The Last Jedi First Thoughts


oh – holy – crap.

So so so much goodness just happened in this movie. Literally sitting in the parking lot tapping on my phone.

This is a word for word conversation I just had with a guy standing next to a group of folks waiting to go into the show after ours: “There was that thing! And that other thing happening at the same time, all while – holy cow – that other thing with those you knows! Right? Oh oh oh and don’t forget that one part!! Right?!? Because, holy cow, you know???”

Not quite exactly, but almost exactly how we talked as we tried not to spoil it for the people in line. There was so much greatness in this Star Wars Movie. The franchise is officially rebooted.

Remember back when Luke was wondering how this ragged band of people could ever push against the darkness? How impossible it would be? That’s where this movie is. I really don’t want to spoil absolutely anything for anyone. I am not saying anymore for now. But I just wanted to throw this out right away and say, man. What an amazing flick. Definitely my number one film in the cannon. Definitely. No hesitations. It was Empire and more. It was dark, but hopeful. So good.

Alright? Now go give Disney your money, and see it.  Preferably on the biggest, loudest, screen you can find. (I’m looking at you IMAX). Love to know your non-spoiler thoughts about it below.  (But heck, feel free to email me your spoiler comments… we can discuss them there.)

Such a fantastic film.