Gorgeous Unity Adam Demo Is Amazing

Gorgeous Unity Adam Demo Is Amazing

I’m a huge fan of short films. Sci-Fi short films? Even Better. But this Unity Adam short film is something else entirely.

Unity is a game engine that allows developers to cast their artistic nets extraordinarily wide. It helps 3D/FPS games render their worlds quickly and to exquisite detail. Like, take for example, this demo of a bedroom being manipulated and spun in 3D space in real time. The demo took an an early internal build of the Unity Tools and created an architectural visualization project to show what was possible with the engine.

Which is a great sales pitch for Architects, but not so great for game designers and game architects. Unity Adam on the other hand? Is good at everything. It’s great at showing what the Unity engine can do in real time (could someone tell me how many CPUs were used to get this render so fluid?) but it’s even better at just being a Sci-Fi short film. No? This thing is stunning.


That is fantastic. Just utterly unbelievable. That we have CPUs (strike that, GPUs) capable of this kind of real time fidelity? The recent Nemo 2 was phenomenal, but how many billions of hours of render time were necessary to create that movie? This? This was spun out of the server’s mind as we watched. Which is unbelievable.

But more interesting to me than the Unity Engine (which I’ve been dying to get my hands on and fiddle a game into existence with – but I digress) is the theme of redemption played out amongst these machines. From┬ámy own Christian zeitgeist, it is a fantastic mini-story about grace… just saying. To see these ex-humans? Captured sentients, being released by this enigmatic figure that walks in from out of no where? Just fantastic.┬áNeed to find the creative minds behind this story and chat with them about how they came up with this story.

I was working on a project early this morning and ran aground on a conversation (1 Kings 18-22) between a pile of prophets and a King (Ahab) of the old testament… and this animation just visually fits into the lives of these deceived prophets. Only glitch? Ahab’s prophets had the opportunity to receive this sort of grace in this movie, but chose not to receive it.

Regardless, I adore this video, and the gorgeous realtime capabilities of the Unity engine.