Intersections Lasercut Art Installation

Intersections Lasercut Art Installation

Some of the greatest stuff venturing into the art world today are being generated with the help of lasers (SHARKS WITH LASERSSSS!!!) cutting technology.  The precision and the intricacy is second to none.  And the results really can be revolutionary when coupled with the right visionary.  Anila Quayyum Agha is one such artist with a vision all her own.  Anila has taken a box that has been intricately sliced and diced, added a light bulb, and then has allowed the shadows to be her art.  Anila’s installation entitled “Intersections” recently went on to with the Artprize competition of the Grand Rapids Art Museum.


Intersections - Small Cube



Intersections was inspired by the artist’s childhood as a Muslim woman growing up in Pakistan. She describes her life as one of “wonder and exclusion.” The piece is inspired by a pattern from the Alhambra, a Mosque where Islamic and Western influences intersect, and it displays the interplay between shadow and light, public and private, and static and dynamic.  Want to read more about Anila and her amazing art?  Check her out here.