Time Travel Short from TimTimFed
Yesterday, I had never heard of TimTimFed. And then I saw this… Oh wait.  Have you seen the Star Wars trailer yet?  You need to watch that first to make the next one make sense.  So go do that now.

Now. (Wait, first, if you hadn’t seen that yet, you are a dork.) Now, you can watch this video, which is how I found out about TimTimFed:

Come on, that’s goodness. But besides the point. Throughout this whole entire post, I have just been trying to show you a single video. Just one! But it’s taken two just to get to it. Anyway, here is the time travel video short created by TimTimFed, the same one that did the Star Wars Trailer mockery of Lucas. Anyway, watch it. I mean, heck, you are 2 videos in so far. Might as well.

Come on. That was worth it. Slap stick meets time travel, meets Primer, meets Guardians of the Galaxy. Good stuff. And you are welcome.

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