The Discovery new movie on Netflix Just Won

The Discovery new movie on Netflix Just Won

Over there on the right hand gutter (for you mobile readers, it’s after the post, just look for the lightbulbs) I have started putting links to movies that I think might interest you. I mean, you are here after all. I have also started listing out movies that I am excited to be coming out soon. The lightbulbs just tell HOW excited I am about that particular thing that is coming out. Which, I’m sure you get.

There are so many amazing things that are coming together in a single show. First, the idea. The afterlife has been verified and proven to be real. And the world is so taken with this idea of the after life that suicides are off the charts. Everyone is heading there, and they are heading there now… thank you very much. (Sound like another show we loved? The OA maybe? Right… the similarities are fascinating. What is with this enormous fixation with death all of a sudden?) Secondly, the actors??!? Rooney Mara much? She was huge in Side Effects (which I adored), Social Network (adored even more), and more recently Lion, which was amazing. Oh wait, there’s more. Jason Segel, who was in, oh I don’t know, let’s go with The End of the Tour maybe?!? And I can’t get enough of. Oh, and some guy named Robert Redford is in it as well. But I can’t place him…

But more… there’s more! And this is the best part… the writers.  Justin Lader, Charlie McDowell.


Oh come on people. Let me jog your memory. They only also co-wrote The One I Love together as well. Now. If you don’t know the movie The One I Love, well, you are new to this blog. I literally recommend it as my go to movie to everyone. It is the perfect movie to explain the kind of movies that I’m into and the kind of movies that I love discussing here. And as of this writing there are well over 170 comments on that post. The One I Love is one of the tightest movie ideas ever. And now these same two guys are bringing us a new Netflix movie that is another love story set in a beyond surreal dystopian world? Here. Just here. Watch this intense trailer, and then tell me what you think?


If that isn’t the scariest, freakiest, most surreal trailer for a movie in all time, I am just out of ideas for you good sir. But think about it? The afterlife is proven. And it’s a blissful perfection of nirvana? Everyone and their brother is going to wade into the ocean in an attempt to kill themselves. Those that are left on the planet would be just overwhelmed by the melancholy of it. What a gorgeous hook of an idea.

This is such a sure thing that I would argue you might as well go out and bet on it.

The OA dealt with the supernatural in such a convincing and enjoyable way. And now I am dying (see what I did there?) to get my hands on season two of The OA. And now we have The Discovery which looks to be capitalizing on this idea of the afterlife and what is to come next. It’s going to be big. It’s going to be fun to discuss. Promise. These writers. I swear to you, I’m pushing all in on this movie.

My current next goal? Is to get someone to invite me to Sundance so I can see it before it comes out on March 31st… because it will be showing there first. So, um, anyone? Anyone? No? Come on. One of my readers has to have a +1 to throw my way for Sundance. I’m dying to see this thing right away. Heck. I’ve been dying to just attend, let alone get in to see this movie in advance! Bribes? Will you take a bribe to get me in? I’m not above exchanging cash. I really am not.