I absolutely adored the movie Cloverfield. It was a realistic portrayal of what might happen if monsters just appeared amongst us. Parties are crashed, chaos surrounds us. Buildings topple, militias are deployed. I loved the war of it. I enjoyed the really tight scale and scope of it.

But word has just hit the street that J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, has been working quietly in the background to create a sequel entitled 10 Cloverfield Lane. But this sequel looks completely and totally different from it’s predecessor.

Something straight out of Stephen King’s Misery maybe… but inverted? John Goodman instead as the bad guy frantic on keeping the doors locked and everyone inside. Doesn’t seem like the scope ever gets much bigger than the scale of what we see here. But maybe?

The biggest surprise is that the film will actually be released in March. We’ve known that Bad Robot was working on a small scale movie, but it’s working title was Valencia. But now? It’s flipped to the title of 10 Valencia Lane. And NOW? We have ourselves a movie with a tie in to the larger Cloverfield universe. A universe with an enormous backstory. A story that could easily be the scariest thing ever. I personally can’t wait to see it. Pretty excited really, even if it is a very small scope and scale. Even if we never actually seen the monsters that played so big a part in the prequel.


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  1. Pippa

    Not a fan of original film because some actors should NEVER play psychos due to their more well-known persona—the foundation of their fame—which gives perception they’re kind and trustworthy or too benignly comedic to go scary frightening bonkers on us.

    John Goodman has acted in a few films as a bad guy of sorts but 10 Cloverleaf Lane felt like he was uncomfortably believable as a weirdo. Dang, now I can never watch a rerun of Roseanne without feeling like he’s gonna go wacko and lock them all up in an underground shelter he’s built in his backyard. Lol!

    • Taylor Holmes

      Hey “Pippa”, by original do you mean Cloverfield? Or this movie? I think you mean this one. So yeah, I get your point, but that is what great actors can do. Slip betwixt and between… if you will, characters. Some are brilliant at a type. I dig Kristen Stewart for one type… literally herself. Most, (almost all) actors are this way. But some? Some actors snap into and out of characters so perfectly as to give the viewer pause.


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