iPhone Google+ Interface
iPhone Google+ Interface

iPhone App CMS?!?

iPhone App CMS

Talk about a game changer. What if there was a solution that allowed you to create iPhone Apps on the fly – submit them to Apple – and auto push new content and info on the fly? Wow. I can’t wait for that day to come. It would help us ministry types to actually get a clue faster and easier without all the development effort we have to go through today. And all for hundreds of dollars?! (A friend just spec’d out a custom iPhone solution that ran in the 50k range. I kid you not. $50k!)

Apparently at least some form of the future is already available today. You have to check out this iPhone development video. Very very cool stuff. Develop your app (granted, its got to use one of their 50 custom widgets, BUT STILL! An iPhone app developed in 5 minutes?!? Amazing)

SwebApps 2.0 from Magaly Chocano on Vimeo.

There you have it. Cool cool cool coool. I’m sure this is just the start of the iPhone app customization CMS bandwagon. I’m betting that this development space will just rocket off the launch pad in the next few months – making iPhone development accessable to ministries and non-profits around the world as opposed to just the technologically-elite. Good stuff. Serious goose bump material there.