The Girl With All The Gifts Book And Movie Brilliance

The Girl With All The Gifts Book And Movie Brilliance
Hey gang,
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first things first… we’ve made it to our (he says in third person plural) 800th post. Woot! I guess that’s good? I should probably start planning something exciting for the 1000th post, no? What should I do? Oh, I know… finally bag that Shane Carruth interview I’ve been dying to do… that’d be great. Except you guys who know him have been severely asleep at the switch with regards to hooking me up. Can we get on this? Great, thanks. So 800. Woot.

Also, one more detail I need to let you know about before I get to the point of this post. I am migrating my server hosting and so I’m kinda rumbling about here and there and making a mess of things. So please forgive my dust as I work my butt off to get everything moved over. This site has over 70,000 different files? Yeah, who knew? And the database is enormous? And it keeps breaking all the tools that make it “super easy” to move over. hahah. Whatever. I have literally called support over 20 times while breaking their junk. Anyway. So yeah, pardon the dust, and the wobbling whilst I move everything over.

Alright, now to the goodness and the light. “The Girl With All the Gifts”?!? Gack! Just yesterday I found out about this book… and I am already half way through it. (Thanks Amazon for sending me 17 bucks from some class action or other…) And I absolutely adore it. So yeah, go get it. Read it. And come back and we’ll discuss it below… AS SOON AS I’VE FINISHED! No spoilers yet! hahaha.

But even better? It’s going to be an epic movie. Check this out.

Tell me that doesn’t look amazing. Please. I dare you. I triple dog dare you. Because yeah. It may even redeem Glen Close for me after her choosing to be in Warcraft (still reeling from that blow – I mean, what was that about? She’s Dangerous Liaisons lady… Warcraft?!?). But she looks amazing in this Zombie post apocalyptical X-men hybrid. Man I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this movie… heck… I can’t even tell you how excited I am about finishing this book! Go away, I’m spending the rest of my lunch break reading.


Shoo. I’m reading.


(sssst – reading.)

still here? shoo.
woot 800.