ignition sequences

Ignition Sequences from Richie Johnstonline on Vimeo.

Ignition Sequences

“ooh.  ooooooh.  ah, yeah!”  I am quoting myself the first time I saw this video from Richie Johnston.  Absolutely adore this thing.  Fire!?  Explosions of fire, backwards, forwards… everywhere.  What’s not to love here?


Apparently some people have been pretty freaked out about the risk of fire though…

A recent viral video campaign to promote cascadejuggling.co.uk. All necessary safety precautions where taken to prevent the risk of a fire. We only shot after heavy rain (Cumbria gets alot of rain) and had a team of people standing by off camera. The steel wool we used burns out really quickly which made the risk of a fire extremely minimal.

Kinda reminds me of the time(s) I lit my lawn on fire…

Personally love juggling with fire, heck just waving the torches around is cool. Especially at night. But I can’t for the life of me imagine doing what this woman is doing here. Thought there is little technical difficulty to it, and it’d be fairly easy to do, I might potentially kill myself just saying, sweet sparks!! and BLAM. It’d be over. Anyway, I loved this video.