Starbucks Cup Lord of the Rings Map Drawing

Starbucks Cup Lord of the Rings Map Drawing

Random story of the day alert.  This is definitely about as kitschy as humanly possible.  But I love it.  This story fits in the section of life of, “Father draws lunch bags for 3 years straight”, or “Dying parent writes lunch notes for the rest of teen’s high school years”, or what have you.  Though minus the pathos.  Basically this post is click bait is all I’m saying. hahah.

So apparently Liam Kenny is an artist in Liverpool.  He spent more than 5 hours recreating this epic map on the side of a cup.  When he was finished he walked up to the barista and handed over the cup.   And in a move that all of the interwebs appreciates I am sure, the barista then posted the pictures online.  My favorite part?  He used his used teabag (snicker) to color the cup in the tan brown base, and then proceeded to replicate the Lord of the Rings map, in DETAIL.  For reference purposes, I have included the map here:


He’s also done a number more Starbucks mugs since hitting the interwebs gold mine.  They are pretty good.  I’m digging them anyway.  But you can’t go to wrong with LOTR or StarWars, I’m just sayin.