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A Truly Funny SNL Skit

I have a friend at work who has taken it upon himself to find an SNL sketch that I will laugh at. (Not laugh AT, I do that often enough, laugh with.) I just don’t think they are funny. And If you agree, it’s ok, you really don’t have to continue to be bullied by those SNL Neanderthals anymore. Join me in solidarity in saying – “SNL isn’t funny”. See?! Feels good doesn’t it?

Anyway, My buddy and I attended a conference once, and he decided he was going to play all the SNL greats for me. Right? They even left so little impression I have forgotten them all. Yeah, he didn’t get me to laugh to say the least. Sorry Adam! But keep trying buddy!

But, for the Christmas Day – I have, on my own, found an SNL that made me laugh.

A Truly Funny SNL Skit

And with that I promise not to post anymore about Serial for the rest of the year! Merry Christmas everyone.  And as a free bonus for all you recovering Serial addicts out there wondering when you’ll get your next hit:

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