Peaky Blinders And Why You Are All Fired As My Friends
Ok, let’s just start off right to the point. You are all fired. Fired. Fired as my friends. As members of my will, you are all RIGHT OUT! I mean seriously?!? I know I’m not a HUGE fan of TV. And I generally don’t watch much at all. But THAT DOESN’T MEAN THERE AREN’T EXCEPTIONS! Come on people! Ridiculous.┬áSo yeah, I just started powering through Peaky Blinders and am curious how many of you are already on this bandwagon and didn’t take a moment out to tell me!?

Just to be clear – if you watch an episode of season 1 and you don’t like it, I promise you will like it. If you don’t like it, I will not be your friend anymore. And then I will refund you your purchase price. (Actually I won’t. But it sounded cool didn’t it?) I have already started doing a large scale infographic of the relationships, but as I haven’t seen the whole series yet, I can’t very well do that yet. I’ve done this sort of thing before for Downton Abbey, and a few other movies. We’ll see.

Anyway, watch this show. And if you already knew about it. You are icky. And mean. Good day.

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