New Short Film Code 8 Prepped for Big Screen

Man. I want to see this film. Let’s put this in perspective. What, wait? Huh? I just watched a short film called Code 8, that is just a test film of brilliance. These guys wanted to see if they could build out a full feature film based on this short and holy heaven on steroids, is this thing great.

Ok now, let’s put this in perspective. You have this full feature length film done… and ready to go, and you have Batman vs. Superman sitting side by side? This thing HANDS DOWN. It’s not overwrought special effects and incomprehensible chaos. No. It’s story driven, character driven, and idea driven. But you know what? The special effects this thing pulled together are TIGHT. They are not superfluous craziness. They support the story, not the other way around. So watch this 10 minutes of brilliance, and then we’ll talk on the other side.

So these boys set a goal out on Indiegogo for $200k, and they hit it in 5 days. They are currently over $300k and still rolling. Which basically means, pile on the story boys cause this film is totally getting made!! Which is awesome. And to show you why Code 8 wins hands down over Batman vs. Superman? I give you Ben Affleck is sad. Yes, you are welcome. Save your money and give it to these guys instead.

Ben? We know you can make good movies. Just make a good movie and we won’t pan it. Ok? Sorry buddy. Maybe you could donate some money from this film (not that they’ll be a lot) and give it to the Code 8 guys. Speaking of which… I would love to find these guys and talk to them about this brilliant movie if anyone has a number to call. Tell ’em hey for me!

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