Random Mindblowing Science

Random Mind Blowing Science that leads me to eventually burn not only my house down, but yours, your neighbors, and your entire neighborhood's houses down.

The Revolution Against Evolution

The Revolution Against Evolution - an interview with Michael Fischer, discussing evidence against evolution and the faith required to believe evolution in the first place.

Earth and Moon Caught In Single Photo From Mars

Earth and Moon Caught In Single Photo From MarsThis?Oh. This is nothing. Just a picture of the Earth, and the Moon... in the same photo... from Mars. I mean, you see this kind of impossible all the time...

A Year Worth of Solar Flares

A Year Worth of Solar Flares - it amazes me that we are able to see these sorts of videos of the sun without so much as giving it a second thought.

X-files Trailer is All Kinds of X-Awesome

X-files Trailer is All Kinds of X-Awesome Ok, that was X-Lame. But I'm a geek. I'm excited. You got the picture. Anyway, cannot wait. Cannot wait. Just tell me that all six episodes are going to be mythologies...

Nietzsche’s Voice, Back From the Dead

Nietzsche's Voice, Back From the Dead Sometimes technology completely flipping freaks me out. Like full case of the heebs and everything. The interview I did with Heather Dewey-Hagborg  was definitely one of t...

To Scale: The Solar System and Wylie Overstreet Interview

This video will make you ponder your place in the universe. It did that for me anyway. And I was also lucky enough to get to chat with Wylie Overstreet about it as well. If you ever wanted to see an Atheist and a Christian tear each other apart, this wouldn't be that opportunity.

New Liquid Clock Rhei In Development

There is a new liquid clock in development that looks all kinds of crazy cool. Just super enamored with the design and crafting workflow of these types of projects.

Will Smith and Concussion and When Movies Educate Too Much

Anyway, I'm just thinking aloud. Mainly interested about how movies persuade discussions, whole swaths of discussions, around a controversial, or undetermined point of topic. I really think that we are swayed by whole swaths of media technologies.

This? Oh Just Video of the Moon Transiting the Earth

This? Oh Just Video of the Moon Transiting the EarthHoly CRAP this video sequence of the mooon transiting in front of the earth is awesome. And yeah, that's the back... I repeat... the BACK of the moon we ...

Has Google Ascended the Voigt-Kampff Test?

What is revolutionary about this approach from Google is that it follows similar rules laid out by their search engine - which is model based, not rule based. To be algorithmic as opposed to being explicitly directed.

Happy Leap Second Everyone!

Happy leap second day. Heheh. No, seriously. Today, as we approach midnight, all the atomic clocks will instead add one extra second into the mix. Which will look more like, 23:59:59, 23:59:60, 00:00:00.