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Bears on Stairs 3D Printing Animation
Not sure if you know this or not but for most of my high school career I thought I would go on to art school and then become an animator. Start as a tween-er and then move up the ranks. Went and visited a few art schools and realized I didn’t have the “artistic” cajones to jump off that particular cliff. But I still can appreciate good animation. In fact I have been known to design and develop my own animations from time to time.

DBLG’s in-house studio projects are a platform for us to experiment with creative ideas and above all have fun. For this project we wanted to explore and combine 3d animation, 3D printing with stop frame animation.

Regardless, I can watch these gifs all day long. Took the firm the better part of a month to accomplish and a handful of people to pull it off. And all for a 30 second animation? Brilliance. Definitely was worth its weight in marketing exposure if nothing else!

bears stairs animation

bears stairs animation

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