Yelp Troll Reviews of World Renowned Art Galleries

Yelp Troll Reviews of World Renowned Art Galleries

Every now and again I laugh out loud at internet trolls.  They really are amazing.  Flame wars at the bottom of articles on CNN are just the beginning of the amazingness.  Take for example this 1 star rating on for the world renowned George Orwell book, 1984.

“outdated garbage. don’t waist your time”

Seriously?  1 star?  Outdated garbage?  1984 is one of the most prescient books of all time.  And by the way, would it be just awful to capitalize your sentence while you are denigrating one of the greatest books of the last 100 years?  Thanks for that.  Or maybe this quote from a single star rating of the Catcher in the Rye:

“I read this book today only because there was a documentary about J.D. Salinger on Netflix which I watched. What in the hell classifies this as a masterpiece????”

Ooohh… they make me mad.  See?  They really really spin me up.  They spin Brene’ Brown up too.  Reminds me of her Ted Talk on the Power of Vulnerability.  I love her comments about not listening to people that can’t be bothered to roll up their sleeves and get into the arena.

Which got me thinking.  Where else do the trolls crash?  What other beautiful works of art are they currently pissing on?  And since there is no real rating application for specific pieces of art, maybe there were ratings for galleries instead.  And sure enough.  Yelp, is definitely one place where the trolls hang out.  And so I thought I would present a few of the best troll comments in juxtaposition with photos of the galleries they are referring to.

To give this list some context the Louvre Museum has over 35,000 items.  Over 650,000 square feet.  The Louvre is one of the world’s largest museums and it the most visited museum in the world with around 10 million visitors every year walking through its front doors.  The total value of the art held under its roof would probably conservatively be worth over a hundred billion dollars.  But seriously?  Can you put a value on the Mona Lisa?  It’s insured for over 750 million… but are you telling me that the Louvre’s 300 million a year budget wouldn’t take a catastrophic hit if someone destroyed it while visiting?  Anyway… its an impressive collection all the same.

Similarly the l’Orangerie holds possibly the most amazing collection of Monet’s in the world.  Located in the west corner of the Tuileries Gardens it is most famous for its permanent collection of eight Monet Water Lily paintings.  It also owns a number of works by world renowned artists like Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri Rousseau, Alfred Sisley,Chaim Soutine, and Maurice Utrillo, among others.  I could go on and on about all of these amazing museums.  After visiting these museums I couldn’t possibly imagine even considering rating these locations with one or two stars.  Or to even consider saying some of the things these individuals have said.  It just blows my mind that we are all able to stand in the same room with a Van Gogh, and to have the cafeteria be the first thing on your mind.  I mean, really?!










I could go on and on.  I found so many troll comments I didn’t know where to stop.  Like the comment from the Acropolis Museum in Athens about how all the museum had were rocks.  I can’t even tell you how amazing these people are who snipe at these galleries.  Maybe I will turn this into a recurring series.  Classic movies, books, vacation locations, hikes… it could go on and on.  We are a truly ungrateful people living in a land of wonder.

Until next time.