Carnivorous Plants In All their Stop Motion Glory

There is something ridiculously oh, I don’t know… awesome? about the crazy and obscure things this world has to offer. For example piranha. Piranha are, without a doubt awesome. When I was in high school I raised two red belly piranha from the sizes of quarters to the size of a CD 3 inches thick. These guys became ferocious. So ferocious in fact that they chose when I could come into my room. If they didn’t feel like allowing me in… Then I slept on the couch in the front room.

How you ask? Great question. They’d turn the water into a frothing bath of chaos when I wasn’t allowed in. They’d knock the lid off the tank and fling themselves for distance across the room. Ever attempt to pick slippery piranha up off your bed with your bare hands? I have. It isn’t what I’d call, a good time. So yeah. I slept on the couch. But when they knew I was going to toss scores of goldfish into the water for them, they were all sweetness and light. I kid you not. It was amazing.

I once watched as one of my Yellow Headed Gobies tunneled too far into a Sea Anemone. That didn’t end well for the goby at all. Owned a Poisonous Newt or two. Even partnered with a buddy one time to breed Albino Boa Constrictors. That ended extremely poorly with a late night party and someone slathering our business investment in lotion. Do not even ask.

I have a similar – though different – fascination with carnivorous plants. Even gave one to my wife last year for Mother’s Day of all days. But that was nothing in comparison to the video I’ve included below which fascinates me to no end…

Carnivora Gardinum from chris field on Vimeo.

See? Brilliant. The cinematography is uber here. He’s panning amid stop motion? Awesome. If the video equipment and methods interest you as much as anything else maybe you’d’ dig on this behind the scenes footage.

Carnivora Gardinum BTS from chris field on Vimeo.

Apparently Chris Field shot these plants for over a year and even shot for over one hundred consecutive days straight? Talk about dedication. Super cool really. Glad he shared his video with us undeserving folk.

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