Bucket List Extra Credit

listBucket List Extra Credit

Not too long ago I talked about my bucket list and the chance I had to check off an item from the list.  The question I have is this – if you get a chance to do a bucket list item twice, do you get extra credit, or are you deducted for not completing the list first?  It looks like I have a chance to circle the globe again.  This time though, it will be the other way around… maybe that’s a different item?

world1Last time I went to California > Korea > England > Germany > Netherlands > Texas > Colorado in seven days.  That was an amazingly crazy trip.  It’s very very difficult to circle the globe much faster than that and still do something for some purpose, other than just circle the globe.  We stopped in Seoul South Korea and Marburg Germany.  Maybe a day each?  Can’t really remember, possibly a half day as well before heading to catch another flight.  On that trip though I saw amazing things out the plane window.  We followed the coast of China and Russia.  We flew over the coast of Greenland.  Flew over the heart of Russia and China.  The Bering straight.

world2This time the itinerary couldn’t be any more different.  Dallas > Frankfurt > Addis Ababa > Bangkok > Manila > Tokyo > Denver in eight days, but we lose a day going around the other way, so its basically the same duration.  Basically.  (But truth be told, I still don’t get it fully, so I’m kinda making this stuff up at this point.)  So maybe instead of another bucket list item for going around the world, possibly I could check off Africa & Japan from my list?

As I review the most popular featured bucket list items it looks like people care more about cycling in the Netherlands (check!), visiting the Whitehouse (check!), watching Tennis at Wimbledon (check!), painting a mural (check!), going white water tubing (check!), than traveling around the world. Maybe catching Ebola should be a bucket list item?  So after all this talk about bucketlists and accomplishments I’ve finally decided to get an account out at bucketlist.com.  Still thinking through all the possibilities of what ought to be out there.  But it forces you to think a bit about the things you really want to do over the course of your life.  Here are a few of the items (in no particular order) on my new bucketlist.com list that continues to grow:

  • Send a message in a bottle (been working on a blog post about this for close to 6 months now)
  • Read every single work of Shakespeare (maybe this one needs a sub-list?)
  • Go on a Cruise (Very very iffy about this one.)
  • Publish a book (I’ve written one and two crappy books, now to edit one and get it published!)
  • Go on an African Safari (which definitely won’t be happening on this trip to Africa)
  • Go Skydiving (curse you skydiving!  curse you!!)
  • Read War and Peace (I can’t even explain this one. Just havn’t ever finished.)
  • and on it goes…

Personally, skydiving is the one big elusive bucket list item that I’ve yet to do.  I think I mentioned last time that I sat on the tarmac twice to wait for the clouds to clear.  But to no avail.  And now that I have kids I’ll need to wait a little bit I’m thinking.  But I definitely still want to do it.   What’s your nagging bucketlist item that is still eluding your reach?  I’d love to hear about it.