There was this one time… right?  My girlfriend and I were walking through Hyde Park in London when a very friendly squirrel came up.  Me, thinking, its Hyde Park of all places.  London!  Figured everything here was friendly.  So I crack out some food item I had in a backpack.  But before I even get it out properly the squirrel leaped onto my leg and began scaling my body to physically rip the food out of my hand.  I kid you not.  Feel free to ask Mrs. Holmes yourself.

She’ll vouch for me.  On second thought… don’t ask her.  Because then she’ll tell you about another time we were walking through another lovely little park in Edinburgh (please pronounce it Edin-bur-ough… I made the mistake of pronouncing it Edin-burg only once… man, talk about a mulligan moment I’d love back… regardless…) when we came up on a bag of trash that was moving a little.  Right?  And my mind starts racing, and I basically worked myself into a dither even before whatever it was appeared.  And then when the rat (I swear it was big as my head) popped out the top, I jumped so high I had to be extracted out of the tree above us.  She still cackles about how lame I was that particular day.

What that has to do with this clip, I am uncertain.  Anyway, it is what it is.  But I absolutely love this Raccoon swarm.  Never seen anything like it.  Especially since my latest book is all about an adventuresome little raccoon.  Anyway, great little clip.  Cracked me up.  By the way, there is some language you may want to dodge, if kids are about.

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