Oh Nothing Just The Most Amazing Skiing Line Ever

Oh Nothing Just The Most Amazing Skiing Line Ever

Just thinking about skiing through that crevasse ups my pulse by 100 bpm.  Heck, watching my lil girls slip this way and that through the trees at just 20 miles an hour is enough to give me a heart attack let alone the little video below.


So I’ll be honest here and say I have ZERO idea where this cleft in the rock is, or how the heck someone came up with the idea of actually skiing it.  They HAD to have walked it from top to bottom first.  Right?  Because no one is that stupid, or are they?

But what kind of a vertical descent is Cody doing here?  I mean, comparatively?  I’ve overlaid an approximation of Cody’s vertical pitch by looking at the video over and over again to get a sense of the real bodaciousness of this run.  Green is my daughter’s line through the trees, and even that is off a bit because I wasn’t holding the camera exactly level against the mountain.  You can tell because the trees aren’t vertical.

And to do this run between two walls, going 50 miles an hour? Hahah. And yet, I got this feeling like the run was fairly ho-hum while viewing it from the Go-Pro. But I can’t really imagine dropping in on this run. Just the balls it took to pull it off. Amazing.