I Promise That These Guys From Pixar Just Won an Oscar

I Promise That These Guys From Pixar Just Won an Oscar
Oh my gosh. I just called LOCK on the Oscar Short film category for this year. Guaranteed. Here, watch it for yourself.

No?!? Such a tortured story and intense ending. Cartoons can’t be that tragic! Oh wait, well, you just saw one that was. And it was brilliant. How true to life and sad can it get?

I just sort of realized that entire short was one long reflection back on that day and on that event. The whole of it. Even the prime mover of the robbers was minimized and quickly discarded. And ultimately we just see this old timer dealing with this tragic death of his father on this cliff some 50 years earlier. Just such a poignant little film. Definitely reminds me of a darker version of Paperman.

Anyway – I had to share that with you because I really do love you all very much, even though I disavowed you the other day for not telling me about Peaky Blinders. I’ve already forgiven you. I’m good like that. I think the fact that I’ve been mainlining Blinders has really made me a bit unstable and lightheaded really. Alright, enough with blinders (for now!) back to this amazing short.

So yeah, without a doubt, this is one of the best short stories I’ve ever seen. It was tightly written. It was tightly shot. It was tightly plotted. And it was tragic. Basically a story that would make William Shakespeare proud. (Speaking of which, I discovered a Shakespearian play I had never read before – I think it was titled King John? – wait, looking it up. Yup, King John – and I was like, WHAT IS THIS?!? Definitely not one of his better plays, but an interesting read none the less. Wait, how’d I just get here?) But that hook! The shotgun?!? Oh my gosh… that is a twist that makes both Romeo and Juliet blush. Brilliance.

Anyway, the guys that pulled this together work at Pixar and just wanted a chance to tell an intense and rich story, more intense than they are normally allowed to tell. Here, why don’t you just listen to them tell you themselves what they were attempting to do…

Such a great little short. And yeah, they are going to win the short of the year animated film this coming year. Promise. And yeah, I will say I told you so.