Gravity Control Unit Needed. Pronto.

  Gravity control unit found at - floating people stolen from the world wide web. I need to get a gravity control device pronto. Like, pronto.&...

The Most Beautiful Dust In The Wind Ever

Right now I'm stressed. Beyond stressed. I'm working too hard. On too many things. And nothing is simple. And so when I heard about Bruce Shapiro's new robotic zen tables I was soooo ready for this.

Joseph Michael And His Gorgeous Glow Worms

Joseph Michael And His Gorgeous Glow WormsJoseph Michael has managed to find and capture the magical equivalent of summer evenings on the porch watching fireflies, but in enormously old caves under ground. ...

Amazing Supercell Animations and Interview With Mike Hollingshead

I've never chased a hurricane but don't feel a massive desire to. I guess what I really want is a super close, ultrawide angle shot of a tornado. Like crazy close. Like this one. That could have been it. National Geographic used one of those on their cover in 2012. It was probably a half mile away though.

To Scale: The Solar System and Wylie Overstreet Interview

This video will make you ponder your place in the universe. It did that for me anyway. And I was also lucky enough to get to chat with Wylie Overstreet about it as well. If you ever wanted to see an Atheist and a Christian tear each other apart, this wouldn't be that opportunity.

I Am Heading to Africa not Ebola – Calm The Flip Down

Man. This is just going to be a public service announcement for all of you out there that have somehow left your brain behind, and have come completely irrational when it comes to Ebola. Today I am getting on a plane, and will be heading to eastern Africa in order to train people in three different countries about an iPhone app my team developed. But this Africa trip just keeps coming up, not because I'm bringing it up... but people are now required to ask about it.

The Greatest Light Show Canvas Ever

Aurora Australis  The Greatest Light Show Canvas EverI think the word Marvelous was made for this shot.  And if this doesn't stop you in your tracks and just cause you to stand agog... Then I don'...

Random Mindblowing Science

Random Mind Blowing Science that leads me to eventually burn not only my house down, but yours, your neighbors, and your entire neighborhood's houses down.

The Revolution Against Evolution

The Revolution Against Evolution - an interview with Michael Fischer, discussing evidence against evolution and the faith required to believe evolution in the first place.

Earth and Moon Caught In Single Photo From Mars

Earth and Moon Caught In Single Photo From MarsThis?Oh. This is nothing. Just a picture of the Earth, and the Moon... in the same photo... from Mars. I mean, you see this kind of impossible all the time...

A Year Worth of Solar Flares

A Year Worth of Solar Flares - it amazes me that we are able to see these sorts of videos of the sun without so much as giving it a second thought.

X-files Trailer is All Kinds of X-Awesome

X-files Trailer is All Kinds of X-Awesome Ok, that was X-Lame. But I'm a geek. I'm excited. You got the picture. Anyway, cannot wait. Cannot wait. Just tell me that all six episodes are going to be mythologies...