Momentary Pause On New Posts And Site Migration PSA

You guys are crushing my web servers. For the last 30 days you guys have steadily spiked traffic to a point that has just inundated my site. I talked about it some here. But basically, the TL;DR is that I kept increasing my server size, and increasing and increasing, but it just got worse and worse as the traffic continued to increase over the holidays and New Years.

So I am working on leaving GoDaddy, which, I’ve decided I disdain… with the passion of a thousand suns. But on a site like mine, that is somewhere around 40 gigs of data. It isn’t a simple thing to accomplish. Not just the data copy but also the importing of stories and rewiring of SSL certs, email DNS, domain names… Makes me ill just thinking about it. Anyway, since I am mid-migration, I am not posting. I remember a couple years ago I changed servers on Godaddy, and lost my extremely long review of Enemy. Which, I still to this day haven’t rewritten.

Anyway, so I guess this is just something of a public service announcement saying that yes, I know that the site is extremely slow to load, and doesn’t load more often than not. And yes, I know that I haven’t posted my extremely long Downsizing review, or my review of Greatest Showman, or the Infinite Chamber. Yes. Yes, I’m 100% that things are falling apart here.

But truth be told? It’s 100% all your fault. If you’d diet some. And wouldn’t bounce on my servers like they were trampolines… that’d be great. Hahaha.
Alright, let’s hope this post even saves!

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