Poisoned Water Documentary About Flint Michigan Crisis

Poisoned Water Documentary About Flint Michigan Crisis is a mind job of a documentary that shows the depths to which man will go to hide the evil in their own hearts.
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Poisoned Water Documentary About Flint Michigan Crisis

No! You clicked through, don’t hit the flipping back button now! Yes, this is a documentary. And yes, it’s phenomenally educational. But that does not mean that you can pass on this movie. Sure, I’ve got a list of ten other movies that I would recommend AFTER you watch this one. Actually, I’ll even drop ten links below to ten fantastic movies that I recommend for you to watch, when you are finished watching this one. Ok? Broccoli first. THEN you can have your ice cream dangit. Great. Thanks. And not only that, but I’m going to let you watch the movie RIGHT HERE. Just click the play button below:


See?!? Fantastic.

I knew about Flint. Sort of. I knew the water was bad. And I also knew that it was covered up… sort of. But I had zero idea as to the full extent of the problem and the ineptitude involved that brought about this massive problem. I mean, did you know that it came down to one woman, a mother, who was investigating the problem that really cracked this case open? (Leanne Walters is freaking hero, and I guarantee you that Julia Roberts will play Leanne (tongue piercing and all) investigating travesty in the next couple years. Promise. Ok, maybe not the Julia Roberts bit. But the rest of it for sure.)

Did you know that the Flint water crisis caused a Legionnaires disease outbreak? 94 people! And a number of them die as a result?!? But how? Flint was DUMPING chlorine in the water! That normally kills Legionella, but because Flint didn’t use any sort of corrosion control, the pipes shed their shell and then then the chlorine was used up interacting with that instead, cause Legionella to thrive in this water system. Yeah. I learned a ton.

But the scariest thing I learned? Mankind hides everything. The deep deep cavern of deceit that man is capable of? Just atrocious. Just utterly atrocious. Embarrassing. To poison children and out of incompetence and greed…? Yeah, I get that. But then to cover it up? Nope. Don’t get that at all. Anyway, fantastic documentary that taught me a ton about how water treatment works and just the amazing job my community does for me that I don’t know anything about?! I need to send them a thank you card. Seriously.

Ten Movies I Promised You:

Alright, up above I told you I would give you ten ice cream alternatives that would enjoyable to watch AFTER you watched the above link. And since you did such a great job on your vegetables here they are:

10. Taboo
9. Free Fire
8. Lind of Mine
7. Operation Avalanche
6. Miss Sloane
5. Triangle
4. The Discovery
3. Get Out
2. Alien Covenant
1. Life

Man. That is a great list of recent mind blowing head job movies. I should CHARGE for these lists they are so good. No, really… I should! Like, what? A subscription service? Heck, I should create a television channel! Hahaha. NEXT UP THS (is that already a thing? Hrmm.) Alright. You better be sure that you watch that documentary before you move on to these dessert movies dangit. Or I’ll send a lawyer to issue you with cease and desist as my best friend papers.

I’m out.