Magical Jellyfish Photos From the Deep


Magical Jellyfish Photos From the Deep

Alexander Semenov is willing to do just about anything to snag one of these gorgeous jellyfish photos.

Alexander is a marine biologist and professional underwater photographer. As the head of the divers team at Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station, he specializes in scientific macro-photography in the natural environment, an approach that makes it possible to observe animals that can not be studied properly in laboratory conditions. He has worked with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the BBC, Nature and Smithsonian, all with the goal of advancing science while boosting interest in marine biology.

Deep in the crevasses and chasms of the near freezing water where these Jellyfish thrive Semenov captures these photos that almost look more like paintings than real life.  I for one am glad that a fellow like Alexander goes so far out of his way to bring these photos to the surface for us to enjoy.

Greatest thing ever?  You can buy these photos at Alexander’s site, the raw digital photos, the super-high-res bits of the photos, for a couple hundred bucks and then you could have them turned into paintings on canvasses.  Or printed on canvasses rather.  That first photo would be stellar blown up and thrown on a wall.  The first time I saw it I assumed it was painted.  Such a gorgeous photo.  Anyway, here are the rest of Alexander Semenov’s fantastic jellyfish photos: