Comedies Aren’t My Thing But Game Night Is

Comedies Aren’t My Thing But Game Night Is

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some of you just know that you will own when it comes to ventriloquism competitions. (?!) Or those mime skills of yours that you practice every night in front of the mirror when no one is watching? You know that no one can touch you. Right? I too have my strengths, and that is 100% in the space of mind-job movies that are so hard to understand that it always helps to have someone to talk it through with. I can be that buddy. But when it comes to comedies, (or ventriloquism and miming now that I think about it) I suck. Like, I’m horrible. Comedies just are not my thing at all.

Random tangent (puh-lease, I already know I talk to much, and yes, I also know that I need to hire an editor with the negative income I make with the ads I sell on the site that don’t even cover hosting… don’t get me started), a buddy of mine and I went to a conference. And at said conference he sat on his bed and just started watching old SNL skit after skit and he sat over there cackling like a hyena. Curious, I asked my friend (Adam, I’m looking at you buddy) what was the draw. Why was he watching them over again?

And then I admitted that I couldn’t think of a single sketch I’ve ever seen that made me laugh. Not one. So Adam gallantly strides into the arena, determined to find the one sketch that will make me laugh. He knows he will win the day. And so he started valiantly throwing classic skit after skit at me, starting with Cowbell obviously. ANYWAY… didn’t work. But I did recently see Papyrus and I completely lost it…

So apparently I can laugh, and it isn’t a cerebral cortex issue or anything… so there’s that. Phew. But all that to say, comedies just aren’t my cup of tea. Not normally anyway. And actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t remember ever once mentioning a comedy to you all as a recommendation. Wah? With all the movie talk we do here on THiNC.? There has to be at least one, no? Oh oh oh, Hitman’s Bodyguard! There’s one! Gah. So glad I thought of at least one comedy I’ve talked about here. Ok, we can all breathe now.

Anyway, all that to say, while comedies generally aren’t my thing, I do occasionally find things funny that you might enjoy? There are no mind jobs here. No deeper meaning. No Greek or Roman Myths to digest. No inverted timelines. Just good clean comedic hilarity. (Sorry, I’m laughing out loud. If you are not, then yes, yes I am sorry. My apologies.) So Game Night. Starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. It’s a good laugh. I’m not really promising you much else. And I actually feel extraordinarily self conscious bringing any comedies at all, so I’m probably just going to leave it at that. See it when it hits red box and you are looking for a low key – non THiNC. quality movies – and thank me later. Here’s the trailer:

I especially loved the way the movie made fun of itself, making fun of itself, as it winked at the audience by backflipping the jumped shark. Just trust me. That sentence will make more sense after you see the movie yourself. I promise.

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