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Nuclear Reaction Toast

These guys are awesome.  Everything about these guys is awesome.  All of it.  They are geek’s geeks.  They are incredibly funny, in that they really aren’t intending to be with their dry whit and backhanded comments.  But most of all they remind me of old friends of mine from College when I attended school in northern England.

I remember one story when we were all in our dorm room for the night.  And the four of us were having a rip roaring argument about everything under the sun.  Philosophy, Theology, Movies, Art, everything.  You remember those conversations back in college right?  It was one of those.  It was about everything, and it was about nothing.  And at one point, the other American in the room and I were discussing homosexuality and for some reason we were talking about society and the swing towards support homosexual marriage, etc.  And we were discussing the nuance and the finer points of it all.  And the Irishman in the room was just tossing hand grenades in loudly that weren’t even in English.  And there was laughter.  Then out of nowhere, the quiet Brit in the room says with the straightest face imaginable: “Look. … At the end of the day, it just means that we are all one step closer to Arma-freakin’-geddon is all I know.”  And I think may have actually peed myself I laughed so hard.

That’s what these guys do to me.  They are jacking around with high voltage appliances and overclocking their toaster.  I mean, seriously.  They are OVER-CLOCKING THEIR TOASTER.  And to think that I accidentally did this with my hair dryer when I plugged in directly into a 220 plug when I first moved to England.  And a big cloud of smoke took it on to the great appliance heap in the sky.  Anyway.  These guys are about as random as it gets.  May not be your schtick.  But loved every minute of these guys and their tinkering.  Too much fun.

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