Happy Easter Everyone


Happy Easter  Everyone

Personally, I am of the mind that today is the greatest day of the calendar year. Christmas is good, but only because it leads to Easter. Good Friday is good, but only because it leads to Easter. And yet we, as a culture, have saddled the day with a rabbit and eggs. So obviously it’s not really considered a very important… Except for maybe the chocolate companies. But even for them, Halloween is a bigger day to them I would imagine.

Easter is the single most important day of the year to me because it is the day that God’s story was completed. It was the day that God made a way to restore man back to himself. I’ve been working my way through reading and writing about every book of the Bible, which you can read here. But as I’ve been doing that I keep getting struck by just how much the creator of everything loves us. What he has done for us in spite of us.

And it was today that He made a way for us back to him. It was today that our sins could be forgiven. And we could live a life in relationship with Him. That’s a big day. Bigger than jack-o-lanterns full of candy. Bigger than presents under a tree. Bigger than birthdays, and fireworks. Bigger than bunnies and egg coloring even. Today is the day my sins were forgiven. Today is the day my world changed.

Give me a yell if you’d like to know more. But for now, He is Risen…image