McMansion Hell Goodness

McMansion Hell Goodness
I’m not a huge sharer of websites. Seems like such a 1999 thing to do. But sometimes I have to break the rules. Right? Just toss them out the window. And this website, is definitely one of those times that breaking the rules makes all kinds of sense.

99% Invisible Is Your New Addiction

Ok first. I’m sure you are all listening to a podcast entitled 99% Invisible. Right good. Wait. Wait, WHAT? You’ve never heard of it? Bah. I’ve spoken about it before here. So I don’t know why not. So 99% Percent Invisible is an amazing podcast about design and architecture. WAIT! No, don’t run away! Seriously. It’s good.

Seriously. Stop walking away.

People always do that to me when I tell them it’s an Architectural Podcast. But oh my good lord in heaven is it so much more than that.  99% is one of those shows that extends beyond genre and topic. It is about all those things that we never really see unless they are pointed out. Shows about Guerilla Freeway Sign posters who correct Federal and state signage awfulness. It’s about state flags and how bad some of them really are. The show is about skyscrapers and city scapes… but mostly it’s about how we need to be more intentional and less accidental with our design. Which, I would say, is a beautiful thing. And Roman Mars is a sweet story teller and fantastic host. I can’t recommend him enough. Definitely in my top three favorite podcasts that I listen to along with Radio Lab and Reply All. So that is about as high of a praise as I can give to you, as far as recommendations go.

McMansion Hell Is Your New New Addiction

But McMansion Hell hit my radar one day when this post goodness smacked me in the face. And yes, the whole of this post that sucker punched me into nirvana is below. Please, read through it from beginning to end. Because EVEN IF you have Zero idea what these terms are, you will understand immediately what Kate is getting at here. I promise. And with that, release the hounds… And yes, I have more goodness for you at the bottom. Don’t bail yet…




Oh come on. If you aren’t laughing out loud you are dead. (Or just dead to me, I don’t know which.) Brilliance.

“Something Something, The eighties want their curtains back.”

“What do you get when you mix a valance and an Austrian Shade? Sadness, you get Sadness.”

“This handle.”

“This is some serious M.C. Escher shit right here.”

Oh my heaven’s I am crying. Yes, you are welcome. Because that is the epitome of awesomeness. She’s just laying waste to design chaos left and right. I really actually would propose to her except for the simple fact that I’m already married. Brilliant. Just so rich. Every single time I read one of her posts I learn something new… and laugh at the same time.

When was the last time you laughed while learning something? That’s right, never.

So how could you possibly not immediately fall in love with this blog?  And each post is like thousands of words of goodness and light. Such a fantastic blog. Which brings me back to 99% Invisible. Kate was recently on the podcast and it was good. Reminded me why I love her site so much. If you are interested in listening to this particular podcast you can check it out right here.

And if you’d like a couple of amazing 99% Invisible podcast ideas that are worth your time – here are a few:

Best Enjoyed By – is a discussion of “expiration” dates and the enormous waste that they cause.

On Average – talks about the creation of modern clothes sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and the winding path that lead up to this strange convention.

The Modern Moloch – Placebo Buttons, they are everywhere, and they do nothing… and you had no idea.

Alright… I think I’ve done enough damage here. Enjoy 99% Invisible… but never forget that you were dubious, and I was right. Also, McMansion Hell releases new articles once a week, and every single one is worth a read. Very very funny. Very very insightful.