Nazi Christmas Photos

Nazi Christmas Photos

Foreboding. Take a look at these Nazi Christmas banquet photos of the Fuhrer and the troops and tell me how it makes you feel.  Xmas_Party0

Xmas_Party3These photos were taken by Life Magazine and never published.  At first they made me feel snarky and I wanted to make an offhanded comment about Christ and Christmas and Nazis… and then I realized that there was so much more to these photos than that.

Xmas_Party2They really are scary almost.  Not almost.  They are horrifying actually.  Here, let me provide you with a bit of a counterpoint photo to juxtapose what was probably going on at exactly this same moment elsewhere throughout Europe.

Concentration Camp Oven

Right.  And that was the most low key of examples I could come up with.  So let’s take a look at another shot of the festivities and try this again…


Right.  You get what I’m saying now I think.  This is a truly horrifying display of photos.  So why show them leading into Christmas?  To remember that there really is a reason to this season.  That soul ripping you feel?  That’s because you know evil when you see it.  And when you think of Christmas, and of the goodness that is inherent in Christmas.  Of a time when God came down and visited us in order to save us from ourselves.

Oh, I’m certain this will be a very unpopular post.  Right, and this is me not caring.  Truth is truth.  These photos paint a story of truth.  Of man’s depravity to man.  Of our desperate need for a savior.  And of our receiving the best Christmas Gift ever.  Here’s hoping your Christmas avoids the trap of stuff and pointless materialism.  Here’s hoping you have an amazing Christmas, and that you really know His peace in this time.

Thanks to the Wallbreakers for tipping me to these amazing photos.