Short Film

Time Travel Goes Awry in Double Trouble Kickstarter

Time Travel Goes Awry in Double Trouble Kickstarter - Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft are Swedish filmmakeers that created the short film “Double Trouble” to investigate the humorous fallout of a young man who suddenly is enabled with the power of time travel. Obviously there is a girl involved. And obviously this flight of fancy was funded by a Kickstarter project.

Micro Short Film Salt Might Just Break You

Salt is a brilliant new micro short film that will hit you with a ton of bricks coming straight out of the shoot. More tension here than most 100 minute marvels. So good.

Short Film Find Polis – Interview with Steven Ilous

What's the next big thing you would need to hear or have happen to move you guys towards a feature length expansion of Polis? -- Well, we won the competition so that is very exciting news. We are just starting the journey of making POLIS. We cant say too much but we're excited by all the support and producers involved.

Rabbit and Deer Short Film Interview With Péter Vácz

I think your answer is great. The two characters were partly based on my previous love relationship/on us, and she had a quite different personality from mine but that's what inspired me to be with her. To learn something from another person who I can respect, who can show me the world, little things the way I haven't seen them before and bring the best out of me. And it's one of the best things in life if this need for sharing is mutual from both sides. (Well she did textile design and I make films...which is quite different, but at least both are art in a way)According to your children's question I think they wanted to know why R&D didn't 'do the fun stuff' anymore together since it's hard to accept or see when something good ends (changes).

Short Film Find Interview Confusion Through Sand

Short Film Find Interview Confusion Through Sand Every now and again you experience something so new and innovative you reevaluate everything you've seen before.  Confusion Through Sand is like that.  At fir...

10 Meter Tower Short Film

10 Meter Tower Short Film It's been a little while since I've thrown a short film at you. Still adore the medium, and love watching them any chance I get. But I've been mainly concentrating on the film side of...