Lara Croft Go Is Puzzle Brilliance

Lara Croft Go is gorgeous puzzling, tho a bit expensive
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Lara Croft Go Is Puzzle Brilliance

I don’t think I’ve pitched you guys on a new game in a few months now. I’ve dropped back to a Asphalt Adrenaline and Bejeweled lameness really, so I haven’t had much to talk about. But lately, I’ve been hearing a ton about Hit Man Go and Lara Croft Go and its just been annoying me. How could an awesome 3D game work as a game of Go? Silly. Just doesn’t make sense.

Ok. So I was wrong.


Lara Croft Go steps you through the increasingly complex levels one at a time. Its a teach by experience sort of mechanic as opposed to throwing you in the deep end and letting you figure it out as you go.

Good game development makes the player feel smart. And Lara Croft Go will have you thinking you are a freaking genius in about 5 minutes. I kid you not. (Or feeling like an imbecile, one or the other… and if it does, um, not my fault, my lawyers are telling me to say “This review does not endorse or encourage any readers to actually purchase and play this game… this review is just meant for entertainment purposes only”. So there’s that.) But seriously, it is amazing how clever this play is. Step forward, step back, kill snake, pull lever, trap scorpion, snag emerald, side step cracks, run for your life, BAM! You win. LOOK AT ME! It’s very cool.


lara-croft-go-4There is something supple and gorgeous about these graphics. It’s like playing with plastic, and not. It’s like the engine is made maybe of clay? The look and feel of this game is fantastic. Maybe its a bit like Crossy Road? The game runs on the Unity Engine and it comes with really supple graphics that are just fantastic to watch happen. Sure, you are just moving Lara, step by step… but occasionally she dives and rolls. Sometimes she does a handstand and flip. The animations are just phenomenal. Really really good stuff. And worth it all by themselves.

Repeat Playability

lara-croft-go-3If your memory is terrible – fantastic. You can play this thing till the cows come home. But I’m sure its not bad… and so once you’ve solved a level you are probably done with it. But, getting all the jars, ie. perfecting the level, is really really hard. Playing it perfectly apparently could give you repeat play forever (Sisyphus anyone?). There is the concept of finding hundreds and hundreds of gems throughout the game. And I promise you that you won’t find them all first go round.

Cost to Value Ratio

lara-croft-go-2This is where Lara Croft Go drops into the toilet. I paid $4.99 to get my copy. I highly recommend putting it on a watch list over at – or wherever – and just waiting. 5 bucks for an iPhone game?!? I do it because I have app store credit to burn. But I definitely think its expensive… regardless of whether or not there are infinite plays here. And this is really where my only negative is for this app. Find it for a buck?! And you are the king of the universe. Pay 5, and just enjoy the heck out of it in order to get your money’s worth. IE, whether you like it or not, you are now financially obligated to enjoy the heck out of it. Right?

Lara Croft Go Overview

lara-croft-go-5Lara Croft Go is really really good puzzle play if you are into that. It is a unique game play that provide you with very cleverly built levels. It’s a unique design style. It’s as ingenious a¬†puzzler as they get. Enjoy solving logic puzzles? This is for you. If you enjoy gorgeous plastic goodness in your designs? This is for you. Love seeing cutting edge innovation in a handheld? This game is for you. I highly recommend this for you.

I haven’t started playing Hit Man Go yet – though I’ve purchased it – but I’m betting it’ll be just as brilliant as Lara Croft Go. Can’t wait to finish LCG so I can get over to Hit Man. But all that to say, I’m pretty enamored with Lara Croft Go. And I think you will be too.