Our Adoption

Our Adoption

Our Adoption Journey

About a year and a half ago Carolynne and I both got clobbered by the desire to adopt a child.  It was strange because we both had always been pretty adamant that adoption wouldn’t be for us.  No reason really… just didn’t have an affinity for it, although we supported several friends who had adopted.

But on this one particular Sunday we were both completely crushed by the desire to adopt.  It was like God had dropped a billboards onto us from the sky.  And once we climbed out from under it, the sign was a blinking neon gaudy thing that said: “ADOPT!  ADOPT!  ADOPT!”  It was pretty out of control really because neither of us saw the billboard coming.  Like, not at all.  Any.

And so, after one really bad false start with an adoption agency we’ve really begun in earnest to head down this road.  After spending time studying the globe over and over again, and looking at all the rules and regulations the various countries have with regard to what it takes to adopt a child from their country we have finally settled on Haiti.

So if you find it in your heart to help us out with our desire to help two little guys come out of extreme poverty and into a home where they will be loved unconditionally, would you consider donating to our cause?  I know that the demands for your time and resources are many, but we can promise you that if you donate to this cause it will be 100% put towards eradicating poverty in the lives of two little guys.  It will be put towards getting them into a family that loves them.  And it will be the biggest gift two humans will ever receive in their entire lives.  I know this for certain.