Your Easter Eggs Now Officially Suck

I made two fairly fab-o Easter eggs this year.  Both pretty exciting dual-toned fairly extravagant things.  I am also known in our family for my amazing mastery of the patent pending coat hanger technique.  I build intricate contraptions in order to levitate the dying subject to maximize color burn in and minimize hand cramp-age.  I kid you not.  Every year.  But my eggs are crap in comparison to these goose egg technical marvels.  And since these things depressed me more than anything else I figured I’d share my depression with you.  Yeah, happy Easter to you too!!

Easter egg etching


Your Easter Eggs Now Officially Sucked







Artist Piotr Bockenheim uses a reductive drilling technique to transform goose eggs into devices meant solely to embarrass your ridiculous attempts at Easter egg decorating. You can see much more of his work here.

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