Doodling is a Morning Shower Equivalent

A week or two ago I spent tons of hours in phone interviews and while deep in conversation I found myself doodling.  And yet, hiring employees is THE MOST important thing I do at work.  Literally nothing that I do is more important.  Its just the most synergistically enabling thing possible right?  But if I hire the wrong person – it could be the entropy enabling thing that I could do, right?

So, if its so important, why did I find myself constantly dooding throughout this critically important decisions I was attempting to make?

Doodling is a Morning Shower Equivalent

That’s why.  Here’s the video to finally back up the practice that I just intuitively understood without actually knowing the reason why.

Interviews aren’t the only time I find myself doodling. I also take a break to sketch when in the middle of a hard email, or when considering a big decision. Probably the most significant time I sketch and doodle is when I’m trying to architect a technological solution. Connecting lots of details to lots of other details seems to be the best and yield the most significant results. Here’s a couple of the doodles from my latest interviewing spree. Don’t worry, I still have tons of hiring to do, so I’m sure I’ll have more here soon!

But I just thought I was weird. Now you know that you can do it too! Hopefully it’

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