No Ebola Jokes Got It


Note To Self Do NOT Joke About Ebola Got It

Holy cow.  So, I used to have to remind myself not to joke about bombs in airports, because the jokes that you aren’t supposed to be doing are always the funniest.  Always.  Write that down, its a maxim to live by.  Or not live by.  One or the other.  Regardless, check out what happens when a dork on a plane says, “HEY, I WAS JUST IN AFRICA AND I HAVE EBOLA!!”

So even though my departure date for Africa isn’t for a month or so, I plan to repeat to myself daily. “Do NOT joke about Ebola. Joking about Ebola… is a bad, bad BAD idea.” I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m sort of wondering where Fox and Mulder are. I mean, right? Should they be in this group of hazmat suits? Or MAYBE THEY WERE! This was totally an real life X-files episode. I just know it! Maybe I SHOULD joke about Ebola then… right?

Or not.