Father’s Day Grammarian and Geek Gift Ideas 2017

Father’s Day Grammarian and Geek Gift Ideas 2017

YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR HUSBAND IS INTO. Promise. You THINK you do. But you don’t. You give him the tie. And because he wore it to church once on Christmas you think you hit it out of the park. But buy him one of these things for Father’s day, or his birthday, or HECK JUST SURPRISE HIM, and you really will actually knock it out of the park. Promise.

I love you / I know Rings – $15 – $20

You either get this. Or can just keep walking. ——> that way please. Just, keep going. You can pick up your hers, “I love you” ring, and his “I know” ring over at Amazon for around $15 to $20 a piece. So for $30 to $40 bucks you can give your guy the ultimate show of love this Father’s Day.

Model Animal Framed Print – $21

No idea what to get that gorilla silverback in your family? I got you covered. This model animal silverback print is exactly what he wants for Father’s Day. Heheh. Better yet, send me a photo of your significant other, and I will drop him in instead for only a nominal fee. See? That is what I call a good day.

Ancient Greek Star Wars Prints – $70-$490

“Travis Durden”, the pseudonymous French artist behind these works should be running for president of France in my humble opinion. Durden is a scholar of antiquities, but adores his Star Wars on the sly… and that shows here in his Historical sculptures that include characters from Star Wars. We have Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Yoda, it’s the epitome of brilliance in my book. I’m personally still trying to figure out whether Durden utilized CAD, or free-handed each of these designs. Regardless, it’s an inspired idea.

Vintage King Kong Phone Case – $28

King Kong. Right? That’s the message you want to send to your guy. No, you shake your head YES, THAT’S THE MESSAGE… cause, that’s what he WANTS you to send anyway. And that’s what Father’s Day is all about! Sending the message he wants you to send! Trust me here.

Nutcase Puzzle – $17

Don’t be deceived by the simple appearance of Hamayama’s “Nutcase” puzzle; this thing is a definite brain teaser. This cast metal puzzle offers two challenges. This puzzle will probably take a while for you to solve on your own. Of course, you could always read the included solution if you get stumped, but where’s the fun in that?

  Vintage King Kong Phone Case – $79

Portal. See. I lost you already. Portal is one of your husband’s favorite games ever. The game was a pile of clever challenges you had to get yourself out of by using a portal gun to teleport from room to room. And sometimes it was so inside out confusing. Here, say this to your husband, “There is no cake.” If he smiles like a stupid adolescent you’ll know this gift is for him.

T-Rex vs. King Kong Office Battle – $49 – $150

Monsters Battling in the office? It’s basically a poorly veiled reference to his desire to go Michael Douglas at his local cubical domicile, each, and every, day. Get him this and won’t have to say to himself, “Crazy’s on the bus.” Each and every day. (Come on. That was a pile of awesome movie references.)


gifts-for-geeks-bubble-calendar Bubble Wrap Calendar – $27

Combine the emotional release of bubble wrap, with the psychological joy of checking off check boxes and you have the brilliance of the Bubble Wrap Calendar. Possibly the only glitch here is your children, and those that have zero self control around bubble wrap. But other than that? Perfect geek or grammarian gift!

 Godzilla San Francisco Carnage – $49 – $149

What if Godzilla is the actual cause behind the San Francisco “earthquake” disaster of 1906? What if the fires, the house destruction, the chaos? All caused by Godzilla. What if. Well, I have first hand evidence right here it really happened. This. My friends… is NOT fake news.

gifts-for-geeks-ski-wine-rack Snow Ski Wine Rack – $22

Some of you will instantly get this. Skis. And wine racks. A wine rack made from a set of skis? For the perfect mother, or skier lover this is money in the bank. I promise. I even certify this gift against returns. It won’t go back because she’ll be too tipsy from the fantastic wine she’s drinking out of her new wine rack.


Sandscript – Automatic Sand Drawing Machine – $49.99

There’s a $60,000 version of this same idea out there too.

Vintage Godzilla vs. King Kong – $49 – $149

This is a Boss Metal Print of a collossal feud that never happened, but would have been ultra cool if it had. Take two of the greatest sci-fi commodities, send them back in time well over a hundred years, add the Brooklyn Bridge? Instant husband love!

That is a truly solid list right there. Solid I tell you. Hope my father’s day turns out half that well! hahaha.