Map of How Much Snow it takes to close school


Map of How Much Snow it takes to close school

This map is fantastic in about a million different ways.  Yeah, sure its probably inaccurate in a million different ways. It was developed by a crowd source crew over at Reddit – and pretty much anything created by a crowd source effort on Reddit is going to be anything but perfect. And yet, I love everything about this info graphic.

In a single glance you can see the people with snow cajones (referred to from now on as snowjones) and the ones without.  Would I prefer to live on the beach in Cancun and not even own a pair of snow boots.  Sure.  Granted.  But with that said, the disgrace that is the city of Atlanta, really needs to get a bit of a clue.  Just a bit.

But I have enjoyed watching as the Atlanta-snowjones-gate has blown up all over the interwebs.  I mean, what’s not to love about this story? Southern city gets a dusting of snow and the next thing we know we have ourselves a a snow-pocolypse on our hands. Like, literally. People stuck on highways. Whole interstates completely closed down. Children are stuck at school overnight. Mayhem.  When we get to partake of photos like this one:

atlanta snow gate 1

And this one:

atlanta snow gate 3

And this one:

atlanta snow gate 2

All because of 2 inches of snow?

What makes me giggle the most about this story is that we here in Colorado just got 5 inches last night and I am writing this in the parking lot of my kids school while waiting to head in for a parent teacher conference. Heheh. Here’s a shot of our deck this morning just for giggles.




That last photo is of the plows in Denver working.  And yes.  Atlanta has no plows.  But those were the first plows we saw after driving for several hours. They just are only on the main I25 artery and possibly a few of the other big highways.  Since taking these photos we’ve probably gotten another 4-6 inches throughout the day.  And I’m about to hop into my lil 2 wheel drive 4-banger to zip my way across the city home.  All good.

But where this conversation goes from curiously funny to out of hand is this little blog.  Which spewed so much snow venom and vitriol it was unbelievable.  First.  Plows suck even in locations that have them.  No one plows everything.  It just doesn’t happen.  Second.  We don’t use salt, and we hardly use any gravel here in Colorado.  For anyone that even knows just a little bit about chemistry, salt’s terrible for infrastructure and cars.  Sure, it melts snow like a charm, but also melts metal extremely well too.  And when it comes right down to it, gravel bites as a assistance to grip for cars.

So the one thing I’d like to say to the southerners that are having fun making snowballs on their day off, enjoy it.  Have fun.  And then I’d follow it up with a quick, learn to laugh at yourself a bit.  Quit taking everything so personally.  Geeze.  You are warm weather ducks.  Great.  Enjoy it.  But laugh a bit when it really goes south.  Heheh.

Oh one other tip – Pam + cookie sheet = hellagood time.  Go out there and tear up those park hills.


You are welcome.