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Compassion On the Move

I don’t do this often enough. But I should.

I’m about to brag about my employer. Do you work for someone you find yourself wanting to brag about? Maybe you should go look for an employer that makes you want to sing their praises. You really should. I’ve worked for others that I wasn’t embarrassed about… but I definitely wouldn’t publish the fact that I worked there. But to be able to just scream how fantastic your employer is – to be able to just scream it from the roof tops is really something.

Here is a video that should break your heart in a really fantastic way. Yeah yeah, the marketing piece at the beginning is great. But, that isn’t the emotional napalm here. Get to about the 3 minute mark when Jimmy starts talking about his life growing up… and then the surprise afterward.

Another really fantastic thing about Compassion is that you probably don’t know who the president of Compassion is. When I say the name Wess Stafford 99% of you will probably say – Wess who? And in my opinion that is awesome. Compassion International isn’t a personality driven ministry that is driven by specific talents or a magnetic personality. The ministry stands on its mission alone and its 100% about the mission. Other ministries, unfortunately are not as mission driven as this. Again, I’m just one voice and may be wrong here… but I’d rather it be mission driven than personality driven. Personally speaking.

Also, if you get a chance to see Wess’ talk at the Leadership Summit 2009 it is an amazing discussion about the trauma and chaos in his life and his own path to forgiveness in spite of the absolute horrific stuff he was put through as a child. I went looking for a copy of his Willow Creek Leadership Summit talk and it hasn’t been published yet.

Whew. Wess Stafford was by far the most difficult talk to listen to, but one of the richest hours of the conference. Wess is the president of Compassion International, but his talk was about his own painful history of childhood abuse and how he’s allowed the Lord to take his pain and turn it into a passion for freeing children from poverty in the name of Jesus Christ.

This quote was pulled from Kristen’s blog and I liked it so much I posted it here.  You can read her blog post on Wess’ talk here at

Anyway.  Just thought I was brimming with hope and excitement about the ministry of Compassion International and thought I should share a couple of these things with you.  Please forward on this fantastic video with Jimmy.  The more people that see this the better.  For a pittance you can change the life of a valuable life on planet earth.  Just follow this link and you too can revolutionize the life of a child today.