear to Barry (an alliteration trifecta) he had never even heard of it. I kid you not.

And like a good friend… I forced him to find said film, and to watch it forthwith.

Black Bear (which I covered here on the blog) is a movie that defies all expectations. It laughs in the face of all attempts. And it “these aren’t the droids you are looking for” anyone that attempts to unravel its mysteries. But, like undaunted warriors storming into the fray (or more like, ignorant buffoons who had no idea what they were walking into) we dove right in. Now, one thing to know about Barry is that he prefers a very literal, non-analogy water-logged metaphor of an explanation. Well, sorry buddy. hahaha. But it was fun to talk through this with him, and to pull it apart and try to put it back together again. And it was a good laugh along the way.

Film Exploder Podcast Black Bear Episode

Film Exploder’s first episode has just launched – 8am Eastern on Saturdays – and we will be releasing new episodes every single. We already have in the can/planned the following episodes:

Episode 1 – Men
Episode 2 – Eileen
Episode 3 – Anatomy of a Fall
Episode 4 – Dr. Sleep
Episode 5 – The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Episode 6 – Arrival
Episode 7 – Mind-Job Movies You Haven’t Watched
Episode 8 – Talk to Me
Episode 9 – Buster’s Mal Heart
Episode 10 – Inception
Episode 11 – The One I Love
Episode 12 – Brightwood interview with Dane Elcar
Episode 13 – Black Bear
Episode 14 – Single Location Movies you haven’t watched
Episode 15 – No One Will Save You

But Black Bear is the episode that just makes me happy knowing it’s out there, and in the wild. Not because it specifically solves the riddle… I mean, I think we do that. But because we had a good time opening up the box and just seeing what was under the hood. Investigating the meta-reality of what it means to be a creative…? Well, hell, yeah, I’m proud of that.

So, yeah – the Film Exploder Podcast Black Bear Episode is one you should probably check out.